Case Closed

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Jimmy's Truth Finally Prevails

Rachel is talking to Jimmy (Conan & bowtie) on the phone.

Rachel all teary eyed, "Jimmy I miss you, when will you come home for good?"

"Rach, you know I'm swamped with cases!" Jimmy explained for the hundredth time. "How about the next time I see you we can go out to the park and have an ice cream, then we can talk. How dose that sound?"

"That sounds all too nice, let me guess what the catch is . . . . . I have to buy the ice cream!?" Rachel said sarcastically, but still sad.

"I have to get back to the cases Rach, I'll call gain real soon, k!?" Jimmy said once again!

"K, bye Jimmy" some thing Rachel didn't want to say. 'I love you' She thought, hoping the wordless prayer would some how let him know he was wanted back home.

"Bye Rach!" He wanted to say 'I love you and I am coming home'. The coming home part is a lie. Not that he hasn't been doing a lot of that to her lately. The "I love you" part wouldn't come out, even though she had told "Conan" that she loves Jimmy many times.

They hung up! Rachel sighed as Conan walked into the room.

"Jimmy?" Conan questioned, asking who she was just talking to on the phone.

With love in her eyes Rachel nodded and sighed again.

"I'm bored, lets go to the park Rachel, PLEASE?" Conan chimed.

Rachel answered, "sure, I'll just leave a note for Dad so he knows where we went when he wakes up."

"I'll go put my shoes on," Conan said while running in joy. 'I told you Rach, that we would go out to the park next time I see you,' Conan thought. 'Now I just have to beg you to bye me some ice cream afterwards.' "He he" he chuckled to himself while waiting for Rachel at the door with his shoes already on and tied.

Rachel walked up to Conan and asked, "Hay, why don't we bring a soccer ball to kick around, that'll be fun, huh?"

"That would be great," Conan said with a small leap for joy. 'I've got my girl, playing my game, now all I need is my body and time would be the perfect date.' Jimmy thought.

"Time to go," Rachel announced.

It was about three in the afternoon on a perfect Sunday. Rachel had her head tilted back, enjoying the sun's warm radiance on her beautiful face. 'Oh Rachel how I would love to caress your perfect face right now. To hold you in my arms. (Conan blushing) To never ever lie to you or hurt you again the way I do. But that is an impossibility. I'm lying and hurting you to save you and myself as well.' Conan daydreaming, had not noticed they had entered the park and tripped over a twig. Conan fell into Rachel and she caught him.

"Conan you should be more careful," Rachel warned

"Sorry" Conan said 'stupid short stubby legs. I wish I was tall again' Jimmy thought.

"Here we are," Rachel said, stating the obvious for Conan's benefit. Then she kicked the ball over to Conan. Conan immediately went running with the ball juggling between his feet, back and forth. Rachel came up next to him running after him, trying to get the ball away from Conan. Rachel got in front of him and Conan swerved and dodged around her with lighting fast speed and reflexes. Before she realized what happened he made a goal.

"Goal, we can have the goal be between the park bench and the light pole over there and on the other side of the park is your goal." Conan said with a smile.

She started after him again trying to get the ball, but no matter how hard she tried she could not even touch the ball. Conan was much to fast and quick for her, plus he uses maneuvers like I've never seen before except from Jimmy. Jimmy must have taught Conan some stuff awhile back.

A Half Hour Later

"Conan lets take a break," Rachel said breathlessly.

"Ok, so what was the score again?" Conan said in a matter-of-factly way.

"Conan you know what the score was you little show-off." Rachel said with a little bit of annoyance in her voice. Rachel couldn't believe how good Conan was, even for a little kid. 'Some of the moves must have been taught by Jimmy. I have seen Jimmy use those tricky maneuvers many times.' Rachel thought.

"Eighteen to ZERO, loser buys ice cream!" Conan announced.

"Alright I'll buy ice cream, there's a shop over there" Rachel said, pointing across the street.

They walked hand-in-hand across the street and entered Bridgeman's ice cream shop. Conan ordered chocolate and Rachel got a strawberry ice cream cone. Rachel paid for the ice cream as Conan headed for a window booth. Conan noticed a person sitting at a near by booth, dressed in all black with a slim hat and tie on. Upon further observation he noticed that the person was a she and had her red hair tucked under her jacket.

"Conan, it's not polite to stair," Rachel when she sat down at the table with Conan.

Conan wasn't really paying attention to her thought, his thoughts still remained on the women in black. 'there is something eerie about her, what is it?' Jimmy thought to himself.

"So, how's school going? Rachel asked.

". . . . . ."

"Conan?!" Rachel said trying to get his attention.

"Oh, it's boring" Conan finally answered.

"Why is that?"

"I dunno" Conan lied. 'Because I am an eleventh grader in the second grade. DUH'. Jimmy complained to himself.

Rachel glanced at her watch, "We have to get going Conan, I have to get dinner started for Dad. We'll have to take our ice cream to go."

"Ok" Conan said, once again not paying much mind to her but to the women in black. The women was on a cell phone and kept looking back and Conan and Rachel. 'I hope she's not part of that men in black thing. And I hope she don't realize who I really am.' Jimmy worried.

Rachel and Conan got up to leave. At the same time the women in black did the same and followed them out of the shop. 'I don't know what I am going to do if she follows us. Why is she just standing there?' Jimmy thought. The women was just standing outside the shop they were just in. 'Good she don't feel like following us . . . .

Unless she is putting some distance between us and watch us from afar.'

"Conan why are you walking so fast?" Rachel wanted to know as they rounded a corner.

"Oh, I'm hungry and want to eat dinner soon!" Conan lied (again)

'How can someone with such small legs walk so fast!' Rachel wondered to herself as they turned the corner onto an empty street.

"What was that, is someone there?" Rachel called out to no one in particular.

"What did you see Rach?" Conan asked hoping she didn't see who he knew must be following them.

"I thought I saw . . . never mind," but the black figure was still in her mind.

"Jimmy," a voice whispered. Only Conan heard it.

"Conan, why did you stop?" Rachel wondered. But Conan just stood there with a shocked look on his face, waiting fro the voice to speak again. Hoping it wouldn't.

Out of nowhere a gunshot rang out and Rachel fell to the ground holding her arm. Conan ran over to her to make sure she was ok. Then the women in black stepped out of the alley.

"So what is your alcoholic name?" Conan asked in a snotty manner.

"Bloody Mary, and I am already familiar with you, Jimmy, Jimmy Kudo! We have been looking for you." Bloody Mary said. With that she took the gun and knocked Conan over the head with it and he fell unconscious.

While going unconscious he saw the look of terror and shock on Rachel's face and said, "I'm sorry Rach!" and blacked out.

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