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The chair Prue was sitting in was uncomfortable, but considering the situation, she wasn't surprised. Grams stood to her right, looking coolly at the members of the Wizengamot. The Minister of Magic read the charges—attempt to evade arrest, breaking into Azakaban, assisting a known criminal—and asked her to respond.

"I did all of that," Prue said, "but I had good reason."

"Quiet, Prue," Grams said. "We admit to Prue's guilt, but we have witnesses to call before the court makes a judgment."

"Proceed," the Minister said.

"First, I am calling Albus Dumbledore to testify in Prue's defense."

Dumbledore sat in a chair next to Prue's. "I believe Prue Halliwell's actions were justified," he said. "This council acted hastily in sentencing Kira. She is not the demon she was. I assure this council that she is fully committed to fighting evil. She may have worked Voldemort once, but now she is working to destroy him."

There was murmuring among the council members. "Do you mean to say you know where Kira is?" one woman said.

"I do," Dumbledore answered. "But I'm afraid I can't reveal her location until I'm sure you agree with me that Kira only wants to do good."

"Albus, do you want to be charged as an accessory?" the Minister said.

"It is a crime I'd be honored to be charged as an accessory to," Dumbledore replied. "But Kira will be happy to reveal herself once I can assure her that she won't be thrown back into Azkaban."

The members of the Wizengamot talked among themselves. "We cannot just ignore what she did as a demon," the Minister said.

"I believe she can make up for what she did as a demon, through her service to the Light," Dumbledore said.

Again, the Wizengamot broke into discussion. "This trial isn't about Kira," one of the wizards said. "We're only here to judge Prue Halliwell."

"But knowing what you now know about Kira, have your opinions changed about Prue's crime?" Dumbledore asked.

"Oh for Merlin's sake, Albus," the Minister said. "Do you really expect us to overlook two young witches and a wizard breaking a demon—"

"Former demon," Dumbledore corrected.

The Minister's nostrils flared. "—former demon out of prison?"

"Of course not," Dumbledore said, mildly. "Perhaps probation is in order. Understanding, of course, that they will need to use their wands in emergencies."

The Minister sighed. "Have it your way, then. Six months of probation?"

The council voted, and it was decided that Prue would have six months' probation. The trial ended, and Prue followed Grams out of the court room. "What does that mean?"

"You won't be allowed to use your wand for six months," Grams said. "It's a very good ruling, considering what they could have done instead. I've no doubt they'll do the same for Sirius and Phoebe."

Six months without her wand. It wouldn't be too difficult for her, considering that she'd led most of her life without a wand.

Grams led her to the elevator, which lurched backwards, then sideways, and eventually delivered them to the floor where the Department of Magical Law Enforcement was located. They entered one of the offices, and Grams explained their situation to the witch sitting behind a desk. The witch pushed up her glasses, taking a closer look at Prue.

"Well, I never thought I'd see a Charmed One here," she said. She went over to a filing cabinet and pulled out a folder. "You'll have to fill these out. Then an auror will come to put the tracking spell on you."

The paperwork was tedious, but Prue filled it out quickly enough. The auror who came was a tall, thin woman who scowled at Prue.

"We wouldn't have to go through all of this if you'd just turn her over," the witch grumbled, casting spells over Prue.

Prue didn't know how to respond to that, so she said nothing.

"Done," the witch said. "You're free to return home."

Over the next two days, Sirius and Phoebe went through their own trials. As expected, they also received probations. At the end of Phoebe's trial, however, there was a surprise announcement.

"The council has had time to discuss Kira's trial further," the Minister said. "We have decided that Kira will be forgiven for her crimes, so long as she agrees to remain under the guard of a Wiccan witch or wizard, reporting to the Ministry on a weekly basis. She must also accept tracking spells."

Dumbledore, who was again a witness, nodded. "I would be happy to guard Kira, at Hogwarts. I believe she will also be safe from Lord Voldemort there."

Several members of the Wizengamot winced at the mention of Voldemort's name, but Prue was just surprised to learn that Dumbledore was a Wiccan wizard. She'd never seen him use a Wiccan power.

Phoebe, of course, was overjoyed. "Thank you so much," she said, first to the Minister, then to Dumbledore. "You've done the right thing."

The Minister waved his hand. "I'm warning you, though, do something like this again, and we'll send you right to Azkaban!"

This didn't diminish Phoebe's joy in the least. After the trial, they immediately went to Alphard's to tell Kira the good news. Kira hugged Phoebe, then Dumbledore, who was surprised but chuckled.

"So I can be a professor?" Kira said, grinning from ear to ear.

"Of course," Dumbledore said. "I'm sure you'll make a fine one."

With the trials over, Prue was able to relax a little. Mrs. Black still hated her, but they had reached a kind of truce. They'd heard nothing about Voldemort, and Prue took that as a good sign.

All things considered, Prue felt it was safe to say that life was pretty good.

"How do you feel?" Piper asked her sister.

"Okay," Prue said, letting out a long breath. "Maybe a little nervous. Just a little."

Piper smiled. "That's normal."

"Wow," Paige said as she entered the room and saw her sister. "You look beautiful, Prue."

"Thanks." Prue turned to look at herself in the mirror again. Her mother's dress, with a few alterations, fit her perfectly. Regulus had offered to buy her a dress if she wanted one, but she knew this one was perfect.

Phoebe ushered her sisters out of the room. "See you down there," she said to Prue, then left.

Prue took a deep breath. "You can do this," she said to her reflection. Then, she left the room and descended the stairs.

As she'd planned, she was having her wedding—or rather, handfasting—at the Manor. She could have had a more extravagant wedding, but considering how unpredictable their lives were, she'd thought she'd be safer with a smaller ceremony.

She didn't know why she was so nervous. She loved Regulus, and she was ready to marry him.

She turned the corner to the living room, where the ceremony was being held. Her gaze fell on Regulus, and her nerves disappeared in an instant. She wanted this, more than anything.

Grams performed the ceremony. As she wrapped the cord around Regulus and Prue's hands, Prue stared into her husband's eyes, her heart lifting as she realized she could now call him her husband.

They had decided on Paris for their honeymoon, though they couldn't stay long. Grams and Patty didn't like the idea of Prue being so far from her sisters for too long. Prue didn't mind; even a few days of normality would be a nice break. And she definitely welcomed the idea of getting away from Mrs. Black for a while.

Regulus placed the Black family wedding ring on her finger—how he had gotten it from Mrs. Black, she didn't know—and they kissed.

They had a small reception at the Black house, which Mrs. Black interrupted, screaming about poisoning the Black family. Prue and Regulus took it as their cue to leave for Paris.

Paris was perfect, everything Prue could have asked for. Prue stood at the window of their hotel, watching the sun set. Regulus came up and put his arm around her. She leaned into him. She was thinking about everything that had led up to this moment—discovering her powers, going to Hogwarts, meeting Regulus, finally dating him. Once, she hadn't been so sure about her magic, but because of magic, she had met Regulus. Though she still longed somewhat for a normal life, she was happy that she got to be with Regulus.

She knew that many challenges lay ahead for her and her sisters. Voldemort had to be defeated, and there would always be warlocks and demons coming after them. She would never have a normal life. But maybe, she thought, laying her head on Regulus's chest, she could have a happy life.