Alice 19th in Wonderland

Disclaimer: I've never written a classic children's novel, nor a game, nor a manga. And there are some props here that I found from another game called Vampire, The Masquerade: Redemption. It's another great game with a cool plot, graphics and sound fx. We once used the sounds for our play! anyway, Thanks to those people that we enjoy these things.

If you've noticed that there's a lot of wrong grammar here (I'm sorry! I'm not good in English!), espescially on Alice's dialogues, I just want you to know, that that was no mistake. As the narrator said, Alice went mad and stopped speaking. She had to learn all over again. Anyway, since she was still learning and that she was still hesitant in speaking, she kept on getting it wrong. That's why Frei kept correcting her. Besides, according to a book I've read, it is alright for a person to have a wrong grammar while speaking (I think my diction is all wrong but I think you get what I mean).

I'm going to make Frei accompany Alice in her adventure. His disappearing act would be less soon. Anyway, If you ask, Frei disappears/appears like the Cheshire Cat from the original story. In fact, he's the Cheshire cat here! I think you've already know that. I just said that to make it clear.

And one of you reviewers asked me to give Frei some clothes. Originally, I want him naked/( Pervert) And eventually he'll have clothes! But... it would be uncomfortable for me to describe him prancing around naked in Wonderland! Actually, it's not since Frei chooses who could see him. But, I'd like Frei to be over protective over Alice! Kyou is cool, but Frei's cool too! Anyway, you guys would have what you want! Frei will not be naked anymore! just tell me you don't like his clothes and...

Now to the story.

Village of the Doomed

Yur Mine

The Yur Mine was one of the richest mines in the whole Wonderland. Diamonds, gold, and other presciouse stones and metals were to be found there. But the the pride and glory of the Yur Mine was not those stones and metals. It was something rare. Something only to be found within the earth of Yur Mine: The Blood Stones.

The Blood Stones were indeed rare. They were worn by the Queen of Hearts herself, and only the Dukes and Duchesses could afford them. They resemble rubies but these stones are much more beautiful.

Blood Stones are made of blood, blood that have been crystalized beneath the earth, blood from workers, plowed by workers. These stones resemble great power, and slaves from the Yur Mine could only look at these stones with fear.

If you look closely at these stones, you could see bitterness materialized within its core. And if you listen carefully, the stones would tell you great pain, screams of agony and groans of a dying innocent child fighting for his last breath.

Once it is plowed from the earth, the workers would contribute yet more blood. No, they are forced to give more blood to make these stones more smooth as pearls.

Most of the slaves of Yur Mine die from lack of blood. If not, they would scream forever of pain and agony in the depths of Yur Mine...

Alice picked up this kind of stone from the very last Card Guard she had butchered. She did not dislike filling the Card Guard's mouth with earth, as it fought Alice to get free. In fact, little Alice thought that it was rather fun to play garden with these Card Guards. One of them, she pretended, was to be a seed, and she buried that Card Guard alive as it writhed with pain from the wound it had caught from Alice's Vorpal Blade. And when she was finished, with the last one, a blood red stone dropped from one of the pockets of the Card Guard.

She studied the stone and sang out loud, "Frei! Frei! Where is Frei?" wondering what kind of stone that was.

Frei's sexy smile appeared, and then his eyes, and then his head torso, his arms, and finally his legs. "What is it, little Alice?" The Frei-cat asked.

"Alice found stone" said Alice, embarrassed that she had to ask about that stone. Normally, she would have just thrown it away, but this stone seemed special. It was different. "What is this stone name?"

Frei looked at the stone and told her "That's a blood stone, Alice. Do you like it?"

"Uhn! Alice likes stone very much!" Alice smiled coldly. She liked to smile, but somehow, she could not get it right.

"You should keep it, Alice" Frei said, smiling a sexy smile, "It might come in handy someday."

And so Alice pocketed the stone, and walked further inside the mine, but this time, Frei accompanied her inside the Yur mine.

