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Setup: There isn't really much of a set up. Luke and Lorelai have been dating for a while. Christopher did as Rory asked and stayed away from Lorelai. As for Rory, she and Dean broke up and she's seeing Logan now. No one knows about her new relationship, except for Paris and some of Logan's friends.

Chapter 1

Rory frantically looked through all her stuff for her missing shoe. Why do you always see things when you don't need them and when you do need them, they're no where to be found? Rory sighed. She moved from her room to the living room.

"Paris, have you seen my shoe?" Rory asked.

"Which one?" Paris asked from her room.

"The black one I wore last week to my Friday night dinner with my grandparents. Left foot."

"Did you check your room?"

"It looks like a hurricane hit it."

"What about under the couch?"

Rory got on her knees and looked under the couch. "Nope."

"Your closet?"

"Oh! Never mind. Found it. It was under the coffee table."

"You're weird Gilmore."

"Thank you. Ok, I'm going. Are you getting dinner or am I?"

"I'll order some pizza."

"I'll see you at six then. Oh and if Luke or Mom calls..."

"You went out to work on an assignment."

Rory was on her way to see Logan again. She was doing a good job at keeping it from Luke and her mom. She wasn't ready to tell them about him just yet. They didn't even know she and Dean had broken up, which was odd because they lived in the same town.

"I'll see you later Paris," Rory said as she grabbed her keys and headed for the door. Just as she was about to open the door, someone knocked. Who could that be? she wondered. She opened the door to find Luke on the other side. "Luke?"

"Hey Rory," Luke greeted. "Paris."

"Luke," Paris greeted.

"What's with the nice shirt and tie?" Rory asked.

"I can't wear something nice once and a while?" Luke joked.

"You're Mr. Flannel shirt and backwards baseball cap."

"I've got a meeting."

"You look weird. Not the Luke I've come to love. Hey, how did you get in here? This building is tenants only."

"I paid the guy at the door twenty bucks to let me in."

"That's the Luke I know. Would you like to come in?"

"Yeah, sure. Thank you." Luke stepped inside the dorm. "I didn't interrupting you did I?"

"Of course not."

"You look like you were going to go out."

"I was."

"I'm sorry. I'm stopping you from going out. I'll just come back some other time."

Rory grabbed Luke's arm and stopped him from leaving. "Luke, you paid twenty dollars to get into this building for a reason. Sit down and tell me what's up?"

He took a seat on the couch and Rory sat next to him. "I wanted to ask you something. It is very important that I..." Luke noticed the young woman in the kitchen, listening to their conversation. "Paris, do you mind? I'd like to talk to Rory alone."

"I'm allowed to be here. Not you," Paris said.

Luke pulled out his wallet. "How much to get you to leave?"

"Fifty bucks."

"Fifty bucks?!" Luke let out a sigh and handed Paris a fifty.

"I'll be back in fifteen minutes."

"Bye Paris," Rory said, trying to contain a laugh. Once the door was shut, Rory turned her attention to Luke again. "You were saying?"

"Oh yeah. Uh, it is very important that I get your approval. Rory, I love your mother very much. She makes me a different man. A better man. With your permission, I would like to ask Lorelai to marry me."

"Really?!" Rory asked excitedly as she jumped out of her seat.

"Yes really."

"Oh my God! Yes! Of course yes! I can't believe you asked me for my permission to propose to my mother."

"It's important to me that it's ok with you that I do this."

"Of course it is silly! You've been a part of our lives for so long...I'm so happy that you're going to be a part of my family." Tears started to run down Rory's face as she threw her arms around Luke's neck.

"I'm glad you approve." Luke pulled away. "Now, not a word about this to anyone. I still need to get your grandparents' permission."

"Ok. I won't say a word."

"I'll see you later kido."

"Ok. Bye Luke." With that, Luke left. A minute after he was gone, Rory realized something. He wanted Richard and Emily Gilmore's permission. Suddenly, she wasn't so excited. Her grandparents wouldn't approve of this. In an instant, Rory's picture perfect family with her Mom, Luke, and her faded from her imagination.

