Smoke. It seemed strange, out of place that these metal corridors could burn. That smoke could fill the air. Roiling around her like a nightmare. It had always been one thing that took her out of the moment, when spaceships and stations burned, but now Jami knew. Fire was possible in space.

Trying to stay low, Jami rushed along, carrying her dog, Audrey. The little cocker spaniel had panicked so much that she had actually tried to tug Jami out of an airlock. Only a tight hold on Audrey's leash had kept the little pooch from committing suicide.

Red lights flashed above her. Starfleet personnel ushered along other civilians towards the escape pods and shuttles.

This was just a small Starfleet vessel of a type otherwise long since retired. It was meant simply to transport passengers and to train cadets. They had been on their way from a small station towards the pleasure planet known as Risa, with a brief stop over on Vulcan, when a distress call came to them, bringing them too close to the Romulan neutral zone. It had been a trap.

Ever since the Remens had tried to over throw the Romulan government, there had been a civil war of sorts going on. Only instead of two sides, there were uncountable groups. All fighting for control. It actually seemed two different groups were carrying out the war right here in the halls of the ship, for every little bit they'd come across one Romulan fighting another.

Of course, Jami was, now, alone, having gotten turned around in the smoke. She hadn't seen any Starfleet officers, any other civilians in a good five minutes.

She did, however, now see a Romulan, fitted with a device to filter out the smoke, appear. He was aiming a disruptor at her. Audrey snarled, struggling to get free. Jami felt at her hip, where she had placed a disruptor she had found.

As she drew her own, Audrey launched herself out of Jami's arms. Her mouth opening as she sensed the threat to her mistress. In a flash of light - Audrey was gone. The Romulan had killed her.

With a snarl of her own that would frighten even a Klingon, Jami launched herself at the Romulan. Forgetting her disruptor as she instead pulled out a knife that she drove upwards through the Romulan's chin, and eventually into his brain. Ripping it out and leaving a gaping wound gushing green blood.

Then, with a numb sort of calm, Jami sat down on the floor of the ship. One hand stained with green blood, the other holding the burnt end of the leash.

Several years ago, Jami had been taken from her own universe, a universe where Romulans and Starfleet were all fictional. Audrey had been her sole family since then. Though Captain Picard and others from the Enterprise often sent her letters, talked to her, even occasionally picked her up as she was on the way to another gig if they were "in the neighborhood" Audrey had been her only real friend. She held everyone else at arm's length. Fearful of getting to close. Bitter that the people who she once looked up to, even though they were fictional to her until the Borg had come, hadn't been able to rescue her before Lore...

Now Audrey was gone and there wasn't even her remains to hold onto. So at that moment, Jami decided to just stay here. Let the smoke overcome her. She couldn't bring herself to use the disruptor on herself. To cut her own wrists. She decided on suicide by passivity.

She was so absorbed in her moment of self destruction, she never noticed the hand that reached out and administered the Vulcan nerve pinch.

Risa was beautiful. It offered more pleasures then just that of it's natives. There was fishing,
horseback riding, hiking, mountain climbing. There were nightclubs, spas, fine dining.

The fish were trained to bite on various lures. The horses raised on a planet with a heavier gravity so here on Risa they could run faster, jump farther, last longer. The hiking trails were comfortable. The mountains had hand holds pre-cut for the climbers and special robotic safety nets followed incase you fell. Women - or men - whatever you preferred - were readily available in any club, spa, or restaurant.

Risa was so - so - boring.

James Tiberius Kirk, known on this planet as Leonard Scott, sighed heavily as he pulled in yet another specially trained fish. All the fish he had caught that day were trophy sized. All of them he gently released.

"This is the third time today I caught you," he told the enormous fish. "Go home to your wife and kids. Or husband." With that he let the giant trout go and began to pack up his gear.

What seemed like a lifetime ago, he had been pulled from a space phenomenon called the Nexus by one Captain Jean-Luc Picard to help him defeat a madman named Soran. Only he never got to do it, even though history said he did - and died in the attempt.

In reality, as both Soran and Picard were distracted, a blue fog appeared. Out from it stepped another Kirk. When he spoke, however, it was in the voice of one Gary Seven. Sounding incredibly aged. Sickly even.

"Sorry, Captain Kirk," Seven said, "but the Aegis have a different plan for you."

The blue fog surrounded Kirk and when it cleared he was standing in front of Roberta Lincoln,
Seven's secretary/side-kick. Still beautiful even though she must be seventy earth years old. She informed him that Gary, on his own deathbed, had been dispatched on one last mission by his alien bosses - to die in Kirk's place so Kirk would be around to perform a mission for them. In the meantime, he was to wait here on Risa. Then she went back to earth, to her own time period,
through the same blue fog that had brought him here.

It was Kirk's instinct to just go back to Starfleet, tell them his death was all a mistake. However,
curiosity as to what the Aegis wanted of him got the better of his instinct. So he waited, and waited. Growing more and more bored.

When he returned to his home, Kirk looked yet again at the little computer Roberta had left him.
Though it just looked like a 20th century earth paperweight, it actually contained technology that was greater then the most brilliant minds in Starfleet could come up with. Currently, it was blank.

Kirk went about his business, getting together a lunch. Letting out several more sighs of boredom. He had just raised the first bite to his lips when the computer beeped.

On it was a star map and two words.

"Save Spock."

