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A fine grey mist of drizzle fell on the grumbling group as they approached the forest. Inuyasha said seriously, "Are you sure a Shikon shard aura is coming form that forest, Kagome?" Kagome nodded mutely.

Miroku rubbed his hands together worriedly, "There is a great evil in that forest."

Inuyasha snorted, "I'm bigger, badder and way tougher then anything, in that forest!"

"Well maybe not bigger Inuyasha," Shippou commented softly, then stepped sideways a bit to avoid being bonked.

"I heard that brat," Inuyasha growled.

"Inuyasha focus, are we going in or not?" Sango snapped, (she doesn't like the rain)

Inuyasha shot Shippou a look of pure venom, "Of course we're going in, a shard is in there, and we're going to find it."

The group progressed into the cover of the trees, blessedly they were out of the rain. Miroku and Kagome walked in the middle of the group, both on edge. After half an hour of walking, they came upon an enormous ravine. "The shards are on the other side," Kagome murmured.

"Well, then, lets get moving," Inuyasha said harshly.

"Ummm, Inuyasha problem," Sango said seriously, "How are we going to cross it? I don't think you can jump that far, and Kirara can't carry us all" Their conversation was cut short as a rumbling noise filled the air, Kagome screamed. An enormous demon made entirely of rock emerged from deep writhen the ravine.

Inuyasha swore loudly, "Fuck,"

"What type of demon is that Miroku?" Kagome said softly, slowly creeping backwards. "I... I've never seen one like that before,"

"Nether have I," Sango muttered.

"Feh, who cares what it is, how in all hells do we kill it?" Inuyasha said arrogantly.

"It doesn't looked very intelligent maybe we can sneak up on it," Sango said.

"Or we could try the direct approach," Inuyasha said as he cracked his knuckles and then drew the Tetsusiga with a flourish.

Inuyasha leaped at the demon, Kagome screaming, "Inuyasha, no" at his retreating back. The rock demon flicked him aside with all ease, sending him flying over the treetops. "Inuyasha NOOOOO" Kagome screamed, and she started forward.

Miroku and Sango grabbed her arms, "Kagome no, we have to cross the ravine... and get rid of the demon," Sango said, saying the last past rather absentmindedly.

"No, he must be hurt, we've got to find him!" Kagome sobbed, her eyes shining with tears.

"Kagome one thing at a time," Miroku said.

"Fine let me go," Kagome said, her voice was laced with determination. Drawing an arrow, she fired, bright pink light collecting around the arrow as it flew towards the rock demon, reducing it to gravel.

The humans flung their arms in front of their faces to protect themselves from the flying chips of rock. "Happy?" Kagome asked, "Now can we go find Inuyasha?"


"Well?" Kagome said close to hysteria.

"Let's go," Sango announced as she mounted Kirara.

"Come on Miroku," Kagome said turning to the silent monk.

"Lady Kagome do you feel that something was not quite right here?" Kagome sighed, "Look," he said pointing to the ground beneath their feet, "we just defeated a demon that knocked Inuyasha to the other side of the forest in only a few seconds, do you not..." Miroku trailed off as the rock fragments began to move.

"RUN" Kagome yelled, "Miroku GET OVER HERE." The pieces of the rock demon were reforming chattering, drawing together Miroku flung himself on Kirara, Kagome heaving on his robes to pull him up properly. Kirara leapt into the air straining slightly under the weight of her extra passengers.

Shippo peeped from out from where he had hidden in Kagome's pack, "and I thought it was safe to come out," Shippo grumbled retreating to the relative safety of the bag.

Inuyasha came to in a small cave, "Where in seven hells am I?" he groaned, his head throbbed, his chest ached like a burning knife was lodged in there. He was hurting all over from what was probably a multitude of breaks and fractures.

It would take weeks to heal properly. Inuyasha's mind was replaying what had happened in the last few hours, he didn't remember being found or coming to this cave, but here he was, lying on some fur blankets, his major wounds had been bandaged. He tried to sit up, big mistake, "Oooh shit" he moaned.

"Oh, you're awake... good," A voice said.

Inuyasha's whole body convulsed with pain, and shock overtook him and he muttered every curse he knew finishing with the ever popular, "shit,"

"You should not use such language in the presence of a lady," Trying to ignore the blinding pain in his temples, Inuyasha turned his head.

A girl, that was maybe Kagome's age, stood nearby, her hair was a silvery white and done in an elaborate bun, while her kimono was a beautiful piece of clothing, it had many layers of silk material that was stitched with complex embroidery, some of which that had been pulled out so that long brightly coloured threads hung off the kimono, but beautiful as all this was, Inuyasha could see that the kimono was dirty and... she didn't smell all that nice, but she held herself with all the pretentious grace and dignity of a princess.

Her beautiful, hauntingly familiar purple eyes gazed down at Inuyasha, 'I would advise you not to move," she told him.

"You really think I shouldn't?" Inuyasha asked sarcastically.

