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When Rachel finally awoke it was dark and the lights were off. Even though the lights were off she could see just about everything. The moon just out the window was very bright and making the whole room glow.

She sad up and noticed her father was sleeping, his head resting on her bed and the rest of him in a chair. Her hand felt warm, looking down she noticed he was holing her hand.

Her mind went into a panic, 'what happened?' she thought. She looked around the room as if the answer would just pop up in front of her.

She saw Conan asleep in the bed under the window. Rachel could slightly remember kissing him. But it felt a dream than a memory. She sat up trying to recall what had happened. But everything seemed like she may have dreamed it all. 'There is no real way to make people younger. Conan is NOT Jimmy! . . . . . . Then why when I look over at his angelic face, (glowing in the moon light), I get a fluttery feeling in my stomach and all over? I can't feel this way about Conan, I just can't.' Rachel decided while clutching her stomach wanting the wonderful feeling to end. 'It must be because you just had a dream where u were kissing Jimmy, Yah that's it'. She explained to herself, but she was still not convinced.

Rachel laid back down as her father woke up.

"Rachel your awake." He stated. She winced at the smell of alcohol on his breath.

'Chances are he passed out on my bed, I was hoping he could be sober while his daughters life was in danger.' Rachel thought and got over her anger, knowing not to expect too much from him.

"Hay dad, what happened?" 'He's a detective he should know.' Rachel thought.

"Someone found . . . all of you unconscious and . . . .called the police." Richard explained rather slowly.

"What do you mean all of us?" Rachel wanted to know.

"You, Conan over there, and what's his name . . . umm . . . Harvey was it?"

"You mean Harley?"

"Yah, Harley that's the name. We also found traces and evidence that there may have been someone else there at one point, but we're not 100 percent positive on that." He explained further, "The conclusion was made that you guys hade been kid napped for a ransom or at least mugged, cause your ID and money is missing Harley's too"

"Why was Harley there?" Rachel asked.

"He was assigned your missing case and came here to find you and the brat but he was caught himself. After the hospital confirmed his condition was stable they sent him to the hospital in his hometown." Richard said lying his head back down on her bed. His hangover was still in effect and could no longer hold up his throbbing head up.

"But why would they kidnap us? It just doesn't add up!" She wanted to know.

He had passed out again. She watched her father sleep as she thought of a more reasonable explanation than a kidnap/mugging. "What do you make of the situation Conan?" She had seen him moving before her father awoke. She knew he was awake and had heard everything.

"I don't know," he said rather sadly. "I don't remember anything at all." Conan kinda lied. 'I'm not going to mention our little make-out session unless she does first. Perhaps she was hallucinating that I was Jimmy, even though I am Jimmy,' he thought.

He was twisting and looping his fingers around the cord monitoring his heart. One of the nurses had come into their room earlier, when Conan was asleep in Rachel's hospital bed, and laid him in his own bed and reapplied all the tubes and cords he ripped off an hour before. Conan blushed at the memories of Rachel's sweet kisses. Vanilla is his new favorite flavor.


Life went on as normal as normal can be in their household. Richard got many cases from the publicity of Rachel and Conan's kidnapping. Of course Conan/Jimmy had solved each and every one of those cases. Except once when Rachel came across a clue no one but her could have known about. She believed those past events were a dream from being unconscious. So she went on wanting and longing for Jimmy, but was finding different emotions stirring in her whenever Conan was around.

Another week went by and every thing was perfectly back to normal, except Rachel's feelings for Conan. No more thoughts of the past and what could not be remembered. Rachel also forgot all about the dream. She had come to the conclusion that she wanted Jimmy back so badly her mind dreamed that Jimmy was Conan because they look so much alike and Conan is there for her, like she wishes Jimmy to be.

The only thought never forgotten was Conan's memory of THE KISS, silk, and vanilla.


(1:13 AM)

Conan awoke from a dream, 'no not a dream a nightmare,' Jimmy thought. A nightmare where Rachel had been shot and they were captured by the Black Organization, and two people/kids died and he was sad. He felt like he had known them, and cared for them. But it had just been a dream. But the flip side the nightmare had its perks, he and Rachel had kissed, made-out and fell asleep in each other arms. He had a sudden chill remembering the Black Organization had been in his dreams. He was now afraid.

Conan got out of bed and walked down the hall to Rachel's door and knocked softly. No answer, so he opened the door and tiptoed in. He made his way to her bed, he used the light of the moon to find his way. He looked at her and her flawless beauty. Then he pulled away the covers and climbed into her bed and slipped in next to her.

Rachel's eyes slowly opened, as Conan slipped his body into her warm embrace. "Hay Conan," she greeted, "can't sleep?"

He could tell she too had had a hard time sleeping. Rachel had dark bags under her eyes, but her eyes were also red and puffy.

'I hope threw the dark he can't see that I've been crying!' Rachel thought knowing has a good eye for detail like Jimmy.

"I had a nightmare," Conan said innocently. 'This time I didn't lie to you, Rach,' Jimmy was happy with himself for once.

"Want to talk about it?" Rachel was now wide-awake.

Conan shook his head, "I'm too tired." He fell asleep right away. He felt safe with Rachel's arms around him.

'I wonder what his nightmare was about.' She was laying down, cuddling Conan against her chest. She loved having him so close to her. Rachel blushed unaware of her true feelings for Conan. She kissed his cheek and fell into a light sleep, dreaming of Conan.


For all those people out there who don't understand what has happened let me tell you . . . no one remembers a thing except Ai/Sherry who ran away and Rachel who thinks everything that happened was a strange dream. Life has gone back to normal and all was forgotten. Except for their love but that's a different story . . .



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