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Title: On the East Side

Genre: General

Rating: R (Happy now?)

Pairing: Dally Winston/Tim Shepard

Summary: It isn't easy being a greaser girl. Alicia and Angela Shepard know this. They drink, swear, smoke and steal. But boy, do they have fun.

The shadows that fell over the alleyways were perfect for hiding in. All sorts of things thrived in the darkness; the small bits of shade, away from the Oklahoma sun. Cats, dogs and rodents found relief in the coolness.

A small gang of six greasers also stood in the shadows. Tim Shepard and his gang of friends slouched and stared around at the life passing them by. Curly Shepard was tall and lean with curly black hair and blazing eyes. Beside him was Daniel Wise, a short, skinny blond sixteen-year-old. Fifteen-year-old Karl Barnes had bleached blond hair and was a skinny as a rake. Andy Reeves was very tall and thin; his thick brown hair fell in his dark eyes.

In the midst of them was Tim. He was tall and slim with black hair and eyes. He was the leader of his large gang. Most of them were gone, either breaking the law or in jail. Winding around Tim's wrist were black tattoos. At his right side was Curly.

At Tim's left was a girl. She was tall and dark and her black hair fell down her back in unruly curls and her ebony bangs fell in her face, after brushing them away, one could see her black eyes. She was wearing a black shirt, black shoes and baggy jeans.

Tim reached down and put a hand on her shoulder. "Fuck off, Tim." She growled and pushed his hand away.

He grinned down at her. "Testy, aren't we, Ali?" He took a drag on his cigarette, flicking the ash at her.

The girl was Tim's little sister, fourteen-year-old Alicia Shepard. She hung out with her brothers, Tim and Curly. She smoked, drank, stole, swore and fought. All of Tim's gang liked her. Or they said they did; maybe they were just saying it, because they were afraid of Tim. Her twin, Angela, was more girly, but she sometimes helped in a rumble or two.

She glared up at him. "Who are we waiting for?"

"Dally. Fucker said he was going to be here ten minutes ago."

Curly looked at his older brother. "Why the hell are we meeting him?"

"Because, jackass, we're friends."

"Shame you don't have any friends, Curly." Alicia smirked. Her brother retaliated by throwing a punch at her. His fist made contact with her upper arm; she shot back with a swift kick in the groin.

As Curly lay on the ground, moaning, Alicia asked, "What are you and your 'friend' gonna do?"

Tim grinned at her. "The Socs are meeting at the drive-in. We're gonna give them a taste of their own medicine."

Alicia gave her oldest brother the once-over. "You mean yer gonna jump them? While they have a car, and can easily mow us down." She said with her dark eyebrows raised. "Tim, I love you, but you're an idiot."

He grinned again. "Well, ain't that the pot calling the kettle black?" Alicia scowled.

Curly sat up. "Ali, they won't even see it coming." He said. Imitating a Soc, he said in a snobby voice, "it's a very well-thought out plan."

"Curly, that's what you said when you climbed the telephone pole. Remember what happened?" Curly glared at her. Alicia continued. "Ya fell off, and Tim and me had to take you to the damned hospital."

"Why the fuck do I stand you?" Curly asked his sister.

Alicia smirked. "Because you know you love me." Curly glared, but he knew better than to hit her. Alicia was as tough as any of them. Tim and Curly taught her how to fight, and she helped them in many of their rumbles.

Tim pulled out a cigarette. "Hey, Andy, got a lighter?" Andy tossed it to the leader, who, after using it, passed it to Curly. Soon, everyone in the little group was smoking. The smoke wound up, and vanished into the blue sky. Curly was just showing Karl how to blow smoke rings, when a boy came over to them.

Dallas Winston's face lit up when he saw the group. "Hey, Tim." He acknowledged the others. "Curly, Danny, Andy, Alicia." His blue eyes lingered on Alicia for a moment, before snapping back to Tim. "What time is it?"

Alicia looked at her watch. "Ten after five. Why?"

"'Cause the Socs are meeting at six. Are you sure you don't wanna come?"

