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Funny Quote:

They are discussing the werewolf transformations. Speedman is gone

Len: I was really happy with how they turned out in the end, because I wanted it to be shaky, and look painful, I didn't want it to be smooth. And I was actually telling the guys to try and make the transformations look as much like an animatronic effect as possible. And actually, if it looked like there were guys in there with like bladders and um…

Kate: Bladders?

Len: Bladders…

Kate: What's a bladder? What are you talking about?

Len: oh come on, you know what a bladder is. Every woman knows what a bladder is. No, it's a um, ah, basically it's a…

Kate: all this talk of bladders and now you have to explain it

Len: it's a balloon that, in the old days of transformations, you actually blow into them and it would make the cheeks puff up.

Kate: you need to stop saying bladders…

Len: do you have to take a break because I said bladders, you have to relieve yourself


Chapter 12: The Attack

"Michael!" she exclaimed. He looked up from the floor still strapped to the metal table.

"Licy," he said still a little drugged.

"Yeah Michael, its me," she answered walking up, prepared to release him. That was when she heard a low, soft growl just off to her left. She stopped trying to undo the straps binding her cousin in his temporary prison and walked off to investigate the noise.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"Shh," she insisted and continued walking in the direction of the sound. She got just out side of sight from Michael, when she heard another, louder growl in Michael's direction. She turned around in time to hear a shot fired, followed shortly by a rally of three mores shots. As she walked back, she heard two final shots fired. Worry hit her, who had been firing? But the familiar voices of Selene and Michael came to her ears. With a sigh of relief, she slowed to a walk, but stopped in her tracks when she heard the same low growl from earlier. It again intrigued her, making her turn and investigate.

She inched towards a low-lighted room, just off the main tunnel she was in. The creature growled once more but then turned dead silent. Felicite hugged her pistols, ready to shoot. As she faced the door, nothing came. She cocked a brow and began inside. That was when she was hit in the back of the head almost knocking her out. She was barely conscious as she rolled over and faced the seven-foot tall, fully changed lycan that loomed over her. She shot it before it had time to react. But he was not alone. More swarmed her. Still lying on the ground, she frantically shot at the ambush, backing away on her elbows. After what felt like forever, her pistols ran out of ammunition, but the lycans, did not run out of warriors, the final, unscathed brute, viciously grabbed her leg, ripping it up. With a scream of pain, Felicite tried frantically to escape, but the beast was too strong. He bent over her ready to bite into her tender flesh, when a barrage of bullets imbedded themselves in the lycans back. He shuttered and fell onto of the wounded vampiress. Yet, he did allow her to witness her rescuers, Michael and Selene.

They came over and rolled the beast off her, helping her up. "I told you he would be fine," Selene whispered in her ear as she helped her friend up.

"Thank-you," she said, feeling both grateful and embarrassed by being saved.

"Come, we have to get out of here, before someone sees us," Selene stated. She looked over Felicite for the first time and noticed the wound on Felicite's leg. "Are you going to be okay?"

"I'll be fine, it's only a clawing," she answered, wincing as a swell of pain ran through the wounded leg.

"Oh my God, Felicite, that's nasty," Michael responded after getting his first look at his cousin's bleeding wound. He massaged his own once bloody shoulder, in memory of the painful bite that had once resided there.

"Like I said, I'll be fine. Now let's go or we will get caught," Felicite mandated, with a look of "drop it". Selene nodded and led the way she believed to be out.

They wandered unknowing of what they would find. But when Michael stepped forward to open yet another door, they met the one person expected to see. There in the doorway stood Kraven. He turned, eyes blue and fangs slightly exposed. But that was not the only thing that was different about him. He whipped out a gun and shot Michael three times. It didn't take long to realize what gun it was, Kahn's prototype for the silver nitrate bullets. Michael gasped for air and fell backwards, as the poison crept through his veins, turning then black.

Felicite fell back, hoping not to be seen. Tears fell down her face at the thought of loosing the family she only just found. Pain shot through her ripped open leg, after tripping over unseen debris and hitting the ground. She grabbed her bleeding leg as she backed up against the wall unable to get up with the newly opened wound. Yet she heard ever word that was said on the other side of the wall.

"That's enough, your coming with me," Kraven spat. She heard Selene slap Kraven's hand away.

"I only hope I live long enough to see Viktor choke the life from you," Selene growled.

"I bet you do," he said almost inaudibly. "But let me tell you something about your beloved dark father. He's the one who killed your family, not the lycans. …Never could follow his own rules. He said he would never abide the taste of livestock, so every so often he would go out and gorge himself on human blood. … I kept the secrets, cleaned up the mess, but it was he who crept room to room, dispatching everyone close to your heart. But when he got to you he just couldn't bare the thought of draining you dry. You who reminded him so much of his precious Sonja, the daughter he condemned to death." Felicite gasped at hearing him say it. She had wanted to tell her, so that she would not disbelieve it. It would give her a moment to digest, before needing to act on tasks at hand. She wanted to kill Kraven for telling her now, and kick herself for not telling Selene sooner.

