Our Prayers are Answer.

Chapter Six

Bonding Time with Clark

Summary: Martha and Jonathan take time bonding with Clark.

After the hard day Jonathan and Martha had with Clark. They both decided to take turn staying with him during night. They also talked about each other weekend they decided they would set aside time to bond with Clark.

Jonathan told Martha this weekend he would bond with their son.

Martha said "Ok Jonathan."

So the follow morning Martha says to Clark leave, but she will be back Sunday night

The weekend came and Jonathan explained to Clark. That Clark and him where going gang out together all weekend, Clark get real excited and jumped in to his father arms.

He watched his father work out on the farm in the morning. Late that afternoon they went into town and get ice cream.

At dinner Jonathan made them some paste. Before, they ate dinner Jonathan put his son in the high chair. After, dinner Jonathan told Clark that they were going to watching TV together. While watching TV Clark fell asleep on his lap.

Jonathan bought Clark up to his room. Before, bring Clark into his room he decided to let Clark could sleep with him. He put Clark on the bed and laid his son next to him. He kissed Clark on the forehead and said goodnight Clark. I love you son.

In morning Clark woke up next to his dad. Jonathan felt something tug on his shirt. To his surprise it was Clark. What is it was buddy.

Good morning d-daddy Clark said to his father.

Good morning you too son.

Before, we go downstairs I have to take a shower, and you have to take a bath young man, said Jonathan to Clark. He walked in the bathroom to his shower. Before, he even gets in the shower Clark started crying. Buddy I am going to be right out. When I get out I will give a bath.

After Jonathan gave Clark a bath, he saw that Clark wanted to get out the bathtub. Are you cold buddy he asked his son? He lifted the little boy out of bathtub, and put some clothes on Clark.

After they took a shower and a bath, Jonathan picked up Clark and carried him downstairs and made some breakfast for both them.

In the afternoon Clark watched his daddy milk the cows. He asked his dad if cows says,


Jonathan looks down his special little boy. Says yes they do Clark. Are you hungry son Jonathan asked to Clark?

Clark in replied nodded is head yes.

Jonathan picked Clark up and brought him inside and made them some lunch. Before, making lunch Jonathan put the little boy in the highchair. He gave Clark his sandwich. Jonathan noticed the doorknob turn around he looked at door. To his surprise he saw his lovely wife stand at the door. Before, she could speak to Jonathan, she saw him walk around the table to their son out his highchair.

She asked how, Are my favorite men in the world. Oh Jonathan I miss you so much as said that gave her loving husband a kiss on the lips. Then Martha bent down to her baby and gave him hug and kiss.

Jonathan said, "Martha why she came home early."

She replied I miss my husband and my little boy.

Ok, Sweetie.

So Clark how did you like spend the weekend with daddy.

Yes did, but I miss you mommy.

Martha picked up her baby and brought him over the couch. She hugged Clark and told him how would like to spend next weekend with mommy son.

In responds to that, Clark nodded his head yes.

The week went by fast for the Kent family.

On Friday night Jonathan for the weekend, before he left that night asked his wife if he could put their son to bed.

Sure sweetheart you can, Martha said to her husband. She turns around to her little boy and bent down to his eye level. Now Clark daddy is going to tuck you to night.

Clark ran right into his daddy arms. He looks into his eyes and he gives Jonathan big smile.

Before, they know it. It was Sunday and Jonathan was home.

Martha and Clark ran right to his daddy and her husband.

He give them both hugs and kisses.

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