When Jami woke up at first she recoiled and bit back a scream for she thought she saw Lore's eyes, one golden, one blue, both filled with cruelty and lust, staring at her. Then when she blinked she realized the eyes were brown and belonged in a man with green skin. When he pulled away a bit she could see Romulans behind him.

So this was how they were supporting their war efforts, by selling slaves to the Orions.

The others, all women, were already tagged with devices Jami knew would send pain to them if they disobeyed or tried to escape. Three were Starfleet cadets, two were civilians, all five wore looks of defiance on their faces. Especially the Klingon female. Jami, however, felt no defiance,
she just cringed as she was roughly picked up and examined.

In the years since becoming a part of the Trek-verse - as she called it - Jami had lost over one hundred pounds. Still, she was a bit over weight, but it was more pleasing curves then gross fat like she had been before.

And yet, despite this, the Orion dropped her and replied, "Right attitude, too fat."

Something in Jami snapped and she brought both her bound feet straight up as she rolled backwards into the Orion's crotch, causing him to double over in pain. One Romulan responded by kicking her in the side while another pulled his disruptor.

"I'll buy her."

Though she had never heard the real owner of the voice speak before, she still recognized it.
There wasn't a whole lot of difference. A slightly lower timbre, a hint of disgust the actor who played him wouldn't have allowed to creep in. Then again, judging from his clothing he was trying to pass himself off as a very wealthy Romulan, so he had to pretend at the very least he allowed his emotions to show.

It was Spock. No doubt about it. A bit smoother in face then Leonard Nimoy. The ears a bit more pointed then makeup allowed. All the same, Jami knew this was the object of her first crush at the tender age of three years old. And he was currently handing over a great deal of gold pressed latinum to buy her. A collar was placed about her neck, adjusting itself so it was snug, but not choakingly tight. Spock took a device that attached to it like a leash. He then proceeded to tug her along.

Jami resisted. If only because it must be expected of her, but eventually she gave in and allowed him to lead her away.

This was a colder Spock. Be it because of his time amongst the Romulans, or that this was the way he was always meant to be, and Nimoy had just played him warmer, this Spock was cold enough to freeze water with a glance.

Then, suddenly, they were in private and he was warmer. Removing the collar and checking her throat for bruises. Pulling out medical equipment. "Dr. McCoy would have what you humans call a fit if he could see you. Smoke inhalation damage, bruises to your ribs, throat, you also seem to have picked up a virus from the Romulan you killed." He took forth several hyposprays and administered them. "These should help but what you really need is to be treated in a Starfleet facility."

"I can't believe this." Jami said, shocked, almost snarling. "What are you doing here? And why are you letting them sell Federation citizens?"

"I am here," Spock said in a calm, logical way, "because I was unable to get off of Romulas in time and was forced to take this guise. As for the others, five minutes after we leave, my remaining students will come out of their hiding places aboard the Orion ship, taking it over, and returning the others to Federation space."

"Alright, so why are we still here?" Trying to calm herself down, Jami found herself suddenly engaged into a massive coughing fit. Spock supported her above a waste can as she hacked out soot and other things. Another hypospray was administered and Jami could actually feel her lungs healing inside.

"Because there was no room on the ship for you - you would've been disposed of - and because my absence aboard this ship would be noticed instantly." With an almost tender touch, he smoothed Jami's blond hair away from her sweaty, soot covered face. "Like it or not, we are in this danger together."

Jami sighed. It seemed that like it or not, having interacted with the crew of the Enterprise, she was sucked into these adventures. Though she was sure Spock was lying to her about there not being room on the Orion ship. If that was true, why had the Orion examined her?

When Spock went to touch her again, it caught her so off guard that she swatted his hand away and flinched. A look of terror on her face.

"I'm - I'm sorry, I - don't like men touching me." Shame colored her face.

She couldn't say what really happened. Other then Tasha Yar she had never heard anyone in the Trek-verse use that word. It was hinted at. Danced around. Uhura screaming in her cell. A woman attacked by Apollo - at this moment Jami couldn't remember her name - being brought back by Scotty with her clothing torn and her hair in disarray. Troi's mind ravaged more then once. But that word - never used except by one person.

For a moment Spock's eyes showed - softness, compassion. "There is a shower." He said, the unemotional veil falling back of his eyes. "I will have clean clothing replicated for you."

Jami nodded and headed away. Spock knew. She didn't have to say the words. He knew.

The small computer sat on the control panel in front of him. Though Kirk didn't want to, he needed to sleep. So for now the computer would be the pilot. Before going to lay down,
however, he crouched, looking at it as if he was staring into the eyes of a prisoner he was interrogating.

"Save Spock, you said. But save Spock from what? From whom? The Romulans? The Remens?
The Borg? Klingons? Dominion? I need more information."

The computer said nothing. Then, as Kirk stood and turned around, it beeped. He spun, nearly falling over himself as he faced the computer.

"Save Spock." It still said, still showing the star chart. However two more words had been added after the first. "Save Jami."

"Who the hell is Jami?"

Spock put aside the coded communication he had received. "My students have done well and freed the other slaves." He looked at Jami as she placed a tray in front of him. Play acting as he slave even in private just incase someone wandered in.

Here Spock was known as K'rell. A wealthy Romulan hiding from the civil war, waiting for it to calm down so he could step in and take over. He had a great deal of money that his students had managed to gather together for his disguise. Taken mostly from the very same Orion slavers that they would later attack to free the slaves sold to them by the Romulans.

