Alice 19th in wonderland

Okay, the first time I've read the title "Alice 19th", the first thing that came into my mind was that it was about Alice In Wonderland. So here, I made a fic about it, now that it has its own category and before i read someone else's with the same idea. Anyway, mine's different than their's so that's that

Disclaimer: I don't own Alice 19th. It belongs to Watase Yu sensei (all hail her!). And Alice in Wonderland doesn't belong to me but to Lewis Caroll. And American McGee's Alice doesn't belong to me either. Can't you see the name with the "apostrophe S"? it belongs to that guy.

anyway, The story!

On a golden afternoon, there was a little girl who was called Alice. She was 10 years old with a cute short hair. (and she looked like Clamp's card captor Sakura!) She was taking pictures of her older sister, Mayura, The prettier, more popular, more nicer of the two.

Alice was there to spy on her crush Wakamiya-sempai... But alas, the young man of her dreams belonged to someone else... namely, her beautiful, popular, perfect older sister. Mayura told her sister that she wanted Alice to learn some archery. And so, in this fine golden afternoon, Alice was stuck there taking lessons from Mayura...

"Alice." Mayura cried, "ALICE!"

when Alice gave Mayura her attention, Mayura shooked her head and smiled softly, "Alice, concentrate, please."

"Onee-san, I-I d-do not want to..." Alice trailed off coyly. She loved her sister very much, and young Alice knows that if she told Mayura that Alice did not love ANY KIND of sport, it would break Mayura's heart.

So instead, she listened carefully at what Mayura taught her.

That night...

There was a nation wide black out. Although, it was the first black out she had experienced, Alice did not spend her energy wondering why this has happened, and so should you. After all, they did announce it to the news earlier.

She placed the candle she had at her night table, near the wondow. And as she always did, she asked God to bless her and her family. And silently went to bed.

She did not bother to blow out the candle. She was afraid of the dark, you see, and naturally, if you are afraid of the dark, you keep a light open. And since there was no electricity... she had to keep the candle lit.

Now let this be a lesson to you, young one. Never keep a lit candle near the window. And never fall asleep when a candle is lit beside flammable items such as curtains.

It would've been harmless. But, poor Alice forgot to close her window. The wind blew forth the curtain and it caught fire.

Alice was awoken from the screams of her father. "Alice! Alice! wake up Alice!" And there she saw the fire blazing forth in her room. She was frightened from the fire.

"Get out of there Alice! Get out!" But she couldn't. She was frozen there with fear. Her father, who was still wearing his office clothes, picked little Alice up. And that's when Alice realized that her hands were burnt. Her father took his necktie and wrapped it areound Alice's small hands and dashed forth towards the door leading outside.

Poor Alice! Their beautiful home was on fire! Her father did not hesitate and carried Alice outside.

Then, a scream broke out!

Mayura and their mother was still inside!

"Alice, dear, stay here!" Commanded her father. her father went back to the burning house to save the rest of their family.

Alice was frozen in fear, as she watched their home burn down. She waited and waited for her faher, mother and sister to come out. But they did not... It was already dawn when the fire was completely brought out, and Alice still waited...

The firemen told her that her family was burnt.. They were already dead. They were burned alive.

Alice never felt the way she felt then ever before. It was like some sort of sharp object was brought to her chest with immense force, that she cannot help but cry.

She cried and cried and cried, calling her father to come out. But no one came. And then, she realized. It was her fault. IT WAS ALL HER FAULT! The truth hit her as if it was a giant red brick. All her fault.. the fire was her fault. if it wan't for the fire... If it wasn't for the fire... If it wasn't for the her...

A relative came out from the crowd and gave poor Alice a hug. Poor dear Alice! she was so young.

"Come, Alice," Said the relative softly, "I'll be your guardian from now on..."

Alice whimpered. She did not hear any of what her relative told her. She whimpered and whimpered and then suddenly, she screamed. She screamed and screamed with all her heart, wishing that wishes can solve her heart's guilt.

"My ffault... the fire... candles... fire... burning" She said. and suddenly, she was shaking, shaking and shaking uncontrollably.

"Ccan't you s-see? My fault! This! AAAAAAAAAAh!" and Alice cried her out.

Six years Later

"Her family died in a fire?"

"Yes, and she kept blaming herself for it."

"the poor dear! And she's so young."

"I know, I know.. Poor dear, indeed. But, it's better now than before. She can speak now. I do hope she'll get better"

"I hope so too."

Alice looked up at the ceiling as the door of her room closed. She closed her eyes.

St. Ann Bayley Assylum.

To there she ended up. At first, her relative thought it would pass. But it didn't. The first few weeks Alice kept muttering to herself. She went to school regularly, but she kept that muttering. She had satisfactory grades, yet she was silent. She only muttered to herself.

Alice was brought to a child psychologist. And when the child psychologist finished the study, she ended up there. At the St. Ann Bayley Assylum.

She was emotionless now. She forgot what it meant to smile. She forgot how to laugh. She forgot every good thing there is in the world. There is nothing in this world, she thought, only eternal sadness.

The Assylum had educated her, and she did well. And now, she was capable of talking to others as she had once before.

Eternal sadness... death could only be better than this.

Alice looked at her wrists. Both had bandages. She tried slitting her wrist, just like what she heard from the tennants...

"She slit her wrist for that boy!"

"She did?! Oh dear, is she dead?"

"I'm afraid so... lost all her blood. The doctors were too late to take care of the wound. Lost too much blood!"

And Alice tried what that girl did. She slit her wrist. Both of them.

She closed her eyes and opened them once again. She saw a candle erected on a plate.

Her eyes grew wide and she began to struggle to the corner of her bed. She screamed and screamed and screamed, until everyone was wide awake.

The nurse came and tried to comfort her by giving Alice a rabbit plushie to calm her down, then the nurse injected Alice with her medicine.

"There, now that did not hurt, now did it?" asked the nurse kindly.

"Ouch." Alice mumbled as she hugged the plushie.

"Yes, yes, dear. You say 'Ouch" when you get hurt. But you should say it like 'Ouch!', alright, love? But if you can't say, 'Ah!'. "

"Ah!" Alice copied the nurse. The drug was taking effect on her now. Everything around her seemed to swirl...

"That's a good girl!"

"Take candle out." Alice muttered softly as everything turned black.

The nurse smiled and took the candle away from Alice.

Alice opened her eyes once more and she was surprised at what she saw.

A rabbit! A pink haired rabbit wearing white flowing robes. And what a darling face it had!

"Alice! Alice! What are you still doing there, Alice! Get up, or we're going to be late!" The rabbit said placing its little furry paws on its hips.

So what do you think? Hope you like it!