Author's Notes: Okay, have you ever just wrote small, little sniplets and wondered what the hell to do with them? Well, with constant pushing from Star, I've decided to post some small drabbles that I have of Gravitation, up… but I didn't want to do them on them own, because they're only short. So, this is how "The Dabble Files" was born! There's going to be random, short little drabbles, all of them should be sweet and rated G and PG-13 at the most, and I ask you to enjoy them. It shall be updated according to how my Muses are feeling, and if school work is low… and a note, the drabbles aren't linked to each other at all.

Summary: A little corner in the archive, full of - or will be - sweet, cute and adorable drabbles that will just want to make you coo and adopt Shuichi as your next pet. Sit back, relax and enjoy tempting, short and easy to digest reads.

Disclaimer: Nadda. Not mine. Lucky people.

The Drabble Files
By dntfckwifme

Ashes to Ashes, and Dust to Dust…

The building had been evacuated. Thick, dark smoke curled into the air and the Fire Engine sirens sang out. People grouped together, chattering excitedly as they looked upon a tiny male whom was covered head to foot in black. A tip of his once bring pink hair, now coated black, was smoking slightly; wide amethyst eyes gazed into nothing. The people seemed to make a circle around the shocked boy whom just stood there, waiting for the fireman to come back outside. The smoke continued to curl into the air while it was being battled by icy jets of water. He was only trying to make something for Yuki and he'd ended up setting the kitchen on fire. Of course, he'd panicked and everything got out of hand; until the whole apartment was ablaze and being licked at by the flames. The dark figure of the fireman was evident as he walked out of the smoking building and as he reached Shuichi, he held out a black, burnt nearly disintegrated cake out to him. Shuichi looked up at Yuki, who seemed beyond furious. "Happy Birthday," he squeaked, a puff of smoke expelling from his mouth. The cake crumbled into ash.