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Chapter 34

"Okay, Dad. Yupp, I'll tell her. Good night," With a heavy exhale, Matt flipped down the cover of his cell phone, placed it on the nightstand, and crawled under the covers next to his girlfriend. "Don't worry, baby. Jeff will be fine," He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her, waiting for her reply.

"I hope so, Matt" She trailed off. "What did your dad say?" She asked, looking down at him and toying with his jet black hair.

"Ohnot much, I suppose. He's worriedlike the rest of us."

"Mm," she mumbled as a mere response.

"Oh, and he says hey."

She laughed a little. But, no matter how hard she tried she couldn't seem to keep the smile lingering on her face. It would always fade away. Jeff was the brother she never had, whatever Matt wasn't Jeff would make up for it. He was always there for her when she needed him most. Yet, there she wasalone. And where was he? Laying in a hospital bed. Gonewhen she needed him most.

"Do you think he'll be okay, Matt?" She asked, staring off into the distance.

"Baby, I'm sure he'll be fine." Growing tiered, his tone became muffled.

"That's not what you said before...in the hospital."

"Well, that was before Trish came."

She looked down at him. He had his head resting on her mid-section, slowly rising whenever she inhaled. "Soyou're saying you think Jeff's alive because of Trish?" She whispered to him, skeptically.

The elder Hardy paused a little before answering. "It's fate, baby."

Chapter 35

Alone in a cold room, Jeff watched silently as the nurse shut the door behind her after checking his condition. He released a deep exhale. Wow, what a night. First Trish leaves, he worries about her, then gets hurt himself. It was the first time he'd ever hurt himself like this, and of course, Trish just had to get hurt right along with him. Effected in a way he was not. They all were. MattAmyTrish. Emotionally suffering because of his small mistake, a gut feeling twisted into something else.

Things started finally going his way. He was in love, and had just returned to the thing he wanted most. Wrestling with the ones he loved in the WWE. Yet, here he was. Alone in the hospital, laying on a cold, hard bed. An aching pain was throbbing in his head. The nurse had given him medicine, which helped a little. But what else can u expect from someone who just fell directly on their head from fifteen feet in the air, landing against a solid mat? "You really did it this time, Jeff." He spoke to himself. "Way to go,"

He remembered the look on Trish's face when she came to see him that night. Her beautiful features were drowning in worry, struggling to breath at the surface, and her usually toned skin was flushed from all the crying. And then there was Amy "Oh, God." Jeff said out loud, recalling the look upon her face. She seemed simply petrified. Eyes wide with fear, clinging to Matt as if he were the only thing she had to keep her standing.

All the physical pain he was in didn't even compare to the mental pain. His burden eating away at himbecoming heavier and more painful every moment. Just reminiscing made it seem to grow. He went off and worried about Trish the whole night, not keeping his mind upon anything else for a mere second. And here she was having fun all in one piece while he fell off a ladder. Ironically, nothing he'd really ever done before after all his years of TLC matches.

Just seeing the girls' faces hurt more than anything. The pain he put them through because of a simple mistake was almost too much to handleand burden to much to bare.