Jami was dressed modestly for a slave. Clothing that was more hinting as to what laid beneath then exposing it all. She moved about in it as comfortably as if she was wearing clothing made of razor wire. Every flash of flesh, even an ankle, caused her to blush furiously.

"I am sorry about the clothing," Spock said. "It was a necessary evil for our charade."

Grunting was all the reply Jami would give him. Trying to hide herself.

"Do you wish to talk about it?" It wasn't the first time Spock had asked. He knew parts of the story, about her coming from a different universe. He didn't know it all.

"I really don't." Jami said. "But you've already guessed it."

"Who was it then?" He made a motion for her to sit. "Who raped you?"

There it was. That word. The one she couldn't speak. Her head dropped and her body shook. For the past few years she had always referred to it as "being hurt." It was more then hurt though. It was shame. Degradation. Violation. The only time she escaped it was when she sang. For those moments she was pure again. Herself. Whole.

"Did you know Data had an - older brother? Two, really. B-4 who came, as you might've guest,
before Data and his other brother. And Lore..." She gagged on the name. "L-Lore, he's - he's evil, vindictive... He's the one - who hurt me."

"Jami," his tone was soft, yet there was a lecturing edge to it. For someone who was suppose to suppress all emotions, he showed a great deal just in the tone of his voice, the emphasis on his words. "If you do not admit it to yourself, you will never heal."

She didn't want to say it. Couldn't. Yet when she tried to look away Spock took her chin firmly in his hand and forced her grey eyed gaze to meet his brown eyed stare.

"Lore - raped me." She whimpered in a very soft whisper. Then louder, "Lore raped me. LORE RAPED ME!" The last was screamed. She threw her chair back, pulling away from Spock's gentle grasp. Her chest heaved and her hands clenched in fists. "He wanted me to give up my entire being, my sense of self, and he thought - he thought if he humiliated me enough, showed me that I had no power, that he could drive me straight into the arms of the Borg. Embrace assimilation. So he pinned me down, ripped at my clothing, and forced himself on me. Laughing the entire time. Telling me how ugly I was. How worthless. How if I wasn't the key to allowing the Borg to assimilate my universe's earth he would kill me - slowly - and take great pleasure in my screams." She began to pace, beating her fists against her thighs. "And he just kept doing it until he was bored. Leaving me - broken."

"You do not seem - broken - to me. Indeed, did you not continue to refuse to give into assimilation?"

Jami could not answer Spock. Instead she roared and began to punch the wall. Until he finally came up behind her and pinned her arms to her side. She roared, kicked, screamed like a wild woman, but she could no more break Spock's gentle but firm Vulcan grip then she could break Lore's punishing grip. She flipped out, going entirely irrational. He held her until she was too tired to fight anymore. Then he just allowed her to sag in his arms, her back pressed against his chest as she sobbed.

Finally, he loosened his grip enough to turn her around. Allowing her to put her arms around him as she buried her face in his chest, sobbing. Her reactions were so very human. Yet he didn't lecture her about how irrational, illogical she was being. There was no logic for what happened to her. All he could do was allow her this moment to purge. Later, he would begin training her in Vulcan meditation, in letting go of emotions. He needed her to act as logical as humanly possible if they were to get out of this. There was no Kirk, not even a Picard, to come racing to their rescue. For Kirk was dead and Picard was unaware of the danger Spock was in.

Well, at least his holding her helped add to their charade of master and slave when one of the Romulans aboard the ship pretty much forced his way into their room. Spock had quickly grabbed Jami's face and forced her into a kiss just seconds before the door opened. Then he pushed her away. Acting like a master most displeased. Ordering her to get refreshments for his uninvited guest.

"There's no need for that." The Romulan said, his name was Captain Tel and he was not a nice person. He was always forcing his way into Spock's room. Even now he was holding a disruptor on the both of them. "We need more of your latinum, K'rell."

"I gave you the last I had for my slave." Spock said, tucking his hands in his sleeves.

"Then you best get more." Tel moved so he stood next to Jami, using the disruptor to trace her cheek. "Or we'll kill you and sell your pretty little slave here to the Remens. She won't be so lovely for long under their - tender loving care."

"Do you not have enough from the sale of slaves to the Orions?" Spock raised one eyebrow.

Tel laughed, even as he continued to use the disruptor in place of a lover's hand on Jami's face and neck. "Funny thing, the Orions won't deal with us anymore. It seems every time they buy slaves from us, a group of Romulans attacks from inside the ship and frees the slaves, then steals all the gold pressed latinum. Now, pretty little human, why would that be?" When Jami wouldn't answer he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. "Tell me the truth about your master."

A small, dark smile that did not touch her eyes curled Jami's heart-shaped mouth. "The truth is he's the best lover I ever had. Other then that, there's nothing more I can tell you."

In her head, Jami was singing the hit Peggy Lee song, Fever. Her eyes turned smoky, seductive looking at she pulled away from the somewhat stunned Romulan and draped herself along Spock's side. Clinging to him like a second skin, running her finger along his ear. In her head the song just kept being sung by her in an endless loop - even though the whole historical inaccurate part about Pocahontas and John Smith had always bugged her.

"If he's such a good lover, then why are your cheeks streaked with tears?" Tel now snapped.

Jami pouted a bit. "Because he was telling me I'm not enough to satisfy his - needs - and he was thinking once he got some money in, he'd buy another."

