Once again, guys, hey! I'm sorry for the lack of updates, my computer has been a real bitch lately! This is my favorite fan fic I've ever written. It was my second fic, before Don't Speak. But out of all the fan fics i've ever written, I can still honestly say this one is my all time favorite. I've had it on for a while now, but ive finally decided to post it here since i think you'll all enjoy it. It was nominated for Best Jeff Hardy at the MoonLight FanFic awards, but Crimson Coin ended up the winner (a well deserved prize, i might add). I absolutely LOVE this fic, and i hope you all like it too. :) The first few chapters start out slow, but everything ties together beautifully at the end. You'll see. ;) Anyways, here's chapter one...Please R&R! You guys have NO idea how important reviews are. So please do so! And here you go...the fic closest to my heart...Little Black Dress. ;)


Little Black Dress

For the first time in over 3 years, Jeff Hardy stepped into the arena that was hosting WWE Raw. Looking down as he strolled in, bags over his shoulder, he felt the excitement of his return. But with the excitement also came the pain. He had signed the contract, made a deal, and planned the outline of his comeback all without knowing. Without knowing she'd leave him. His girlfriend of almost 5 years, Beth, left him in the blink of an eye. He wanted nothing more then her and her love, but it was time to move on. Besides, there was nothing he could do. Everything had been planned, he couldn't take anymore time off. He'd try to call her later. And now, he had to hide the pain that was eating away at him and enjoy the return he'd waited so long for.

"Jeff!" Someone called from behind him. He turned to see his red-haired friend smiling at him. "Hey, Amy." He smiled. "Where'd you go? Me and Matt were waiting for you at the hotel but left when we couldn't find you." He couldn't help but smile. She seemed more excited them him about his return. She was his best friend. Looking into her eyes, all he could see was the female image of himself. They reflected each other. Even so, she obviously didn't know of the pain he was feeling. She had Matt-he had nothing. "Oh, I'm sorry. I was getting a little too pumped up for tonight and just left without you guys." "Oh, I understand Jeff." She smiled and patted his shoulder as she watched him switch his gaze to something behind her. Turning around, she saw nothing. "Where's Matt?" He asked. "Oh! He should be coming. But anyways...aren't you excited!?" She exclaimed. "Well hell yeah!" She squealed and jumped up and gave him a hug and Jeff hugged her back. Letting go, she jumped back. "You better get re-acquainted with your friends. I'm gonna go find Matt, k?" "See you guys later," Slowly, Jeff turned around and headed back to the familiar yet un-familiar faces of all his friends in the WWE.