Soon, Alice found a lone house. Feeling tired and sleepy, Alice knocked on the door.

"Do Frei think they accept us here?" Alice asked, looking up to Frei.

"Perhaps," Frei purred, placing an arm over Alice's delicate shoulder, "The man who lives here would do us great, Alice. Be polite to him"

At that instant, an small old man came out. He looked at Alice with a frown and asked her, "What do you want?"

"We came to ask shelter," said Frei, looking majestic despite his attire, "The girl needs bathing, and as you can see, I am in need of clothing."

"Does this house look like an inn!" the old man demanded, and tried to close the door, but Frei blocked the door before it even closed.

"Old man, you must have misunderstood. We came here to rescue this vile place from all its gore, and yet you turn your back on us." Frei muttered, lookingvery serious indeed."We search for you, sir. I believe, you were once the greatest of wizards. And once, you've predicted, the coming of the messiah of this world. I believe I have found our messiah. Now she comes to you and yet you shun her out?"

The old man stared at Frei with great suspicion. And when he saw that the naked man did not lie, he let the couple inside.

"Sit," he ordered to them like dogs and Alice and Frei obeyed quietly.

"Do you think you could save this land? Do you even want to save THIS land!" The old man demanded, fury in his eyes.

"You've once predicted it sir. The messiah will come! The messiah from another world will save us from the tyrant and the gore of this place!" Frei, for the first time, stated with fury, he looked down at a frightened little Alice, before he continued, "Alice is our messiah. She was called forth by the one who chooses."

"Alice want nothing to do with troubles," Alice murmured, "But I need to converse with miss Rabbit. Miss Rabbit asks me to follow, but Alice cannot. That's why, Alice needs potion making Alice small."

"Alice," said Frei softly, careful not to frighten Alice any further,"You are the outside force and you are most needed. The Rabbit you seek summoned upon you to save this devastated land. She wants wou to meet with me, Alice, to make it clear to you, that Alice is the messiah, the saviour. You will give us our redemption. Do you wish to see more people die, die savagely? Do you want to see people die, and live knowing you could have done something about it yet you chose to do nothing? Do you want to live and blame yourself forever because you let other people die when you could have done something about it? Alice! ALICE LOOK AT ME!"

Alice was frightened. What Frei has said stirred something inside her heart. Something... something... something that drove her into madness! Her fault! All her fault!

"KYAAAAAAA!" Alice screamed, placing her hands behind her bent head "It's all Alice's fault! And Alice would live forever and ever with that fault! Fire! Fire! Noooooo!"

She was having a fit. Alice kept screaming and wailing, piericing the ears of the old man as well as Frei. At once, Frei jumped from his seat and cradled Alice as she wailed and screamed and cried on his arms.

He buried Alice's face on his chest, mumuring sweet words, "Alice, save us... Save us from this hell. Only you have the power to save us... Save us..."

Alice continued to cry. Frei's words did not comfort her. In fact it made her more confused. But the good thing was that Alice calmed down, even for just a little. Soon, she found herself drifting to sleep.

When Alice was still, Frei looked back at the man, "We haven't told her her mission in this world. I'm sorry for that."

The old man stared at Frei once again. "Are you the great Frei Cat, the wielder of the runes and guardian of the secrets?"

"As a matter of fact, I am," Frei grinned and mocked a bow

"I see... but, how come I could see you? I thought you only appear to people you want to talk to."

"I DO want to talk to you," Frei replied, stroking Alice's hair unconsciously, "That's why you can see me,"

"I see," The old man replied, getting up from his seat, then crossed the house to fetch some clothes from the closet. He took something that looked like clothes made from moonlight and draped it on Frei.

"The Robes of Light," Said the old man, "I knew that someday, I shall give it to someone who has the blood of god running through his vein,"

"I thank you sir," said Frei, fixing the robe on him. The Robes of Light fit perfectly on Frei. When the very last one was placed, he cleared his throat and continued their conversation, "The messiah is asleep. In her stead, I shall say what we came here for,"

"A potion, milord?" Asked the old man with the hint of sarcasm.