"Women get so - jealous." Spock said, putting an arm around Jami and stroking her side.

Snorting, Tel left the room, but not before one last threat. "Get some money or prepare to die."

Pushing away from Spock, Jami panted a bit, her entire body shaking. Spock watched her for a moment.

"Come. I cannot help you in the way you need, but I do need you to be able to resist your instincts so we can get out of here. I shall teach you some meditations that will help you control your emotions. After we escape there is a facility on Betazed that deals well with those who are victims of various violations. Mental and physical."

As he spoke Spock began to withdraw some items. Candles, a crudely carved statue to focus on.
When he went to light the first candle Jami stopped him.

"First, some answers." Her voice was soft, but firm. "You know damn well I would've been able to fit upon that Orion ship and after what I did he was sure to buy me just so he could punish me.
So why did you buy me? And," she stared into Spock's eyes, unflinching, "why did you take me in the first place?"

"Cover." Spock said in answer to the last question. "I had hoped to use the slave raid as a chance to escape. Get to an escape pod or a ship. My students, those that survived the Remen uprising,
would've continued with their own mission to stop the slave trade. I, however, needed to get out so I might return later then Romulas was once again stable. Then I saw you - your dog sacrificing herself to protect you, your revenge killing of the Romulan. When you decided to kill yourself, I thought at first to take you with me, but then one of Tel's men came and I had to take you quickly to convince them I merely wanted the - thrill - of a slave raid."

He paused for a bit, as if weighing if he should answer her first question.

"Before I knew your - history - I had decided to be the one to buy you in hopes you could - be of assistance to me." Was that a green tinge of a blush in Spock's face? He was, after all, half human. Controlling his emotions was a harder struggle for him. "In approximately one earth week, I shall be entering Pon Farr."

The blood drained from Jami's face. So that was it. Spock was about to enter the blood fever of the Vulcan mating phase. No doubt he had options outside of here to keep himself alive. There was places like Risa, after all, where a single Vulcan could logically indulge their seven year need without the entanglements of a marriage.

"So you intended to use me." She felt sick. She hadn't even had time to properly mourn the loss of her dog, and now she found her childhood crush had seen her as nothing more then a logical vessel to cool his blood fever. Snorting, she began to pace, rubbing her arms as she hugged herself. "Funny, in my universe - oh yes, I still think of it as mine even though everyone has told me this is the universe I was meant to be in - in my universe I couldn't get a date to save my life.
Men would actually tell me that I was a nice person, but too fat to be seen with in public. Once I got here, I had all sorts of offers - from humans, Ferengi, a Klingon asked me to marry him a few months ago when I kicked him in the shins after he touched me. Of course, I turned them all down. Now - now I have the man who is the basis on whom I formed my ideal mate telling me that he wants to sleep with me. If only to keep his own life going."

"This is true." Spock said as he lit the candles. "However, now we shall have to find a different way in which to deal with the Pon Farr. I will not put you through - that."

"If we have to - well," Jami said, her voice husky with unshed tears, "at least - at least it would be my choice."

Regarding her for a moment, Spock then motioned for her to sit. "We shall begin slowly." As she sat, he said, "For what it's worth, I am sorry about your dog."

"I miss her."

The problem with the universe thinking you were dead meant you just didn't have the pull you once had. Though he had a ship, a small Romulan once as suggested by the computer, what Kirk needed was information. The computer that once belonged to Gary Seven could only - or would only - give him star charts and an approximate location of Spock and this "Jami" person,
whomever he or she was.

So far he had figured out some things on his own. Spock was in Romulan space. So the danger must come from them or the Remens - or both. That the Aegis apparently thought Spock needed to live for many years to come was also apparent.

"Will you ever tell me who Jami is at the very least?" Kirk asked the computer. He had been asking it for hours for the information he just couldn't get from anyone else, even with hefty bribes.

For the first time, the computer actually answered his question. A picture of a woman, a little on the chunky side, but pretty, was flashed up on the viewscreen. She was holding a small black and white dog. Alongside her picture, her biography appeared.

"A woman from a universe where I am - fictional? As Spock would say, fascinating. So I take it she's with Spock now." He read on. Before long he realized that he was reading not just her history, but her private medical files. He didn't want to read them. Yet he couldn't stop. "Oh dear lord." He whispered, feeling pale and sick. "Oh you poor girl. Turn it off, for God's sake turn it off."

Images of Jami, battered, bruised, that accompanied the medical files vanished. He would see that face, lip split, bruises covering her body, would haunt him when he closed his eyes just as surely as they haunted him even now with his eyes opened.

"So I'm to save her too - but from whom? The Romulans or herself? Well, obviously the Romulans first since you show me she's in Romulan space too." He sighed. "Look at you, Jim,
talking to a - a brainy cube. You've been on Risa too long. Still, this is more exciting then their so-called fishing."

He made course corrections by hand, refusing to let the cube do it until he was too tired to keep his eyes opened. Eventually he fell asleep in his chair. Dreaming of the Enterprise. Spock,
McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Chekhov, Uhura. His beautiful but long gone yeoman. Nurse Christine Chapel always making goo-goo eyes at Spock. He dreamed of Orion slave girls and Khan. There were Klingons, Romulans. Picard and the Nexus. Gary Seven, Roberta, and Isis. Every woman he had ever loved.

