A/N: This is my first DPS fanfic ever...so please have an open-mind. Yes, another one of those stories, but here's my personal twist to it.

Sonnets and Dreams

Prologue: Live Like It Is

The year was 1959 when it all began for me.

Sixteen fast going on seventeen, having lived through the best of times and the worst of times, and eager to get my life back on track, that was what I was when my father walked into the study that fateful afternoon.

My name is Vanessa O'Donnell, and I was just another anonymous girl from 's High School at least till that summer day.

It wasn't like I was happy where I was at that point in my life. Moving to Welton with my younger brother was worse though.

My brother John would be starting his first year in Welton, and to make the transition easier, my father decided to move me to the same school after hearing of its new co-ed program. I think Welton's policies changed due to a drop in enrollment, and the board of trustees overruled Mr. Nolan, the headmaster.

"Move to Welton? I'm already in trouble at school...and...and" I'd said when I'd learned the news. I was supposed to be starting my senior year already, and though Welton would look real good on a college application, it wasn't what I had in mind. Not at all.

Looking back on this as I stand by the lake, I laugh and smile as I remember...those days of our lives.