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"Um, Ron..." Hermione smiled at her boyfriend of three months sheepishly. It was only a week until their sixth-year classes would start, and none of them had purchased any of the books needed. Harry Potter, their best friend, would have been with them but Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster of their Boarding School, Hogwarts, insisted he stay inside for the summer. Not only had that upset the trio, but it also gave Ron and Hermione some much-needed time alone.

"What is it?" He looked at her; worried of what information was about to sprout out of her lips. Her eyes were unfocused on him, as they had always been every time they talked. Even the day towards the beginning of summer holidays when she courageously admitted her feelings to him. But this was not only new to Ron; it gave him a very unsettled feeling deep in his gut.

"You remember my parents?" Hermione bit her lip and kept her eye contact averted from anything even remotely Ron, including his reflection in the shop windows they were passing up.

"How could I forget?" He questioned her, trying to stay calm, but his voice wavered a bit. It wasn't his fault; her behavior was just so, well, un-Hermione like.

Without meaning to, Hermione found herself bringing her eyes up to Ron's and she blurted out, "I'm sorry Ron, I tried not to, but they found out!"

"Who found out what?" A bewildered look stretched out over his facial features.

"My parents," Hermione sighed, "They found out about, you know."

Judging by the look upon Ron's face, Hermione gathered that he was dense enough not to figure it out from the clues she was feeding him.

"Us Ron," She cried exasperatedly, "They know we're together."

At this point Ron's former looked of confusion had nothing on this new look plastered upon his face. "Okay, they didn't know already?"

"Ron," Hermione rolled her eyes at him, "I told you that they cannot know about our relationship. They don't even know I'm here with you."

"Oh yeah!" Ron darted his eyes from each side, trying to convince his girlfriend that he knew exactly what she was talking about.

Hermione, being possibly the smarted student in all of Hogwarts history, saw through his fa├žade immediately and fought of her urge to slug him with her purse. "I can't believe you forgot! What's next, you forgot our anniversary?"

"I did not forget our anniversary, how can you be so inconsiderate? It was June..." Ron then stopped, trying to seem as if he said just the word 'June' purposefully.

"June what Ron?" Hermione folded her arms and lowered her head in a why that strangely reminded Ron of his mother.

"If you don't know, then I'm not going to tell you!" Ron folded his arms, similarly to the position that Hermione was positioned in, and turned his head away from her, trying to make her believe that he was disappointed in her.

"Ronald," Hermione shouted at him, "For just once can you admit that you don't know something. You're less of a prick that way!

Ron's ears turned a slight pinkish in color because being caught in his lie. To take off some of the anger she was possibly feeling Ron took Hermione's advice and apologized, following it with a quick, "I don't know our anniversary."

"What was that Ron?" She reformed herself into the 'Mrs. Weasley' look, forgetting at the moment what brought them into the present conversation.

"I don't know our anniversary. I mean, I know it's in June, but I don't remember the exact date." Ron hung his head in shame and kept his eyes focused on the floor. A position that Hermione was in not ten minutes before. It was amusing in a way, seeing such a little girl have such a great effect on a man as gargantuan as that of Ron.

"Okay, that's all you had to say. I don't care that you don't know it, I care that you flat out lied to me." Hermione put her hand on Ron's chin and lifted his face up so that his eyes locked with hers. It was times like those that Hermione wished that she had the slightest idea how to kiss. Well, she knew that it involved lips, but that's where her information ended. Although people called her a know-it-all, kissing was in the category of the unknown for her.

"I'm sorry." Ron apologized for the second time in less than five minutes, only this time it not only sounded sincere, but it actually was. It was a rare occurrence indeed when Ronald Weasley admitted he was not only wrong, but apologized for it, and meant it.

All of a sudden Hermione was brought back to reality, remembering what she was planning on telling Ron. The smile faded suddenly from her face and she bit her lip.

"Hermione, what is it?" Ron put his large arm around Hermione's tiny shoulders and pulled her close to him, almost as if he was trying to shelter her from her own thoughts.

"My parents, like I told you before." Hermione stayed stiff in his half-embrace. Although she enjoyed the feeling of Ron's arm wrapped around her, she still was not used to the whole ordeal.