When he woke, he said to himself, "I've had a good life, better then most. Almost mythical. Do I really belong in this place? Living in a century that no longer needs me?" He thought about all the recent history he had been reading. "After all, this century has Picard, Sisko, Janeway - is it big enough for a Kirk?"

The little cubical computer was the one that answered. Flashing up "Save Spock, save Jami."

"Alright, I will." He said. "Can't have someone with a name like Jami in trouble anyway. After all, Jami is just a shortened form of James."

Tel snarled, throwing aside the PADD he had been using. He couldn't get the thought out of his head that K'rell was not who he said he was. Yet his money had come in handy in their battle to be the rulers of Romulas.

Since he was a small child Tel knew he was destined to shape Romulas' future. Hadn't his mother always told him so? Hadn't he served faithfully in the service? Then when he was just about to make that final step, the Remens came in and took it away from him. Now he had to fight for what was his by right. When everyone should be begging on their knees for him to lead them.

Without the sale of slaves to the Orions Tel would not be able to buy soldiers and equipment.
K'rell's money was now needed more then ever. Yet - Tel had spent all his free time trying to study up on this K'rell, find his weakness. He found - nothing. Not a thing. It was like K'rell never really existed.

Granted, there was a lot of holes in the information anymore. Files destroyed, but there should be something, anything.

Then there was K'rell's behavior - it was almost - Vulcan. He was so reserved. Never once showing a temper. Just always that same expression. The occasional raising of a single eyebrow.
The only thing he seemed to show any care for was that damn human slave of his. Right now,
that seemed to be K'rell's only weakness. If only the son of a bitch would leave her alone for just a minute. Yet even when Tel ordered for a private conversation, there was that human cow,
kneeling at his feet, allowing herself to be petted like an animal. She didn't act anything like your typical human.

There was a mystery here. A mystery Tel really didn't have time for - but he was determined to find the answers anyway. Before he killed K'rell and sold off that slave of his.

In her dreams she was not the Jami she once was. Her body was stronger, thinner, and almost entirely metal. She saw better. Lasted longer. Her mind was connected to thousands, millions,
billions of other minds. Audrey was there too. Her own canine body improved, her mind totally enslaved to Jami's own. She was the Borg Queen and answered to no one but Lore.

She looked into Lore's eyes. One gold, one blue. She could see her reflection in his eyes. The melding of her flesh to metal. One of her eyes was the same grey-green it had always been. The other was a glowing, demonic red...

Spock stifled Jami's waking scream with his hand. For a moment she thrashed under it, scraping her nails across him and drawing blood as she tried to pry his hand off her mouth. Then she realized who it was that held her down so firmly and relaxed.

When he pulled his hand away, Jami sat up. He was dressed for bed. No doubt he had been asleep on his pallet on the floor when he woke to her in the throws of her nightmare.

"Our lessons are not going well." He said.

"It's only been two days." She replied. "You can't expect miracles, Spock, it's not logical."

"We do not have enough time." He said. "I do not wish to do this, but it is the most logical way at this point. The only way. The Pon Farr is nearing and I need you to have a clearer mind to deal with it."

Jami sighed. "You know, for a Vulcan you're very impatient."

"Were you not the one who said yesterday "Desperate times call for desperate measures" when you suggested this?" He sat down on the edge of the bed.

"And you're the one who said I was more logical then I gave myself credit for and shouldn't grasp at easy solutions to difficult problems."

Spock said nothing, just stared at her intently. She stared back.

"I only wanted to do it," she whispered her confession, "because as a child I had a crush on you and longed to be close to you. What could be closer then the mind meld?"

Now it was Spock's turn to make a confession. "I have made - a miscalculation in the time.
Because I spend most of my time locked in this room unless Tel sends for me, because the computer access is severely limited, I have missed several days. The Pon Farr will come sooner then I anticipated. Even now I feel the fires building in my blood." With an almost human tenderness, he stroked her cheek. "I am sorry. I know your brief time joined to the Borg left you fearful for the privacy of your own mind."

"Just get it over with." She mumbled.

Gently, Spock began to apply his finger tips to her face. Staring deep into her eyes. Speaking,
"Your mind, to my mind..."

It was like, and yet completely unlike assimilation. There was no chaos of thoughts, yet they came to her in a jumble at first. Here were minds Spock had melded with long before her's.
Thoughts from when Spock's mind was trapped inside McCoy's. His melding with Picard so he might better know his father. Every adventure, every love affair.

Then it slowed down and it became the transferring of lessons. Knowing almost instantly how one can overcome, suppress their emotions. Get pass what made them illogical, even dangerous,
in order to find inner peace.

For Spock the thoughts were turmoil as well. A wave creeping slowly up a beach, sweeping a three year old Jami out to see, nearly drowning. Watching Star Trek on tv. Dancing to Copacabana. Fighting with her brothers. First day of school. First day of a lifetime of being bullied. It began to roll over him quicker and quicker now. The 2nd grade teacher who told her she was retarded. The 3rd grade teacher who told her she was a genius. Tested for special gifted programing. The 6th grade teacher who told her she was a bad person for using anti-perspirant and mouth wash.

The first time boys touched her without her permission. Leaving her feeling ashamed.

Her first drink. Her realization her brother Todd was an alcoholic and drug addict.

The Borg! THE BORG! And Lore - Lore on top of her. Hurting her. Lore - LORE!