The girl ignored him, "You have four broken ribs, your left arm is broken, you've fractured your right leg in at least two places and half the bones in your left foot have been crushed."

"Screw that I need to find Kagome,"

"You're not in any fit condition to sit up, let alone to go wondering the country looking for your mate," the girl said slightly scornfully.

"Kagome's not my 'mate' and I don't care, I still have to go find her."

"Listen, in your condition if you went into the forest now you'd be dead in half and hour, your... friend will survive a few days, at least, without your help."

"Feh," Inuyasha muttered, but he gave no further argument.

"Good, now what is your name and why are you in my forest?"

"YOUR forest?" Inuyasha croaked.

"Yes, my forest" she said a little nervously, tugging at the pretty headscarf she was wearing, "Well, really it's my fathers, but he's dead now and my brothers are to, so the land is mine,"


"Are you hungry?" the girl asked striding over to a small pot, that was bubbling on a little fire, she scooped some stew into a bowl and gently helped Inuyasha into a sitting position and passed him the bowl, Inuyasha took it a little awkwardly, staring fixatedly at her headscarf. "Why are you staring like that? And you still haven't told me your name."

"It's Inuyasha, what's yours?"

"Hatsumi" she said quietly, "and stop looking at me like that, it's scary."

Inuyasha looked away long enough to drink his stew and set the bowl down. "Lie still I need to change the dressing on your leg," Hatsumi told him, kneeling on the floor head bent over his lower leg.

Inuyasha reached out and snatched the scarf away. A pair of dog ears twitched, "Ha I knew it," Inuyasha said triumphantly then winced at the pain in his side. "Why didn't you just say you're a demon, I thought were, your hair and nose were a dead give away. I've never seen a dog demon with purple eyes before."

"I'm not a demon," Hatsumi said turning away, "I'm only a half-demon."

Kagome wiped a trickle of blood from her cheek. "That's one more gone," For hours the little group had been scouring the forest for Inuyasha and battling the rock demons there seemed to be never ending stream of them no matter how many Kagome shot or Miroku sucked into the wind tunnel in his hand more and more lumbered from the ravine.

"This is pointless," Sango said, "We're no closer to finding Inuyasha or defeating these monsters,"

"We've got to keep trying." Kagome cried her voice betraying her fatigue, "If I was lost out there Inuyasha wouldn't give up on me! He'd keep searching no matter what , he'd never stop, he'd... he'd," tears prickled Kagome's eyes. She blinked them back furiously, "We have to keep looking, we have to find him." She finished tiredly.

"Kagome," Sango said gently, "It's getting dark and we need to rest, to make camp and we'll search again at first light."

"NO," the word burst from Kagome's lips like a shot, "We have to find, Inuyasha's strong, but he's not indestructible, he might be dying, we need to..." Kagome trailed off as the long, hard trails of the day came down on her, she burst into tears.

Sango put her arm around Kagome's shoulders tenderly, and hugged her, "It's okay Kagome, we'll find him, but not tonight."

Shippou appeared not long after the humans had set up camp, "I couldn't find any trace of Inuyasha, "the little kitsune said shaking his head.

"Well the good news is those demons seem to have lost interest in us" Miroku said looking at Sango.

"Houshi you said those demons were different from the others, how?"

"The aura that surrounded them was one from a much more powerful demon,"

"I got that too," Kagome whispered, "But I wasn't sure, there was a lot of strange power swirling around."

"What do you mean?" Sango asked.

Kagome lifted her face from where she'd been resting it on her knees, "It was brief but I thought I sensed Naraku's power controlling those demons."

"Naraku! Kagome why didn't you say something before?"

"Because, it was only a brief second, we have more important things to worry about, this isn't the time to go on a wild goose chase after Naraku, when Inuyasha might be dying or d...d...d..." Kagome broke off.

"Don't worry lady Kagome Inuyasha is far too strong to die," Kagome gave Miroku a weak smile through her tears. "Try to get some sleep Kagome, Inuyasha will be fine for one night."

"Yeah" Shippou piped up, "Even if the carriers from the other world for him he'd probably try to fight them or argue with them or insult them or something." But Kagome was already asleep, her dreams were plagued with blood, bone and vengeful demons.

"How long have I been here?" Inuyasha asked Hatsumi, he was watching the shadows lengthen in the fading light that shone fast the boulder blocking the entrance to the cave.

"Why?" Hatsumi asked as she lit the torches.

"HOW LONG!" Inuyasha barked then regretted it as pain flared in his ribs.

"Nearly two days" the girl told him as she lit the final torch.

Inuyasha groaned "Kagome is going to be looking for me by now, I've got to... uhn!" Inuyasha grunted and fell back onto the blankets.

"You've got to be lie still or you won't heal even with the restorative potion I've been giving you!"

"Kagome needs me I've got to go find her."

"You must love her very much," Hatsumi smiled.

"Love?" Inuyasha looked bewildered, "I don't... I mean I'm not... she's just..."

Hatsumi laughed "Who's this girl you would die for but do not love?"

"Keh" Inuyasha grunted and refused to answer.

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