"Sorry, Tim, I'm not in the mood to die."

Dally grinned at her. "Aw, what's this? A Shepard, afraid to fight."

Alicia gave him a death-glare. "I ain't afraid. I know what the Socs are like, and I don't want a knife to get pulled on me."

"But, Ali, don't you carry a switchblade?" Curly asked.

"Yeah, but…"

"Then what are you afraid of?"

Alicia pondered this. She was never one to shy away from a fight. Sighing, she said, "fine, I'll go. But Tim, if they knife me, I'll skin ya."

Tim smiled at her. He and his sister spat in their hands and slapped their palms together. "Done." He agreed.

Tim had rounded up the rest of his gang, and now the greasers crept toward the drive-in theatre. Tim and Dally were in the lead, with the rest of the gang in single file. Alicia was in the back with Curly next to her.

"You know, Curly, yer pretty damn lucky I came." She hissed to him.

Curly gave her an idiotic grin. "Yeah, I'm always lucky to have a sister like you, Alicia."

She nodded. "Damn straight." And they both started to laugh.

"Shut the fuck up back there!" Tim hissed at his siblings. They looked at each other and shook with silent laughter.

At the theatre were several fancy cars, all swarming with the upper-class jackasses, as the Shepards called them. Hanging around by the gate was Dally's gang. Two-Bit Matthews and Steve Randle, as well as the Curtis brothers, Darry, Pepsi or Coke or whatever, and that Horse kid. Alicia never understood why a parent would name their kid after a soft drink or an animal. She knew Angela liked Horse, but Alicia never found him very attractive. He was in a few of her classes, and he was always a wise ass. She did like his friend, Johnny, however, but she didn't see him.

Horse looked Alicia in the eye. His green met her black. "Hi, Alicia."

"Hey, Horse." She said. She said it sincerely, but she thought she heard Dally and Two-Bit snort at that. Horse went scarlet.

"Erm, it's Ponyboy."

Alicia felt herself go red. Oh, fuck. Oh fuckity, fuck, fuck, FUCK. The look Darry gave her didn't help matters, either. "Shit, I'm sorry, Ponyboy."

"It's okay. Why isn't Angela here?"

Alicia's eyebrows went up. "She's doing something else. Why?"

Ponyboy went even redder. "No reason." But Alicia knew. Ponyboy was terrified of Angela. It was kind of hard not to be. With brothers like Tim and Curly who could easily mutilate a kid for life, and with her own violent reputation, Angela was rather frightening. Besides, she had been in love with Pony for a while, so Alicia could sympathize with him.

"Okay, you two." Two-Bit said. "Let's go beat those Socs' heads in!" Alicia gave Ponyboy a small smile as she followed her brothers to one of the cars. It was a red Mustang, and she recognized it. This car carried the Socs that jumped Curly a few weeks ago.


Alicia and Angela were walking home from the store, both smoking and gossiping. Then Angela noticed a lump on the ground. Alicia saw a shock of curly black hair and her heart sank. No matter how tough you were, if you were a greaser, your family is pretty much the only ones there for you. Curly and Tim were idiots, but they looked out for her, and she loved them.

"Oh, my God, Curly!" Angela cried, and the two ran for their brother.

"Curly… Curly…" Alicia shook him a little, before he opened his eyes.

"Hey, Ali." He moaned. His face was beaten and bruised; he had a black eye, and his lip was split. "Oh, fuck." Curly rolled onto his side and vomited out blood and stomach acid.

Alicia looked over at her sister, and was amazed to see Angela was crying, silently. "Oh, Angie, don't cry." Alicia reached out to her sister. To Curly, she said, "don't worry. We'll help you."

"You'd better." He muttered.

So, Alicia called Tim, while Angela stayed with Curly, and Curly was taken care of. He wasn't beaten as bad as Johnny Cade, but he was pretty bad off.

"Tim. What the hell are we doing?" Alicia hissed.

"We're gonna get revenge on those bastards." Tim whispered back. He grinned roguishly.

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