Then suddenly her mind settled. Calm. Music ran through it. Music that sustained her. Gave her hope, healing, even if just for a few minutes. Her mind was much more logical then she really gave herself credit for. Even though music expressed passions of varying kinds, it was logical,

There was another part of her mind. One that had never quite gotten over her childhood crush on Spock. One that even now longed for more then what she had been given. A part that thrilled at his oncoming Pon Farr...

When both had finally came out of the mind meld state, they realized they were kissing. Not the play acting kissing they did in front of Tel. This was real. And Jami didn't pull away. She didn't fight or scream or flinch. Instead she mewled a little in the back of her throat and twined her fingers in Spock's hair.

At first he tried to pull away, but she kept him there - though he was stronger - perhaps because he wanted to remain.

"My choice." She whispered against his lips. "This is my choice."

"It is an illogical one." He said back.

"Oh Spock, for once, forget logic."

Placing his hands on her waist, he did.

Five minutes on the Romulan side of the neutral zone, Kirk was attacked. A Romulan warbird that had seen better days piloted by Remens had instantly started firing on him. Though he was loathe to admit it, the only reason he hadn't been blown up was because Seven's computer was able to make swift repairs to the shields without sacrificing life support.

Yet he just couldn't shake them. Even though his ship was smaller and should be able to hide easier, they found him every time. Though their ship was not in the best of shape, their weapons and shields were still stronger then his.

He tried to out-maneuver them and mostly succeeded. Yet they still scored some hits. Rocking his tiny ship.

It was frightening, knowing they could crush him eventually. He didn't show his fear, but he acknowledged it, only a fool would deny fear. At the same time it was thrilling. He felt like a young captain again. Daring danger and embracing adventure. All to save a friend and a stranger.

So he was a bit disappointed when another Romulan ship came and blew the first one away. He slipped Seven's computer into a bag as they second ship hooked a tractor beam to him without saying a word. Ever attempt at establishing contact was met with silence.

"Well," Kirk said to himself, making sure his prosthetic Romulan ears were firmly attached, "if things work as they usually do, Spock will be on this ship."

For the first time since they had met, Jami did not wake Spock with whimpers, screams, or crying in her sleep. It was her peacefulness that woke him this time. There were no cries of Audrey's name, no moaning in fear.

She lay on her left side, her right arm exposed. She had a tattoo just an inch down from her shoulder. A green pattern, almost Celtic in looks. He knew there was another tattoo two inches above her right knee. A rose with it's stem piercing a heart.

He didn't understand what just happened. The most logical explanation was simply he was irrational due to his approaching Pon Farr. Yet his head didn't feel any clearer as mating should've left him.

He could feel the ship shudder in a brief battle. Jami rolled over on her right side, her grey-green eyes opened somewhat and she smiled, snuggling up to Spock's chest.

"I understand so much now," She said softly. "It's not that Vulcans aren't without emotion, you even express them, just in such minuscule ways that others can barely register them. A twitch of an eyebrow, a tiny change in the tone of voice. You keep a tight rein on them, but you have emotions all the same."

"Jim knew that and to a point, Dr. McCoy." Spock said. "But very few other then them understood in my lifetime."

"You miss them, don't you?" Jami looked at him, pulling back slightly.

Spock said nothing for a moment. "I miss them all. They were my family."

They lay in silence together as the ship finally stopped the shuddering, the battle over.

"This is - so illogical." Jami said, rolling over on her back. "We're trapped together on a Romulan ship, our lives are in danger, and we're lolling together in bed like a couple of characters in a cheap romance novel."

"We are also locked in this room until Tel chooses to let us out." Spock said, laying now on his own back. "There is not much else here to occupy us."

"We need to plan our escape."

"We need help to do it."

Throwing an arm across her eyes, Jami grumbled, "I wish Kirk was here. If anyone could get us out..."

"We have saved you from the Remen scum," A Romulan woman was saying to Kirk. "You will join us or die."

"Of course." Kirk replied, glad his Romulan disguise was still intact.

"We serve under Tel. Future leader of all of Romulas." She continued, leading Kirk down a corridor. "We have no titles or ranks here. All are equal under Tel. We shall place you according to your skills after a proper rest. This is your room. You shall be sharing with three others who are currently on duty. Go. Sleep. I will retrieve you in six hours. From now on, you shall be called Soldier Three-Fifteen."

Kirk entered the currently empty, spartan room. Apparently on this ship only Tel had a name. All the others were labeled not unlike the Borg. An attempt to make them all seem equal, as well as eliminate their individuality.

Sure he was alone, he took out the small square computer. "Alright, what now?" He asked it.

The same four words showed. Only now, as Kirk placed it on a Romulan computer, instead of star charts, it showed a schematic of the ship. In one room on the other side two small dots glowed. One bright blue, the other green.

"Life works in my favor once again." Kirk said with a grin. Now, he just needed to find a way to that side of the ship.

"You're not going to stay in Federation space when we escape." Jami said as she pulled on her slave outfit. It wasn't a question. She already knew the answer.

"I cannot. I will be arrested for treason either by the Federation or by my fellow Vulcans."

"So it's through the wormhole and hiding out in the Delta Quadrant until you can return to a more stable Romulas and your students."

Spock nodded his head once, briefly.

"So in other words, if I live through the escape, I will never see you again. Don't protest, Spock,
I know how it works. Either one of us will die, more likely me, or we'll escape together but I'll grow old and die long before you can return. I've seen too many episodes of Star Trek in the other universe to think it will end any other way."

