5 Shots are heard.

Back on the Bebop.

Faye fired all of her rounds into the air.

She slid down the wall curving into a ball and raised a hand to her face as she began crying.

She was getting her memories back, she felt sick and thwarted. The bebop was her home, whether she wanted it or not, when she left, she missed everything.

She ran her fingers through her silky violet locks and looked left as she heard the sound of a metal door closing.

She rushedly got up and hurried to the hanger

"STOP!" She squealed.

"Stay inside or you'll go flying before me", he said recklessly without turning to see her as he climbed up his ship.

"It's your choice" she said in a harsh tone.

He looked at her as he locked himself inside the Swordfish II and started the controls.

She sighed in disbelief while a bitter tear ran down her cheek.

"Sweet dreams Spike"

She sadly turned round, her green eyes were now filled with the salty warm liquid.

He couldn't see them, but he managed to hear her sobbing and a hole seemed open inside his body dragging him in.

She faded through the metal door.

He sighed.

"Sweet dreams Faye Valentine"

Faye sitting behind the closed door, curled into a ball, crying, hears him take off.

Spike, from the bar, with a whiskey glass in his hand, searches through the club for his ticket to planet Earth and Doohan´s hangar and...

"Peace..." he sighed

"There you are!" he said to himself as the edges of his lips curve to an evil smile and sipped

from his drink.

The man was about six foot tall, brown-eyed, straight blond short hair pulled back, James Dean like, walking through the dance floor wearing a black suit, kind of like his, the jacket open, collar unbuttoned of a white shirt, no tie, two martinis in hand...

On the Bebop

"Parris Fourinet"

"He has quite a list on his profile. He has a thing for virgins and drop dead gorgeous women. Some good against evil shit..." Jet was sitting on the yellow chair of their cozy living room, he had his arms folded on his chest and looked down at the floor in thought.

He sighed.

"He plays prince charming´ for two or three dates so that they fall in love with him and he kills them after laying them". He looked back at the computer where there was a picture of this guy.

"He poisons them offering something to drink after everything has passed. He asks them if they are all right and lies with them until they stop breathing" he knit his brows and looked back down letting go of an angry whisper.

The club was quite dark lighted, black, red, green and blue lights everywhere but at the bar and the wooden round tables, half circled by dark red suede couches, which had red screen pyramid lamps hanging above them by black wires.

A woman was sitting at that table, her back at him.

From where he was standing he could see what was on the table, just a couple of empty glasses on Parris side.

"This doesn´t make it easier" he frowned, growled in discontent and took a larger sip.

She seemed slim, had dark hair lifted up on a ponytail and was playing with the straw of her drink as she waited for Fourinet to return.

"What took you so long?" she asked grinning suggestively

"Too many people at the bar" he placed a martini in front of her, smiling.

She smiled

"Would you like to dance?" he offered her a hand with a slight reverence.

She took it and he led her to the dance floor.

"This is it" he straightened and rushed what was left of his drink. Now he had to see a way of not getting anyone hurt...specially the bounty.

"They want him alive" he smirked.

He started walking towards the dancing couple as a tiger about to attack, but he was forced to stop.

The woman was easy to spot, she was wearing a backless glittering golden dress that went just above her knees and it had a cut on the left side that showed pretty much the full length of the leg.

Trying to find Jet, Faye looked above Fourinet´s shoulder and found herself locked in two toned brown eyes...

"What the..." she tensed as she aimed her sight into them. They looked into the green orbs and widened.

"Spike!?" she let go of Parris

"Are you ok?" asked Fourinet

She looked at him... "Yeah, it´s just that..." she looked back to were Spike was.

He was gone

"I think I saw an old friend but he´s..." she sighed. "Would you excuse me for a minute?"

"Sure, I´ll be wainting at the table" he kissed her hand and painted a smile on his face.

"Then you´ll be gone" he chuckled

"What the hell?" Jet desperately calling Faye´s com as he saw her running away from the bounty.

Faye grabbed the link but got to say nothing

"What the hell do you think you are doing? Where are you going?" Jet screamed loudly and got a few more stares from the people at the bar.

"I SAW SPIKE!" was Faye´s frantic answer as she reached the entrance of the club but there were too many people and when she saw his shady figure he fainted again. "Damn!"

"WHAT? Faye? Get your ass back in the club and get over and done with it... Both things!"

Jet was angry, but when he saw her disturbed look as she re entered the club he softened.

"We´ll talk about it later" he sighed "now fresh up and go back to Fourinet before he gets suspicious, we do need the money"

Faye inhaled a large amount of air and sighed. "It´s ok" she gave him a weary smile as she walked back to her sit.

"Did you find him?" he asked her politely

Faye sighed. "No... he left before I knew it" she smiled and sit down.

"So..Where were we?" she arched an eyebrow at him as she played with the straw of her drink, again

"Would you like to go to somewhere a little more quiet?"

They got up from the table and out of the club, followed by Jet who stood at the entrance of the club for distance and when they walked around the corner Faye pressed her glock to the back of his head.

"Jet, get your ass over here NOW!"

She looked sheepishly at Fourinet. "Sorry sweetheart"

Just then Parris turned round with a fist on the air to knock Faye out, but his face met a robotic arm and fell backwards to the floor.

"Thanks, that was close"

"Yeah, now let´s cash the bounty" Jet smiled as he handcuffed Fourinet and brought him to his feet.


The world is not enough...