It was too late at night or too early in the morning... either way, he couldn't sleep.


No bounty.

No money.

No Doohan´s.

"Crap" he slapped his forehead and rubbed the tiredness from his eyes. He sat on his bed, stretched and yawned.


"Damn echo"

What was that anyways? And more important... Why did I above all people had to hear that?


I need to get to Doohan´s.


He frowned

Would she still be with Jet? Sure. She had nowhere else to go. He smirked at the thought




He cracked his back and headed to the bathroom.

It was still dark outside and the stars were shinning far too bright. It was a fucking great night. One window was open and the breeze was soothing.

He opened the hot tap, placed a hand below the flowing water to test its temperature and slowly turned the cold tap on. The motel is crap, but at least they got hot water.

"Not like the Bebop" he whispered.

No, he didn't have to rush into the bathroom before Faye took over or Ed realized how long she's actually been in the tub bathing the dog and spilling the precious water all over the bathroom floor. No one hurrying him off either.

"God". In the same low voice. He shook his head annoyed.

He walked to his nightstand, carelessly took a cigarette out of the cage, placed it in his mouth and lit it. Took a deep breath and sighed...You could see the red spot trying to fade

He lay on the bathtub, eyes closed and cigarette in hand, water taping over his skin and running down his chest. After a while he fell asleep as images from his past and leery present flashed through his mind.

"Sweet dreams Spike" Vicious/Faye


He snapped out of sleep, cold, he realized he was still in the shower and the hot water was gone, so was the night.

"Got to dream the dream all over"

Out of the bath he rubbed the towel to gather warm and put his clothes on.

7 am.



Nine Lives

Silent blue area a cloud of smoke disappears in the air

Faye is sitting on the small yellow couch with her feet on the coffee table, her hands resting on her knees and her head titled back.

They haven't had a bounty in three weeks and most of the money went on repairs Jet had been working on so she was basically alone with nothing left to do but smoke or gamble.

Though she couldn't count much on that.

After Jet finished buying all the groceries, materials and fuel for the three ships there was not much money left and she lost most of it on the first week, some more on the second and the little that was left was for keeping her sane, on cigarettes and alcohol.

"You gotta make it happen"

"Huh?" She came out of her trance as Jet came out from behind.

"I'm done with the ships"

His hands were black from the repairs and he was trying to clean it with a cloth gray with dirt. His scalp was sweaty and there was a gray stain on his forehead. Faye giggled.

"What are you laughing at?" he asked slightly confused

"You are trying to clean yourself with a dirty cloth"

Smart-ass comment. She took a last drag from her cigarette and put it down.

Jet frowned.

She got up and took the cloth from his hands. She grabbed her nose and looked away from him.

"You smell too! Puajjjj. Go take a shower" she said so as she walked away waving her hand to clean the smell.

Jet turned back to her and snapped. "You would also be if you worked on anything!" he sighed. He knew it was no use but she wouldn't have the last word, would she?

"Yeah... whatever"

Jet frowned. Suddenly the computer started beeping and both of them ran to it.

"Jet. It's me."

"What's on Bob?"

"There's a bounty on Hoffman. It will be posted on the next couple of days. 8 million for killing his partner. Apparently Hoffman was being pushed through syndicate bribery or so was what Shadkins got to communicate to the chiefs before he was shot. Shadkins was suspecting on Hoffman failing to fulfill certain assignments killing their targets and leaving some case unsolved under lack or disappearance of information. So he followed him, and got shot."

"When did Hoffman make his last appearance?"


"Do you know he is probably as good as death right now?"

"Probably, but some of Shadkins hints were blurry, so they might want him to clear things out before killing him"

"You mean he is in syndicate hands?! You want me to go on a suicidal mission? What changed your mind? Some time ago you told me to leave Mars, remember?"

Faye backed from the screen a bit and leaned against the staircase, arm crossed Jet like and sighed.

This is not good

Jet looked over at her and then to Bob.

"No I didn´t. Just thought you might wanted to know about it" and shot the conversation

Jet didn´t move for a few seconds and made a hmm sound before standing up.

"I´m taking a shower. You check if there´s anything on so we don´t run out of supplies ok?" his voice was low and soft but never looked at her, he just turned and left to the bathroom.


So she was left alone BeBop