"You said "other universe." That is the first time you haven't..."

"Called it "my universe," I know." Jami interrupted. "Like it or not, this is my universe. I belong here."

Spock said nothing. Instead he sat down to meditate. Hoping to come up with a way for them to escape.

Tel was seething in rage. Though he managed to hide it from the new helmsman they had picked up, saving him from the Remens as he stared over Tel's shoulder.

Months ago he had set it up so he could look into the rooms of any he chose. Today, finally, he had given in to look on K'rell and his slave. He looked away when he saw what it was they were doing. Even he knew enough to give people privacy.

When they were through he listened in on their - pillow talk.

And then she called K'rell Spock. Spock! That half breed. Foul spawn of a Vulcan and a human.
On HIS ship! Eating HIS food! For all this time Tel had been protecting scum!

Well, valuable scum. He could easily sell Spock for enough to gain dozens of ships. Victory would he his at last, and he would take his rightful place as the leader of Romulas.

Kirk, or as he was called, Solider three-fifteen, had been given a test to see what he was good at.
They decided he would serve best at the helm. The leader, Tel, had called him up to discuss routes and battle strategies. However on Tel's screen was not star chairs or battle plans.

It was Spock, engaging in - well, relations - with a woman who had to be Jami. Then they spoke to each other. When Jami said Spock's name, Tel became white with barely controlled rage.

"Fetch me Spock, three-fifteen," Tel sneered. "But make sure to call him K'rell. Do not let him or his slave know we know who he really is. Serve me well, three-fifteen, and I might let you have the slave if she pleases you."

Kirk nodded tersely and headed for Spock - K'rell's - quarters. He had been shocked at first to see what Spock was doing and with whom. The only thing he could think of was that Spock had entered Pon Farr and had to go with who was readily available.

Upon entering Spock's room Kirk gave him a look with his eyes that said not to say a word. He could see Spock's eyes widening very slightly in shock. No one else but someone who knew Spock well would be able to tell this.

Jami must've picked up on it too. For though Kirk could see the shock on her face, she said not a word.

"Tel wishes to speak to you." Kirk knew this was his big chance to get them out of here. But Tel wanted Spock alone. No doubt Tel was watching right now.

"Come, slave." Spock said to Jami without turning to look at her.

"Tel wishes to see you alone." Kirk said, incase Tel was watching.

"Where I go, my slave goes." Replied Spock firmly, taking a leash that he attached to the collar.
No doubt he must've suddenly realized they were being spied upon. So now he was performing too.

"Very well, but Tel won't be pleased."

They made their way to turbolift, Kirk wondered if Tel also monitored the corridors. When could he speak to Spock and Jami? Well, it was now or never. Instead of calling for the bridge,
he called for the shuttlebay. Spock detached Jami's leash and Kirk handed them both disruptors.

"Where's your dog?" Kirk asked.

"Dead. She gave her life to save me." The blond replied, tears hovering in her eyes.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Kirk loved dogs, but he had to admit it would make things less complicated if he didn't have to also rescue the pooch. "I know what you want to ask, Spock,
we'll talk later."

When they stepped out of the turbolift a warning shot was fired above their heads. It was obvious Tel had been spying on them still. All three ducked and Jami was the first to fire, hitting her target in the leg - but that was enough to kill the Romulan. Kirk glanced at her, he hadn't set the disruptors that high. Her face was tight and anger burned in her eyes.

"Jami." Spock whispered. They exchanged a look and she turned the setting down.

They were under heavy fire. Any of them could be killed any second now, they knew it, yet except for the first Romulan, they looked to stun, not kill. Normally disruptors didn't come with a stun setting, but these had been altered for slave raids.

All came very close to getting hit and it was only by ducking, rolling, and hiding that they were able to escape. Get close enough to those Romulans not stunned to strike out with fists and feet.
Spock administering Vulcan nerve pinches. Kirk jamming his fist into jaws. Jami going low,
grabbing a Romulan by the feet, and yanking, causing them to hit their head so hard that they were knocked out. Or just delivering kicks into a place that made Kirk cringe to see it.

"You fight dirty." Kirk said as they headed into the next battle.

"There is no dirty when you're fighting for your life or that of others." She replied.

That was the last thing any of them said. Kirk was hit once, Spock supported him until the dizziness passed. Jami was tripped but rolled onto her back and fired, then scrambled to her feet.
They made a beeline for the nearest ship. Spock got there first, getting the door opened.

Tel came rushing into the shuttlebay, roaring orders. Jami, last to enter the ship, paused at the door and fired her disruptor before darting inside. Tel was struck in the head.

Spock was able to override all the codes, having plenty of time to study them. The shuttlebay doors opened, without the shielding. Everything started to be blown out into space. Romulans and ships alike. Only a few were able to hang on until the shielding was up and the doors started to close. Tel was not one of them. No one cared to try and save him.

With Tel dead, no one bothered to pursue or fire upon them. It seemed that in the long run, the Romulans under Tel's command - just really didn't care.

There was still the challenge of getting out of Romulan space. Luckily they weren't far from the neutral zone. Since Tel had been planning another slave raid despite the Orions claiming they would no longer deal with them. There were others who bought and sold slaves.

"I am glad you are alive, Jim," Spock said, a slight crack in his voice showing the emotions he was trying to suppress. Joy, shock, mostly joy. "But how...?"

