The Silent Fool

Summary: Garet, left alone in a precious few seconds of solitude, reflects on his treatment and place in the combined group of Felix and Isaac... One-sided G/J

AN: This is not for those who dislike Garet! Turn back now! Some slight OOC ness, but within boundaries. See the very end for explanation.

Chapter One: Penny For Your Insults?

It seems as if everyone has their place here: Mia and Picard are kind adepts and peacemakers, Sheba and I are the smart ones, Isaac and Felix are the warring leaders, Jenna is the super hot-tempered love interest of Isaac and Garet... is the clown and ditz. Where does he fit in with all of this? Sure, he's strong, but so is Picard and he isn't a clown. Exactly what is Garet's purpose?

A thought from Ivan

I just don't understand why Garet belongs here. I don't really feel as if he belongs in a group destined to save the world. I know it's harsh, but what could he do when we've got Jenna and Picard? Why is he still here?

A troubled thought from Mia

In a way, I feel bad for Garet. It's like everyone else tolerates him except Isaac and Jenna. Isaac is his best friend and Jenna... Huh. I don't know what Garet feels toward Jenna. According to Isaac, they used to be close, but drifted soon after he found her. Odd.

Curious Thought from Sheba

I looked forward to meeting the Great Garet of Vale. Many stories tell of his powerful fire-magic and valor in battle. However, as we joined forces with the others, Garet seemed to be the laughingstock, no matter how many times he disproved it. I should try harder to be his friend, like Isaac.

Pondering by Picard

Garet's my best friend. He's the greatest buddy you could ever have, be it in battle or when you're down. I wouldn't give up Garet for the world.

A piece of Isaac's thoughts

Garet's such a stubborn guy! No matter how many times I yell at him, he just getting back up and doing them again! Fool men and their hard heads! Well, except for Isaac. He has a hard head, but he is wise. Why can't Garet be more like his best friend? Still, I do worry about him. I guess I am a little harsh on him...

A mental thought from Jenna

I do have a certain degree of respect for Garet. He was a nice and loyal guy, no matter how rough things got. He even puts up with Jenna'' constant taunting with a grin on his face. I'm disappointed that he never told Jenna what he really felt, but... There's only so much even the nicest guy can take before he snaps.

Mindset of Felix

There you go! Chapter one! Yes, I do realize that I've made the characters extremely mean, but it will all have a purpose later on. You'll get to see them feel sorry for their snide remarks when something... happens. Also, we'll have some thoughts from Garet when he gets a moment alone! R and R! (In desperate need of a better title!)