"Oh yeah, I guess I forgot," He grinned sheepishly at her, "So, what's wrong with them?"

"You remember Millie?" Hermione questioned him, wincing at the name that the thought of it alone brought her so much pain.

"You're sister, right?" Ron asked, carefully so as not to upset such a tender subject for his beloved Hermione.

She nodded in response to his question and sighed, "Can we please sit down? I'm tired of walking. Plus, you're really heavy when you lean on me when we're walking."

"Okay." Ron shrugged, lifting his arm away from Hermione's body and grabbing her hand instead. Hand-in-hand they walked off towards a quiet little shop that served refreshments. Ron ordered a round of butterbeers, having to practically shove Hermione's money back into her purse so that he could buy the drinks himself. He knew that Hermione didn't mean to, in a way, bring up his money, or actually lack there-of, but he hated people offering to buy things that he was able to.

Moving into the back of the shop, Hermione took a sip from her bottle and stared up at the ceiling.

"Hermione, why'd you bring her up?" Ron whispered as quiet as possibly, so that nobody could hear anything that he was saying without one of his brother's expandable ears, besides Hermione that is.

Biting her lip again Hermione's eyes had a slight mist glaze over them; she wiped away any tears trying to escape before Ron could notice. "Well, my parents believe that I am going to do what she did. So, that means that they don't believe that we should be together. I told them..."

"Wait a minute," Ron cut her off mid-sentence, "What was that last bit about the 'not being together'?"

"My parents think that I'm going to do something similar to Millie." Hermione folded her arms down and placed them into her lap, bringing her gaze down with them.

Ron noticed her uneasiness on the subject, reached down under the table, and took Hermione's hand in his. "I would never do anything like that!" He promised her, even crossing his free hand over his chest.

"It's not like he had a choice in the matter," Hermione sighed and gave Ron a weak smile as reassurance that she was going to be fine, "She's just being stubborn and refuse to let us help her out. I wouldn't have gone and run off to America to get away from that!"

"You're both different," Ron, with the hand unoccupied at the moment, brushed a few stands of hair out of Hermione's face. "Maybe that's what she needed to do to get over him."

Hermione nodded and found herself licking her lips when her eyes came in contact with his, causing both of them to blush slightly.

Regaining his composure, Ron brought up the differences of the two siblings, "I mean," He informed her, "Isn't she a muggle, like your parents."

"Yeah, what's that have to do with any of this." Hermione looked at him with the same perplexed look he had given to her earlier that day.

"Well, you were both raised differently, and you've learned from her mistakes. Can't you just tell that to your parents?"

"Ron, you know my parents. They're almost as hard-headed as you are." Hermione smiled as Ron nodded, until he realized that she had just taken a shot at him. When that happened he took his hand from hers and poked her in the side, right under her ribs, causing her to jump up and squeal in surprise and Ron to bust out laughing.

"You are such an immature git!" Hermione yelled at her boyfriend, stopping when he reached again for her hand and brought her back down into the booth.

Laughing and wrapping his arm around her securely he begged for her forgiveness, which she gave away reluctantly. "Can I continue now?" She asked him, trying to hide her smile from him.

"Sure, but one quick question." He waited for her approval, and when it was granted her asked, "Did Nicholas leave your sister, or what happened? You never told me."

"All I heard was that they were living together, then he was called away quickly and he never came home. He was found the next day, dead. It was loss of blood I believe. Anyway, Millie was pregnant when she found out, never even told Nicholas about the child. She sent my parent a letter and flew on a plane to America. We never heard from her again."

"I'm so sorry Hermione!" Ron wrapped his other arm around her and brought her into a deep embrace, one that for the first time she did not stiffen in, but instead she leaned her head on his shoulder and wiped a few loose tears from her eyes.

"I know that it's stupid, I mean I was only five when she left. But she was my big sister. I loved her. No, I adored her! And it's not her fault he died, why don't my parents understand that Ron?" The tears flowed freely from her eyes and Ron tried to comfort her, although it was quite awkward trying to soothingly rub her back while she cried on his shoulder. The height difference between the two created the strange positioning.

"It's okay 'Mione." Ron cooed, trying to soothe her. Before long she had fallen asleep and left Ron alone in his confusion.

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