"Gary Seven." It was Jami who answered, pulling forth something she had seen Kirk drop.
Seven's computer. "He took your place, didn't he? I was once going to write a fan fiction where he did just that, but I couldn't think of the adventure you'd go on afterwards."

Kirk nodded. "Yes. Seven was at the end of his life - his last mission - was to save me."

Jami handed him the computer. "If you don't mind, I'm going to sleep for an earth year."

Getting out of Romulan space was easier then getting into Federation space. As they crossed over they were challenged by a starship.

Not just any starship though. It was the Enterprise.

"Let me handle this," Jami said, sending Spock and Kirk out of sight. "You're suppose to be dead and you're considered a criminal..." She reminded them when they protested. "Hi, Captain Picard."

"Jami? What the hell are you doing on a Romulan ship?" The captain looked shocked.

"I was taken in a Romulan slave raid. I managed to escape."

"Our sensors show two other life signs. One human and one Vulcan."

"Fellow slaves who escaped with me. They're sleeping right now. We're all fine, Captain. Just shaken up. Um - I wouldn't mind some different clothing though if you wouldn't mind beaming some over."

"Wouldn't you rather beam aboard the Enterprise?"

Jami looked at the bridge. Though Geordi was still Picard's second in command, she could see a familiar figure hovering in the background. "No offense, Captain, but I'm - I'm not ready to set foot aboard the Enterprise again for awhile. If you wouldn't mind letting the Federation know to leave us alone, I'm going to drop my friends off at the former Deep Space Nine station and then - I'm on my way to a facility on Betazed."

"I understand." Picard glanced up at Data who was currently next to Worf. They had been discussing something. Now the android was looking at Jami with sad eyes. "How is Audrey"
Picard asked, noticing the scans showed no sign of canine life. How angry he had been when Jami had tricked them into bringing her dog onboard.

Sniffling, Jami started to cry. "A Romulan killed her in the slave raid." For the first time she truly lost it and started to mourn her dog fully. "She knew he was about to k-kill me and she -
jumped in front of his disruptor fire."

"I'm sorry," Picard said, his voice softened, subdued. "I know she was the only connection to your universe..."

"Th-this is my universe, Captain Picard. It's just - sh-she's m-my only family." Heart wrenching sobs exited her and she buried her face in her hands.

"Jami," his voice still subdued, "You know that's not true. We all consider you part of the Enterprise family. Even though it was only one time - we all care about you."

Replicating herself some tissues, Jami turned away to blow her nose. "I know, Captain," she said, her back still to them, "but - well, there's something special about a dog. Their unconditional love. The fact they never judge you... Never blame you for the past."

There was nothing Picard could say to that. Though they had tried to stress they didn't think it was her fault for what happened with Lore, what he did to her, she still worried that they did.

"Jami," It was Data speaking. Though he was no longer a Starfleet officer, he still worked as a non-com on the Enterprise. "It wasn't your fault - and I do wish you'd reconsider. I am not my brother."

"No, you just look and sound just like him. I have to go. Bye." Jami cut off the communications and headed off.

"Your reaction was completely illogical." Spock said, even as he rubbed away some of her tears.

Shoving Spock away, Jami said, "Not everything has to be logical, Spock. Think about that when Pon Farr hits." She retreated to the sleeping area.

"Human women are so - illogical." Spock said, sitting down. "Irrational."

"That's why we love them." Replied Kirk.

Spock was very quiet. Then, "She's going to commit herself to a facility on Betazed. I - could not help her as much as she needed. The mind meld was only enough to calm her to my touch. I care for her, Jim. I know, very un-Vulcan of me to admit. If Dr. McCoy was here he would be shocked. Possibly my time amongst the Romulans has cracked my control over my emotions.
Perhaps it was because of the mind meld and her already pre-existing feelings for me - but I would very much like her to come with us..."

They were going to go through the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. To stay until such a time they could return - if ever. A new quadrant, new adventures.

"Did you ask her?"

"Yes. She said no."

"I'm sorry."

"I am too."

The wormhole seemed to swallow the ship. Jami pressed her hand against the window as she watched the ship carry Spock and Kirk away. It had taken a lot of bribes, a lot of begging the Bajorans to allow it.

She turned away. There would be a Federation ship docking soon. One heading for Betazed. Her hand ran over her belly. She never told Spock. She should've, but she didn't. A few months on Betazed, then she'd go to Vulcan where Spock's step-mother still lived. Though not related by blood she had a right to know her grandchild.

In another universe, another Jami sat back. Finished, finally. It wasn't perfect, but then again, a Mary Sue fan fiction didn't have to be perfect unless you were trying to fool people into thinking it wasn't a Mary Sue.

Her eyes wandered over to a box that contained the ashes of Audrey. The little dog in her story had died a hero's death, but in this universe Audrey had simply passed away in the night. Jami took comfort though that in a multiple of universes Audrey lived. In one she was part machine.
In another she was the undead companion of a vampire Jami. And in yet another she was a simple dog, age 12, blind, deaf, but still alive and loving her Jami.

This Jami knew a lot about other universes. Knew that in another one, this Jami existed, carrying Spock's child. Just like she knew another Jami, one with a living Audrey, was writing about her at just this moment.

A sound distracted her. Jami looked out the window at her backyard as the Tardis appeared. "Oh goody-goody gumdrops," she said sarcastically. She knew this meant trouble. "The Doctor is back. I hope he didn't bring a bloody Dalek back with him this time."

The End