"No, potions. We need potions, not just one. The first potion we want is a shrinking potion, for Alice. Can you make us one?"

"Of course! But, what about her, milord? If she does not agree to save us, then, it will be a waste!"

"I know that you are in need of ingredients which cannot be found here in the-" Frei felt Alice stir. In that very instant, Frei held his tongue and watched little Alice.

She opened her eyes to see the smiling Frei she has been used to see."

"Frei..." she murmured, feeling her head rattle, the post-effects of a fit. She tried to sit for herself, then with her wide clear eyes, she asked, "What happened to Alice?"

Frei smiled kindly, before replying, "You fell asleep Alice. I hope that made you feel better. We now need your decision,"

Alice leaned back to Frei, enjoying his warmth, before thinking about it. If she should decline, more people will go to the realms of death, but if she should agree, then, even though it may not be a success, it would at least make her feel better knowing that she did what she could.

Alice brightened up and smiled at Frei, nodding her head. In return, Frei smiled back. The two looked to the old man, silently asking him what would be needed

"A blood stone," The old man said, "It's found here in the Yur Mine."

"I have! I have!" Alice said cheerfully, showing the old man the stones she found on the ground.

The old man gave them a nod and gave the rest of the instructions "Deep within the Yur Mine is a key. It's easy to spot because it has wings and instead of lying on a corner it flies around the room. Get it for me."

Alice, being a curious little girl, asked the old man, "What is the key for, ma'am?" ("That's 'sir', dear," Frei corrected)

"The key would open up the warp gate. We need to warp from here to the Skool school" The old man answered, anyway.

The old man did not entertain any more questions for reasons that we don't know. Howeverm he did not sent them out on their way just like that. He gave Frei some clothes, and even asked Frei to be visible to other people. They could not afford Alice to be raped, abused, etc by the card guards.

"Frei, what (is) that?" Alice asked looking at the book she saw. It was covered in a red aura. She knew that it is something special because of the red aura and that she would not be able to touch the book. The Vorpal Blade was covered in a red aura, and she wasn't able to touch it just then.

"It's a book, Alice," Frei smiled softly and muttered, "Buimuku". The scarlet aura became the color of the sky. Alice took the book and showed it to Frei. Together, they studied the book.

The leather bound book was called, "The Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass". Alice thought it might had pictures in it and opened it. Instead of words and pictures, she found a rectangular hole on the pages where a deck of cards made their home.

"Cards!" Alice cried out loud. She had seen a deck of cards before but her nurse would not let her touch it.

"Things may not be what they seem," Frei murmured softly. Alice ignored what Frei said and took a card from the book. She yelped in pain once she lifted the corner.

Frei looked at Alice's finger silently and studied her newly acquired wound. It was too wide to be a papercut, he thought. He placed his hand over Alice's wound and muttered, "Jiva", and instantly, the wound was cured.

"Bad cards," Alice said sniffling. She didn't like getting injured like normal girls.

"It's not just a card, Alice" Said Frei using that sexy tone, "It's another weapon," He closed the book and held it on eye level. He concentrated and a card came out with such speed that it got stuck on the mine wall. It reminded Alice of a shuriken, a weapon that ninjas used in battle. One of her nurses told her about it.

Frei gave her the book with a smile, and Alice tried what he did. She couldn't. Frei laughed and told her, "Alice, simply will the card to come out". Alice did what he instructed and got a card out. It was easy! However, easy as it was, it made her weak for some reason.

The two was walking deeper down the mines when Alice thought of something. She willed for several cards to come out. However, the cards did not respond. Anoyance filled Alice's senses. She placed a hand over the book and willed the several cards out. The next thing that happened was beyond Alice's imagination. For a moment, the book seemed to control Alice. Seven cards got into her hands and she felt herself threw them like a ninja throwing several pieces of shuriken. The cards flew into the direction where she threw it and the rock that the cards hit shattered.

