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Author's Note: Okay, so this is a reposting. The hope behind it was to hopefully fix all the grammar mistakes and making it sound more to the way I want it. There a few changes, in the context, to better comply with what was learned in the new movie Underworld Evolution. Anyway, that is about it, enjoy.

PS: The quotes at the beginning of each chapter are from the commentary on the extended version of Underworld, by Len Wiseman (director), Kate Beckinsale (Selene), and Scott Speedman (Michael).

Funny Quote:

Talking about man who played Rigel

Speedman: He didn't speak any English?

Len: No, as did 80 of the crew, didn't

Speedman: Right

Len: and you barely spoke English

Speedman: I tried

Kate: Neither of you speak English


Chapter 1: Becoming a Death Dealer

Fangs and nails were poised to fight. Her eyes were now the vampiric, ice blue that over took all Vampires' eyes when under pressure. With a warning hiss, she lunged at her opponent. The other grabbed the vampire's arm and wrenched it behind her back. Using her body weight and strength, she flipped herself over, dragging her opponent with and under her. Hitting the floor, the other released her arm allowing her to flip over and attempt to pin her opponent. Just as she bore her teeth, the other over powered the vampire and pinned her. "Not bad Cat," the winner complemented. "But my suggestion, stay at a distance from the lycans. They're even stronger than I am." She got up and aided Felicite. Felicite could not even look the woman in the eye from disappointment in herself.

"Come on Selene, Nathaniel is already gone," a pale man at the door on the other side of the room yelled to the woman before Felicite. He wore a camera around his neck that would of course be used for surveillance of the lycans. Selene and Rigel were Death Dealers, the very thing Felicite was training to become.

"Coming," she yelled in response. She gave Felicite a slight smile, turned on her heels, and left the training room at a quick walk, ankle length black coat billowing behind her. With a sigh, Felicite picked up her own coat and headed to her room for a shower. She had been training with a punching bag and guns for a few hours before Selene found her. In turn, she was now sweaty and gross.

Finished with her refreshing shower, she dressed in black leather pants and a tight-ish black T-shirt. She returned down to the training area, but not to train. Instead, she went to the glass office in the corner of the area. "Hey Kahn," she said to the man behind the desk. He was turned around playing with some large and powerful guns.

"Selene, just leave?"

"Almost an hour ago, I showered."

"Well that would explain the faint dripping noise," he answered, finally turning in his chair to face her. He stared disapprovingly at the water dripping off her hair and onto the floor of his office. Just for him, she wrung out the last bits of dripping water and then proceeded to braid the wet strains.

"So where were Nathaniel, Rigel, and Selene off to tonight?" Felicite asked.

"I believe they are out just before the south entrance to the subway," he answered turning his eyes to the papers on his desk.

She came over from the doorway to just beside his desk. "Has Kraven said anything about letting me be a Death Dealer?" she asked in a hushed and timid voice.

"No, and you better keep that quiet or Selene will find out you went around her to Kraven to ask," Kahn answered with genuine warning.

"Well if she had her way, she would never ask him, keeping me from becoming a Death Dealer."

"That could be for good reason. She's not a fool."

"Maybe she doesn't know what is best for me," Felicite argued.

"Perhaps you just aren't ready," Kahn retaliated.

"She's just scared."

"Of what?"

"Don't act like you don't know. I over heard you talking with her about how she is afraid she wouldn't be able to 'protect' me. The problem is I don't need protecting."

"Well maybe you do," he said. Before Felicite could argue her point further, the main wooden doors to the training area flew open and through them came Selene. The look on her face and the absence of her companions worried Felicite.

"We have a serious problem," she said slamming a handgun down on Kahn's desk. Felicite moved from the desk and nestled back into the closest corner to be out of the way. Kahn picked up the chrome-plated weapon, looking at it with bewilderment. "Eject the Meg," she suggested. He did as she said. The clip held the strangest bullets Felicite had ever seen. Kahn removed a single glowing bullet from the clip and examined it.

"I'll have to run a few test, but it's definitely an irradiated fluid of some sort," Kahn stated.

"Ultraviolet ammunition." Selene leaned against the doorway.

"Day light harnessed as a weapon," Kahn agreed.

"You expect me to believe that a mangy animal came up with a bullet specifically engineered to kill Vampires?" a new male voice questioned. It was Kraven, the head of the coven. Selene straightened up as though preparing to fight.

"No, I'm betting its military, something they stole. Some sort of high-tech tracer round," Kahn hypothesized.

"Look, I don't care where they got these things. Rigel is dead and Nathaniel could still be out there. We should gather the Death Dealers and head down there," Selene protested.

"Absolutely not. Not now, not for a random incursion. The awakening is only a few days off, and this house is in a state of unrest as it is," Kraven argued.

"Random? They opened fire on us in full view of the public. And from the commotion I heard down in that tunnel-"

"You said yourself that you didn't actually see anything," he cut off mockingly.

"Look, I know what I heard, and I know what my gut tells me, and I am telling you that there could be dozens of Lycans down there. Who knows, maybe more, hundreds," she retaliated.

"We've hunted them to the brink of extinction." Selene leaned back against the doorway, crossing her arms in frustration.

"Kraven's right, Selene. There's not been a den of that magnitude for centuries, not since the days of Lucian," Kahn said wanting to believe her.

"I know that, Kahn. But I'd rather you prove me wrong by checking it out," she pleaded.

"Very well, have your men tighten things up. I'll have Soren assemble a search team," he ordered.

"No, I want to lead the team myself," she protested.

"Absolutely not! Soren will handle it," he finalized. "Hundreds really," he directed to Kahn.

"Victor would believe me," she snarled. Felicite slipped out behind her, following close on her heels. Once through the giant doors, Felicite came to be beside and in stride with Selene.

"I believe you," she said. Selene said nothing, but a smile tempted to tug at the corners of her mouth. They wound through many corridors and down a flight of stairs before finally ending in a cold, cement room where Selene often retreated. Felicite took a seat on a cement bench beneath a huge tinted window that dominated most of the wall. Selene looked into the window; silently asked the question the other knew. The wall opposite her opened into glass doors. Selene slowly turned and stepped up to the doors and starred out at the vast room beyond. Upon the floor, three decorative circular stones sat in a triangular format with tile work accenting the triangle formation. A new woman entered the cold room. Erika was often the one sent to make sure Selene did what she was told. She walked up beside Selene, looked out over the room, then back at Selene. "It's a waste of time you know."

"What is," Selene muttered, not really interested in the answer.

"Well, I seriously doubt Viktor would want you freezing to death in here starring at his tomb for hours on end," she explained.

"No, he would want the death dealers out there right now, scouring every inch of the city," she argued. "Kraven," she said disapprovingly, "I'll never understand why Viktor left him in charge. He's a bureaucrat, not a warrior." An uneasy silence hung for a few moments.

"Come on, we need to get you both ready," Erika announced.

"For what?"

"The party. Amelia's envoy will be here any minute," she elaborated. Erika waited a moment, then turned and left. With a sigh, Selene turned from the glass doors and followed Erika. A look at Felicite and she followed reluctantly as well.