A/N- This story is a dream I had, just I'm going to add on to it. Also, I'm putting my friends in this story. If you've read their stories, you'll like this story.

Chapter 1

Wounded, alone. Keiko Ookami layed on the cold, hard ground, close to death. 'How could I let him jump me like that?' she thought to herself, trying to muster enough strangth to sit up.

Before she could say anything, she was up in the tree tops, gliding along in the arms of a fire demon. "Who are-" she tried to ask before he cut her off. "Shut your mouth, girl. Just sit back and enjoy the ride." he snapped.

A few minutes pasted before he stopped in a courtyard of a temple. He walked into the temple, down a hallway, and into a room, filled with books. There was a small group of people sitting around a fire place. He walked in and a man with red hair asked, "Hiei, what do you got there?"

Hiei layed Keiko down on a near by couch, "I found her, Kurama, in the woods." he said addressing the man who asked the question. "I thought someone could help her." he said backing away so a older women could take a look at her.

"Wow shrimp. You cared for someone else. I'm impressed." a man said who had on a green school uniform. Hiei gritted his teeth, "Spirt Baka should watch himself."

"Yeah okay. So grandma will she be better?" the spirt man asked the older women.

"Yes she should be able to get up later on tonight. Botan would you go and get a bed set for her." the old lady said. Keiko grunted, gasping for words, "No-I-couldn't burden-you." The spirt man laughed, "Don't worry. Grandma said you can stay here and thats what your going to do. By the way, I'm Yusuke Urameshi. This is Hiei, Kurama, Genkai, Kuwabara, and Botan." he explained pointing to each person. Keiko weakly smiled, "I-I'm Keiko Ookami."

Hiei's eyes shot open. 'Really. She's an Ookami. No wonder her scent was so inviting.' he thought to himself. His thoughts where interupted by the doors being thrown opened and two girls running into the room.

"Guys...DEMON!" one yelled, as a blast came from the hallway. Though the dust a man appeared. They could see that he was a little taller than Urameshi, and had a cat tail. "Oh Keiko!" he sang walking into the room. We could hear Keiko mutter a word but no one could hear what she had said.

"Keiko...hunny thats what you get for running off like that." he said walking over to her, taking her chin in his hand. She rudely pulled it out of his grasp. "Buzz...off!"

That made his tempature rise. He balled his hand into a fist and raised it about her head. But before he had time to connect it to her face, Hiei had tossed him across the room. "What do you want asshole?"

"I only want Keiko. Dead or alive." he said attacking her again. This time Genkai blocked the attack and said, "Hey dimwit. Can't you count? 7 fighters against 1 stupid cat demon!" That got his blood boiling. "I'm not a Cat demon, and don't think of ever mixing me with those weaklings. I'm Kitoyo of the panther demon tribe. I don't care if there's 100 of you. That demon belongs to me." he said pointing to Keiko.

"Yeah right." Hiei said pulling out his sword. "Do you feel lucky?" Kitoyo smiled, "Always." and attacked Hiei. With one swing of the sword he sent Kitoyo though the wall. Genkai sighed," Hiei would you be so kind as to not destroy my temple again!" Hiei only smiled as he walked to the giant hole, but when he got there the pile of wood was empty. Off in a tree a yell came their way, "Perhaps next time, dear Keiko." and with that he was out of sight.

"Hn" Hiei said putting his sword away. Before anyone could talk about what happened with the fight, Hiei had walked across the room, picked up Keiko and head out of the room. "Well we know who's property Keiko is." Yusuke laughed. One of the girls nudged him in his rib cage, "Really Yusuke I don't what I see in you." With that Yusuke had picked up the girl and was spinning her around, "Because, my dear Sorna. YOU LOVE ME!" Though screams and yells Sorna responded, "Not unless you stop spinning me!"

Yusuke stopped and held Sorna so she wouldn't fall the the ground. "So shall we find out where prince charming and Cinderella went to?" Yusuke said heading down the hallway. The others followed.