Nothing else matters

(Hi all! To tell the truth this fic is quite fluffy ï which is weird for me as my stories only usually have a tiny bit of fluff in. This fic was inspired from a song called Nothing else matter's by Metallica reviews would be brilliant!)

Albus felt Minerva's tight grip on him become weaker as she fell into slumber this made him cling to her even more tightly. It had been an extremely long night and he needed all the comfort he could get. He knew he couldn't be angry at Minerva for falling asleep on him she had been up all night holding him in a motherly fashion as he grieved for his parents who just hours before had been found dead in his ancestral home.

Albus had never had many family member's most had passed away before he was born. He had never made friends easily as a child he had been different from the rest of them; he had clung to his parents and brother tightly and had refused to let go. But then he had met Minerva, she had been like him in so many ways, outcast in society the different one, she had been best friends with the equally weird Alastor Moody and still was to this day. He had fallen in love with her instantly but had tried to hide it for years; after all it would be so wrong. She was 80 years younger then him not to mention his student as well as the only friend Albus had at Hogwarts granddaughter.

He looked up at the beautiful woman in his arms, she was perfect. Her body seemed to be made for his hands. Her feisty personality amazed him every time they talked, her knowledge of well everything was out standing. Her smile could make him the happiest man on earth while her tears would cause his heart to shatter over and over again. Before he had met her the words I love you had been so empty and he himself had only ever believed they were just words yet now when he said them or she said them to him it meant so much more. He could see his and her future in those words. They had stuck together through thick and thin there so many memories, memories of tears and joy of duty and fun.

Only few people knew of his relationship with his deputy and some now even looked at him and Minerva in disgust when ever they entered the room. He had never cared though; he didn't care what they said. He loved her and she loved him that was all he needed to know. He didn't care and to tell the truth he didn't care about anything anymore. He knew Voldemort would be defeated even if it wasn't in his life time. He knew Harry would eventually forgive him for his mistakes and he knew Hogwarts would be fine with out him. There were so many thoughts that he couldn't put in words so many emotions that could never be shown or described. So many things that he felt but could not share with the whole world. The word love didn't describe how he felt about his wife but at least he knew she felt it to. It didn't matter now nothing did the only thing he cared about right now in the world was the feel of Minerva McGonagall in his arms and the comfort she gave him. There were so many things he would never get to do or say but as long as he still had Minerva it didn't matter.