This is my first Smallville fanfic. I own four characters only.

Summary: What if the Jonathan and Martha had kids before they found Clark? They had their sons Nick and Pat with them when the meteor shower happened. Martha is expecting another kid. They adopt one kid.

Disclaimer: The characters are name friends of mine. They are my own creation.

They are only characters I own. The other two are made up.

Character: Clark 15 Nick 15 Pat 13 Jonathan 10 Denise 7

Chapter 1

Meteor Shower

The Jonathan, Martha Kent and their two boys were heading out Nell's flower shopping. When the whole town witness the first meteor fell on the Nell's brother car killed him and his wife? That when Lana life changed forever. Martha picked up the girl and said Lana sweetheart you are be ok I am sure Nell will take care of you.

The Kent family was heading home that. Their four year old son Nick noticed the small boy on the side of the road. They asked him where he came from and he point into the cornfield. Jonathan picked up the boy and wrapped the boy in his and jacket. Martha and boys saw the spaceship.

Jonathan picked up the spaceship and throws it in the truck. Martha had the boys in the back seat. Mr. Kent took the tiny three years old up his arms. Martha looked at Jon and said what will name him. Jon said how about the name Clark James Kent. Martha said Jonathan you mean we are going to name him Clark. Clark sat between Martha and Jonathan.

They got home after from the meteor shower. Clark looks up at Jon and says daddy carried in the house please. Martha unbuckled the four from the car seat. She unbuckled Pat from his car seat and carried him in the house.

The three year turned to his new brothers Nick and Pat who just turned three and one. Clark looks at his new family.

One day Clark was watching his mom cooking dinner for the family. Martha saw the little boy watching her cook and asks Clark what wrong sweetheart. Then she hears him call her mommy for the first time since they found him. She called Jonathan in the house. What is wrong Martha? Nothing Clark just called me mommy Jonathan. Jon picked up the boy and smile at him.

Two years later.

Martha started screaming and Clark ran to see what the matter was. Clark go get your father. He ran to his dad and said mom wants you. He tells the five to stay down stair with your brothers. Jonathan goes to see what matter with his wife. He sees her sitting on their bed. Jonathan says "Honey what a matter." As she looks at Jonathan I have some great news the Kent family is going to a little bigger in seven months. Jonathan looks at Martha and says you mean your having a baby.

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Chapter 2 Seven months later

Clark was in the kitchen helping his mom with dinner when she hugged him tight and said "Son go get your dad." He ran out to the barn to get his father. Jonathan sees Clark ran towards him. What is it son? Its mom I think the baby is coming.

Listen son I am taking your mom to the hospital. You boys will stay with Nell. Jonathan went Nell's house and asked if she wouldn't mind watch the boys for the night. He tells Nell's that Martha just went into labor. Nell's says "Sure I will just call when Martha has baby.

After Jonathan dropped the kids at the Lang's house the youngest Kent starts to cry. Nick tells Nell that he and Clark will take care of it. Clark picked up his little brother and sat him down on the couch. Nick explains to Patrick that their mom went to the hospital to have the new baby.

The boys and Lana were already asleep. When the phone rang and Nell answers it was Jon called her and to tell her that Martha had the baby.

The next day Jon thanked Nell for watching the boys, when he picked them up. Jonathan brought them over the hospital to see their mom and new baby brother. Martha asks Clark or Nick if either of the boys if they want to hold their new brother. Nick looks over at Clark and says you hold the baby. Clark what is it son said Martha has she hand the baby to him. What the baby name Clark asks his mom. We decided to name him Jonathan Hiram Kent after your father and grandpa.

While Clark was holding the baby he noticed the baby started to giggle. Jonathan was holding his three year old son Pat who was happy now he is a big brother. Clark hand his little brother Jonathan Hiram Kent to his mom. Clark looked at little Pat who was sitting his father lap and than looked his mom who his baby brother. He runs out of the room crying. Jonathan go see what bothering Clark.

Has Jon comes out of the room. He sees his special little five year ran out of the hospital. He knelt down and said son what a matter you were happy when you were hold your baby brother. I feel like I am not Kent. Why do you say that son? I look different than you mom, Nick, and Pat.

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