But it made her weak. She wasn't able to stand for a few seconds.
"No key here! NO KEY HERE!" Alice cried out in frustaration. They had searched every nook of the place, according to the old man, where the key was. And Alice was getting more and more impatient.

"Patience is a virtue, Alice," Frei said for the umpteenth time; Alice had lost her count. Looking at the patient Frei only made Alice more furious and impatient.

She kicked the ground out of frustaration. Just then, her toe hit something which made poor Alice yelp in pain. She sat on the ground to examine her sore toe, and once she did, she saw something shiny on the ground. Alice was a curious girl, so she started digging out the shiny thing with the help of her Vorpal Blade.

The shiny thing was the key! It had wings and even tried to fly away. Alice tied its wings with her ribbon and stuffed it in her pocket.

"Frei! Frei! Alice found key! Alice found key!" she sang, forgetting about her toe. Frei could only smile.

Alice stood up, grabbed Frei's hand and started to run back towards the old man's house.

It was a quick journey since they no longer needed to watch where they were going. However, it wasn't as easy as it was going down. A dozen card guards were fast aproaching. And by the look of them, they did not seem friendly...

"Ooh, hallo there li'l girl," Said one of them to Alice, "Why, are ye lost?"

Alice whimpereed and hid behind Frei. The Card Guard looked at Frei and frowned. "What are ye lookin' at, ye skinny lad?"

"We would like to pass," Frei said politely, but with his odd smile. This smile annoyed the Card Guard. He pointed his bastion to Frei's throat and replied, "I don' think so , pretty boy, ".

Seeing that Frei was in trouble, Alice held out her book of cards and willed the cards to come out. It did. A small card hit the Card Guard directly on the forehead and that was the end of the Card Guard. Due to their sudden attack, the other guards charged the duo. Instantly, Frei muttered "Kara" and then "Rangu" and Alice felt courage surging through her blood as well as Frei's loving protection for her. She willed for a pack of cards and automatically, her hands threw them like shuriken being thrown by ninjas. It hit most of the guards, but none were killed by it. When she could no longer will for cards, she took her Vorpal blade and started attacking the card guards.

It wasn't a clean job. The first card guard was slashed on the face, then stabbed to his death. The second, third and fourth was blinded because of the shuriken cards, so Alice had to do them quick. She simply slit their throat and they were no more. The fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, and ninth were hard to beat. She threw her blade at the fifth and that killed him instantly. However, the Blade was nowhere to be seen. She had to go back to the cards. She held the book as if it was some sort of rectangular hose as it spit the sharp cards. She aimed towards the sixth. It took ten cards before it died. Just when she wanted to stop, she found her blade back on her hand. Thinking of nothing but the cards' death, she did some suicidal attacks. Because of her carelessness, she got herself injured, but thanks to Frei's magic, it didn't got very deep. The rest, she sliced blindly.

In the end, she was covered in more blood and smelled like blood. She looked at Frei with frustration, "Why Frei not help Alice?" She cried, feeling hurt. She liked Frei very much, but she expected him to at least give her a hand. And when she was left to deal with everything all alone, she felt lonely.

And her loneliness made her pity herself and made her cry.

Frei went closer to Alice and carried the sobbing girl. He muttered, "Jiva" and at that instant, Alice's injuries were all gone.

"I am incapable of helping you fight, Alice," Said Frei, as he walked briskly, rocking Alice softly like a child, "I have great powers, however, I can not use them to hurt people."

"Why?" Alice sobbed some more.

"Because, they can't. None of them can be used to hurt. I can only protect, give courage, cure, share wisdom and others." The rune of Wido shined from the tip of Frei's hand and slowly it traveled towards Alice's heart. She could not help but trust Frei. She knew Frei may look as if he did not do anything, but truth be told, Frei would always be behind her, giving her the power to fight.