"St. Verbena"

Notes: So here is the end of this fiction. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. Chapter 3 is way short, and not as good as the first two might have been, but enjoy. Next I will be working on "Merry Christmas...from Crossroads" just in time for the holiday season lol. Again I want to thank stayhooper, this ones going out to you for your support!

I've come to really enjoy writing for Monica. Isn't it odd how a lot of people here try to write her as not the "slut" she seems in the film? I really like that, and I had the same feeling for her when I started writing this.

St. Verbena church used to be packed on the weekends when the people of town came there to pray and hear the sermon of the priest, Father Townson. But those days seemed to be long gone even if it had only been a day. Now the only people who came were the ones now trying to crash into the church and eat those alive inside. Glen, someone who was not for religion, had played the organ at the chapel from some time and enjoyed all the people there. He just didn't believe in why they came.

Monica sat in a pew way in the back, away from the others so she could think, and take everything in. This was the first time she ever chose to sit by herself. Back in high school she sat at the "In" table at school and everyone begged to sit next her, almost like her cool would rub off on them if by chance they touched her arm with theirs. Now who was she with...

A young girl with red hair laid her head down on the lap of an older man, who looked like it was her father...Monica had hoped that was the case, but who knows people were kinky sometimes. Ever since she had gotten here with that ass Steve she felt kind of out of place with these folks. Not because she was hot, and all that jazz but because everyone there looked be from different walks of life. There was that kid and her dad, a skinny dirty looking dude she thinks was named Tucker, an older truck driver who seemed sweet who also may be a dike, but Monica didn't care about those things. There was Steve...yeah lets move on. On yeah there was a rather large lady that had been attacked just like Steve, but she was bleeding and was looking kind of sick, and Glen. He had let them stay in the church until help came, the help they all hoped would come.

"Listen I think we should head out" the truck diver put out for the others to discuss. "Why?" Tucker asked. "Because that woman needs a doctor. And because I stopped here to pick you all up not stay," she told him. "I can take everyone in the back of my truck and try to head to Fort Pastor"

Then Glen who had been silent since he let them in spoke up. "I think that's a good idea. More of those things are coming up from the road." The girl with the red hair got up from her fathers lap and looked at Glen, then at her father. "Daddy what do you think?" she asked, eyes full of fear. Monica smiled a bit to herself over how sweet the girl seemed to be. She had a little sister just like that year's back...but she died when Monica was six. It looks like red haired girl had lost a sibling today also...and a mother! Poor kid.

"I'm not sure Nicole, but don't worry we will all talk it over a bit more" the father told her. Ah, so her name is Nicole, cool Monica was learning the new names now, a populae girl needs to always know the people she deals with. "There's nothing to talk about," Steve started. "Those things aren't gonna get me again I can tell you that. And if we need to get in this ones truck to do so then get in or get out!" Monica couldn't help but think that asshole Steve was right, more of those things were coming and this place may not hold them back. "I'm in for it" she called out, making everyone turn their heads and look at her. The truck driver smiled. "Then its set" she said pulling out a handgun from a hostler she had strapped around her ankle. That lady was packing Monica laughed. I like a take-charge gal!

They came up with a plan. The truck driver, who's name turned out to be Norma was going to jump in her truck, and hold the things back with her gun while they got that woman to the back of the truck and then they all stay inside it and ride off into the sunset. Now how would they do this simple task? "Open the door, Ill get in the pickup" Norma told them as Glen and the father took the lock off of the chapel door. "Be ready with that injured woman!" she said as the door swung open and she blasted a creature that had been waiting outside, straight in the head with a hot bullet. Its head broke open with clumps of flesh and brain that made Monica and a near by Nicole want to throw up.

As soon as Norma got in the seat behind the large round wheel, Steve ran outside and opened the back of the truck. It slide open and he got in. "Steve help us!" Monica called out looking at the large sick woman who could barely even get off the wooden pew. Steve rolled his eyes and stayed in the back of the truck. "Fuck!" Monica said taking hold of the woman with Glen on the other side. "Come on dude lets get her in please!" she said looking at Tucker.

They were able to get her to the truck with the help of Nicole and her dad, without and help from good old Steve. And they made it without a trouble. There was a wheel barrel in the back of Norma's truck and they placed the large woman that Monica thought of calling the "Bloated Woman" in it. "Ohhh" she said faintly holding her arm. "It's going to be okay," Glen told her sitting down on an upside down bucket. "Hey close that door behind me!" Tucker told Frank as he ran to sit in the front with Norma. Nicole's Father walked over and grabbed hold of the top to move the metal door down so they could take off. He had gotten to the end when something took hold of his hand, and bit hard on it. It was one of those things. "Shit!" he said pulling his arm back and kicking the thing off with his boot. After getting the door closed he dropped down and Nicole jumped over Monica's legs and took her fathers bitten hand. "Dad, dad are you okay?" she asked as her tears started to fall. "Yeah honey it was just a small bit, they must like how I taste huh?" he tried to joke.

"Hey get a move on it!" Steve said pounding on the side of the truck that was towards Norma. "She can't hear you!" Monica told him with lip. He jerked his head towards her and smiled. "Whatever." He said. With a shake the B.P. Trucking rig took off and sent Steve flying to a stack of empty pain cans which gave each of them a small laugh. "Think that's funny assholes?" Steve said adjusting his expensive suit. "Yeah I guess we kinda do." Monica said lighting up a smoke.

It could have been hours, or maybe it was a shorter time but Monica had enough of the trucks constant shaking and being jammed in such a close place with the Bloated Woman who started to smell...that's odd why the heck is she smelling now? Anyways enough was enough.

Boom! Bounce! Bam!

All the back passengers were knocked down and around. It almost sounded like Norma was knocking into people with the truck.


Nicole screamed, as did Monica a bit as the truck hit into something and stopped. Looks like this is were are ride ends!