December 25th

Notes: So this is the end of my Christmas Story. Thank you Stayhooper for your lovely reviews and thank you everyone who checks it out! Enjoy!

"And what the hell do you want?" The security guard asked as he saw Monica come into view, behind the cell bars.

"CJ?" Right she asked. "Yeah that's me." CJ told her. "And I'm Bart honey…come to warm us up a bit sweetheart?" the smaller, more bug looking man who shared the jail asked. "Ummmm no!" Monica held out her "um" just a bit longer to let them know she was here for one thing, and one thing only.

"Christmas!" she told them. "Christmas is today…and in spirit of the season we are letting you out!" The two men looked at each other not sure what to make of her news. "Ken will be in soon to get you, kay?" Monica said leaving.

Steve opened his eyes to see the fuzz on the TVs again…he was on the sofa but with no zombies around! He looked down and he was a bit wet from what looked like spilt cappuccino. Was it all a dream? He then looked at his watch. It was 12:00 O'clock the next day…it was Christmas and he was alive!

"Ouch!" Nicole said trying to take a seat at the table Terry guider her to. It had been set with red plates from Metropolis, and candy cans they had found in a small candy shop in the mall. "Oh it looks so pretty Monica!" Nicole cheered happily.

"Awww thanks!" Monica told the girl. "How's the leg?" Nicole made a face "Its…better" she lied trying not to put a damper on the day. "Good! I had been looking for a crutches for her but I didn't come across one yet" Ana told Monica. "Ah you made it" Monica called out to the nurse and Michael who came together. "Wouldn't miss it" Michael told her. At the same time a deeper voice spoke up:

"I got them from the jail" Kenneth called out bring Bart and CJ in holding his shotgun just incase one tried to do something. "Great take a seat guys!" Monica smiled and waved to the table. CJ walked over to the seat Steve usually took at the head of the table. "Oh…just don't sit there," Monica started to say then stopped. "Oh never mind…"

CJ rolled his eyes and took the seat. "Where are you sitting honey?" Bart asked. Monica acting like CJ now rolled her eyes playfully. "Three seats away from where ever you pick hun" she told him. Ana let out a laugh "You can sit next to CJ" she said. "No thanks I stay with him ALL day thanks to some people here!" CJ said.

An hour into the meal Steve walked slowly to the area he had seen in is nightmare…and just like the nightmare it had the tree, and stockings and the table with everyone gathering, eating a lush holiday feast. He was unsure of going towards them but then Monica looked up and saw him watching over them. "Steve?" she asked. Everyone who was there turned to glance at what Monica saw. Steve walked over "Well now that I'm here we can really get this party started!" he shouted. Everyone cheered over his energy and the person happiest was Monica who smiled as bright as the Christmas tree shining besides them. Seeing CJ in his seat Steve was going to tell him to get the hell out but didn't… he looked over to the young one…Nicole and smiled to himself.

Today he wasn't going to be cruel and brutally honest, just cherish each moment. Of course he knew it wouldn't last long before they got on his nerves again but he would deal with that later. Now he wanted to eat and take in the holiday spirit.

About six that night Monica in a Santa hat started a song in a low, sexy tone that was very Marilyn Monroe (Ana guessed that was Monica's roll model) Maybe she should be singing, "Diamonds are a girls best friend" other then the slow "jingle bells… jingle bells…Jingle all the way" she was. But Monica looked so sweet and truly happy.

"I'm going to check on Luda" Ana told the others waiting till after the song was over.

"Ana" Michael called out. "Snow!" he pointed to the highest window on the main wall of the shopping mall. Her mouth flew open. Just hearing that word sent a rush of warmth through out them.

Terry hugged Nicole who was sitting down with her broken leg, and they all watched transfixed. Ana took a quick glance at Michael who looked like a kid seeing the first snow fall of his life. And He turned to give her a quick isn't this great? Smile. Monica stood with her arms leaning on Norma and wiped a quick tear from her eye. Even Ken, CJ, Bart and Steve looked amazed at the sight.

They all ran for stairs to go up onto the roof. "I guess I see you guys later" Nicole smiled a bit rubbing her dog's head. "Don't be silly" Michael told her bending down and picking her up in his arms. "Hang on!" he said as Nicole giggled out loud. "Come on Chips!" she called after her dog to follow the group up.

Outside the once scary and unhappy rooftop turned into a winter wonderland of snow that started to cover the tops of every flat surface. Ana couldn't think of a better way to end a Christmas and if only for one night mask all the hell they had been through.

Monica walked over to Steve later that night in the electronics store/bedroom. She has just changed into a (Christmas-red) cashmere robe from Gaylen Ross and wanted to surprise him. Everyone had gone to bed other then Norma and Glen who wanted clean up.

"Open your present" she told him taking the tie off from her waist. "Marry Christmas Steve" she told him. He looked up at her and took her down on his lap. "I don't deserve you sometimes." He told her. Monica was taken back by his sincere smile. "I know!" she said. Steve laughed and gave her a loving kiss.

On the roof the snow came down in thick patches from the above and filled the night sky with white. Kenneth could see Andy was out admiring the snow as the first entertainment he had in a long time. The Cop smiled and started to write a note on a white dry erase board.

He raised it and waited for Andy to notice what he had just written. Picking up his binoculars the gun shop owner smiled. Kenneth had written Merry Christmas! on the board for him. He raised his hand and gave the cop a wave of thanks. "Merry Christmas man…Merry Christmas" Kenneth said again then took another look at the snowy sky for the first time not noticing the growing groups of undead below.