"Lies," she hissed.

"Believe what you want. Now come on, your place is by my side," he waited for a moment but Felicite heard no movement. "So be it," he said, frustrated. She heard him cock his gun, which spurred Felicite to move, ignore the blinding pain, and help her friends, her family. She pulled herself just around the corner, allowing her to see what was happening but not really able to be seen herself. She witnessed a poisoned lycan crawl up to Kraven's feet, the same one who had turned Michael, and attacked the car they had been in that first night. Lucian looked so pathetic and helpless but surprising all of them when he stabbed Kraven's leg with a spring-loaded sword up his sleeve. Kraven grimaced at the sudden pain but retaliated by slapping the lycan across the room. He staggered over to the wall for stability.

"Bite him," Lucian said. Selene looked down at Michael as if realizing she could end this. She leaned down and bit him.

"No," Felicite whimpered. She almost cried, she was killing him.

Kraven pulled the sword out of his leg, and threw it down, looking up to see what Selene was doing. "What the hell are you doing?" he exclaimed.

"You may have killed me, cousin, but my will is done regardless," Lucian gloated. Kraven shot him four times. But a fearful look came over his face and he fled. Felicite looked over at the opposite wall to see a shadow army approaching which soon turned into Viktor and a small task force. Viktor grabbed a hold of Selene, who was still latched onto Michael's neck, and threw her across the space. He picked up her ill looking cousin and threw him through the wall. He fell, and Felicite could hear splashes, meaning that Michael might have survived the fall, if he survived going through a wall.

Viktor turned to Selene and demanded, "Where is he, where's Kraven?" Selene backed away, a panicked and fearful look in her eyes, something her dark daughter had never seen before. Viktor knelt down at her fearful look to comfort her. "Forgive me my child," he consoled.

"It wasn't the lycans, it was you," she accused sheepishly.

Viktor stood and commanded, "leave us." Felicite hid as best she could as Viktor's task force left the area as commanded.

"How could you bare my trust, knowing you had killed my family?" she asked, becoming bolder but still truly scared and hurt.

"Yes, I have taken from you, but I have given so much more. Is it not a fair trade, the life I have granted you, the gift of immortality?"

"And the life of your daughter, your own flesh and blood?" she inquired almost in tears.

He walked over to Lucian's body and pulled the pendant from around his neck. "I love my daughter," he said firmly, turning back to face his dark daughter. "But the abomination growing in her womb was a betrayal of me and of the coven. I did what was necessary to protect the species, as I am forced to do, yet again." He turned from her, ready to destroy Michael.

"No," Selene protested weakly.

Viktor walked over and looked down to find nothing below. He spun around and unexpectedly found Michael behind him. He was shirtless, with blue skin and pure, jet black eyes. Michael merely growled and proceeded to push Viktor through the same hole he had created with Michael's body.

Felicite tried to get up but fell back down when her leg gave out from underneath her. She instead managed to crawl over to towards the hole that Michael and Viktor had just descended through.

She looked over the edge to see Michael and Viktor going at it. Slashing at each other with unnaturally long nails, pinning each other against walls, and then throwing each other around like rag dolls. After a good ten minutes of them tearing at each other, three death dealers descended the stairs just to the left of the hole and began shooting at Michael with unrelenting fire. Michael got quickly to his feet and ran at the intruders, taking a new bullet with each step. Felicite turned around and saw Selene pop her dislocated shoulder back into its socket and get up. She quickly descended into the pit, taking out each of the assaulting death dealers. She took off towards Michael but was hit down by Viktor, flipping her out of the water and onto the dry side, behind a group of rocks. Michael, having witnessed the events ran at Viktor to protect her. Viktor in turned took off at him and in the brief fight, Viktor came out on top. He had Michael in a strangling headlock. "Time to die," he hissed as Michael struggled to breath.

Selene soon came to his rescue with Viktor's own sword, that he had dropped earlier. She jumped over the fighting pair, swiping at them. Viktor dropped the hybrid, now determined to take care of his Selene problem. He pulled out two small daggers from under his coat. But before getting a chance to charge, a strange look came over his face, as Selene raised the sword to show its tip was cover in blood. Viktor cocked his head as a line of blood showed. It split in two, and his body fell to the ground and under the water.

Felicite put her back to the wall, unsure if she had truly seen what she thought she had. But when she looked again, Viktor was gone and Selene dropped the bloody sword into the water as she began towards Michael. Felicite was unsure what to think and in turned could not look again at the scene in the arena below. In turn, she crawled towards a dark hole in the wall a few rooms over, since she was still unable to use her wounded leg. Getting into the hole, she inspected her leg, finding her earlier fall had actually began to splinter the bone and the muscles were partly disconnected. Her time sitting had allowed her body to realize its wounds and prevent the use of the leg. She crawled a little farther in and began to cry, unsure what would happen next in her life.