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:: Chapter One ::

Blood seeped through the sky, commencing from the scarlet wound rising from the dark aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea. It grew larger, warm and round, and terribly foreboding. Staining the pale violet sky flecked with golden clouds, it screamed out a warning, "Do not go out! Beware the Red Sunrise!" Yet the two figures on the beach did not heed the warning.

"No, no I really think you should," A smooth male voice suggested with an amused tone, "Nobody's around. They'll never know. I dare you..." The man laughed and teasingly pushed his companion towards the sea.

"Oh stop it Will!" A female voice shrieked, giggling. "You do it first..." She picked up the thick skirts of her pale yellow gown, so the wet sand wouldn't stain the hem. She threw a mischievous smile at the man, and darted ahead of him, so he couldn't catch her.

"Ah, if you insist milady." Will sauntered towards the surf, and raised an eyebrow at Elizabeth as his bare feet touched the cool water. "Do I look like I'm drowning?" He asked, amused, then continued out into the sea, until the water came to his thighs, staining the rough brown fabric of his breeches. The small waves traveled past him, heading towards the white sand where Elizabeth stood, watching him. "Look. I wasn't eaten by sharks, and there's no sharp rocks or slimy seaweed here," he said in a slightly mocking tone.

"I still don't trust you..." Elizabeth said, slowly walking towards him, grimacing as her delicate white feet touched the water. She had developed a strange paranoia of water since she her little adventure a year ago...gosh it seemed like such a long time ago.

"Elizabeth, for goodness sake." Will sighed, exasperated at her prissiness. Why did she always have to act so...well, beautiful all the time? "The water is not going to hurt you." To demonstrate, he scooped up some water and poured it on his head. Smirking, he then shook his head like a wet dog, his brown curls relaying water onto an appalled Elizabeth. Will just laughed, and sent a small wave of ocean water her way.

Elizabeth gaped at Will in surprise, then instinctively looked down at the dress, judging the damage. She glared at him, "This dress came all the way from London you know..." She turned around and marched away, miffed that he would do such a thing. Honestly, do men ever think? Suddenly, Elizabeth stopped and faced Will, smiling. "On second thought...this means I'll just have to get a new dress. I never did like yellow very much."

"Whatever." Will replied, shrugging. That's all she cared about wasn't it? Clothes, jewelry, worldly things. After all, she was a governor's daughter. What was he expecting? For a long time, he thought that Elizabeth had been so perfect, the One. Yes, she was beautiful, but it seemed hard for her to see the beauty beyond appearances. For a while, it was different. It seemed she had loved him for who he he wasn't so sure.

"Well then," Elizabeth said, noting the disappointed, almost disgusted look on Will's face. She frowned slightly, her red, full lips sliding into a pout. "Did I say something wrong?"

Were his emotions that evident? He hoped not. Forcing a smile, he sloshed quickly out of the water, and ran past Elizabeth, winking. "Can't catch me," he teased. Hopefully, this would get her mind off of it, and wash her doubts away. Will didn't want to break Elizabeth's heart...yet.

Elizabeth giggled and ran after him, immediately forgetting all her dark thoughts. Her gaze strayed for an instant to a large British ship docking in the dark waters of the harbor, but she quickly regained her focus and chased Will down the beach.

Will slowed his pace so Elizabeth could catch up with him. A few moments later Elizabeth did, and she teasingly pushed him into the sand, where she collapsed next to him. "Caught you."

"Aye, that you did." Will rolled over to face Elizabeth, a certain emotion coming over him. It seemed she had also caught his heart again... this is the reason he fell in love with her in the first place...she was so beautiful. He gazed into her soft amber eyes, mesmerized. Although something vaguely screamed "Stop!", Will did not listen, and he leaned in to kiss her, a contented smile on his face.

As the large British ship sailed slowly into port on the dying breeze, a haggard and tired-looking man paced the docks. Every few moments he glanced up at the ship, as if his gaze would make the ship dock faster. "Hurry up..." Commodore Norrington demanded, as his temper was very short today. Quite frankly, he did not like being awoken at five in the morning. And especially not to greet the new arrivals aboard the 'HMS Hannah Marie'. Really, couldn't that be done over tea? A pat on the shoulder startled Norrington, and he quickly turned around to face...Governor Swann. Norrington immediately put on a perky attitude, "Ah, good morning Governor Swann. 'Tis time the 'Marie' she is two weeks late. She'll have word about your new position, sir."

"Yes, hopefully." Wetherby Swann gave a quick smile, "But...actually I am more concerned about my daughter than my new position. First, I have not told her about this pending, um...matter, and second, the maids tell me she left the manor at around five 'o clock this morning. Could you attend to her please, and I need her back at the manor as soon as possible."

Why did the Governor always have to push these sort of things onto him? Couldn't another soldier do it? Forcing a smile, Norrington replied, "Of course sir. I trust that you shall greet the arrivals?" With a short bow, Norrington left the governor on the dock. As soon as he turned his back, a scowl crossed Norrington's face. This was just perfect. Here he was, running around after Elizabeth when he could be making a good impression on the newcomers.

And indeed he did find Miss Elizabeth – in a rather compromising position with Mister Turner on the beach close to the docks. Norrington bristled terribly as he spotted them, and at that moment wanted nothing more than to run Will through with a sword. How /dare/ he? "Um...Mister Turner, I daresay you're wanted back at the blacksmith shoppe. Immediately." Norrington tapped his foot impatiently on the wooden dock, and glared down at the two enjoying a feverent kiss in the sand.

As soon as Norrington's icy voice touched Will's ears, dread poured through him like red-hot liquid metal. He quickly got to his feet and faced Norrington, his face turning a deep scarlet, "Um...I'm sorry," Will stopped and forced a smile, "Um...yes. To the blacksmith shoppe. Right. Uh...Goodday." He quickly walked away from the scene, feeling the blood roaring in his ears. That must have been the most embarrassing moment in his entire life...

"Goodday, and good riddins." Norrington muttered after Will, and he turned towards Elizabeth, "Your father wishes to see you at the mansion. There's some pressing news that needs to be addressed." With a short nod, he turned on his heel, walking briskly back towards the fort. Yes, he was supposed to escort her back to her house, but that...that...thing that he had just witnessed – that /really/ was a bug under his pompous wig. How /dare/ they?