Luke took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. Getting away from Stars Hollow without Lorelai suspecting anything was very difficult. He told her he had to pick up some lumber in Hartford. It wasn't a complete lie. He really was picking up lumber. He had worn his usual flannel shirt and baseball cap when he left and changed into some more formal attire when he got to Yale. He wanted desperately to impress and meet the approval of the Gilmores.

"Good afternoon Mr. Danes," the maid greeted.

"Hi," Luke greeted as he entered the mansion.

"Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore are waiting for you in Mr. Gilmore's study."

"Thank you." Luke went to the study where Emily and Richard were waiting for him.

"Hello Luke," Emily greeted.

"Luke, good to see you," Richard said as he stood from behind his desk.

"It's good to see you too Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore," Luke said, shaking Richard's hand.

"Have a seat." Richard sat down again and Luke sat in front of the desk. "Let's get straight to business shall we? To what do we owe the pleasure?"

"I wanted to talk to you two about something very important concerning Lorelai."

"Is everything ok? What happened? Is she alright?" Emily asked frantically.

"Emily, calm down. Let the man explain," Richard said. "Everything is alright with our daughter right Luke?"

"Oh yes sir. Everything is just fine. I came by to see you two because I wanted to ask for your permission to ask for Lorelai's hand and marriage." Luke had been practicing what to say to them for weeks. He didn't want to sound like an idiot in front of them and perhaps he had. Richard and Emily were just staring at him like he had something in a different language.

"You want to marry our daughter?" Emily finally asked.

Despite the tone of the question, Luke was grateful for the break in silence. "Yes ma'am," he replied. "I love Lorelai and she loves me. I know in my heart that this is right and the right way to do this is to get her parents' permission."

"Marriage is a big step Luke," Richard stated. "You'll be providing for you, Lorelai, and Rory. Yes Rory is grown, but you're still expected to help her. And children. If you plan to have children with Lorelai, you'll have to get a bigger place. Living above a diner isn't fit to support a family."

"Can you really provide for a family by working at a diner?" Emily asked.

"Lorelai and I have been discussing moving in together. If and when the time comes, I'll get a couple of guys to help me extend the house's living space. As for the financial issue, I think I can provide for us. Luke's is very successful. I also have money put away and Lorelai's income from the inn combined with mine should be enough to provide for a family," Luke replied.

"What do you plan on proposing with? You have chosen a ring haven't you?"

"I have a ring." Luke pulled a ring out of his pocket and showed it to the Gilmores. "My great grandfather spent every last penny he earned to buy this ring and propose to my great grandmother. He gave it to his eldest son and my grandfather gave it to my grandmother. Then my grandmother gave it to my father to propose to my mother with. For three generations, this ring went to the oldest son of it's carrier so it could be in the Danes family forever. My mother gave me this ring before she died so I could to propose to the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I know in my heart Lorelai is that woman."

Richard inspected the ring. He looked up at Luke and handed back the ring. He sighed and removed his glasses as he stood. "You will treat my daughter with the ut most respect?" he asked, moving around the desk.

"Of course."

"You will provide for her and cherish every moment you have with her?"

"Yes." Luke was beginning to think this was a bad idea. He never should have come here.

"Men these days don't do this kind of thing. Go to parents and ask for permission to marry their daughter that is. It is the proper thing to do and yet men disregard it. If there is any chivalry left in this God forsaken world," Richard said, pausing to take a deep breath before continuing. "It's in you Lucas Danes. You are a pure gentleman."

Luke wasn't sure what he had just heard. Was Richard Gilmore actually commenting him? "Excuse me sir?"

"I said you're pure gentleman. One worth of my daughter. You have my permission Luke. Better yet, you have my blessing."


"Richard..." Emily interjected.

"Yes," Richard replied, ignoring Emily completely. "I would be honored to have you marry Lorelai."

Luke stood from his seat and shook Richard's hand again. "Thank you sir. Thank you very much."

"You're welcome Luke. Now, why don't you go on now. You must have some work to do."

"I do. Thank you again Mr. Gilmore. Thank you Mrs. Gilmore." With that, Luke left.

"You are unbelievable," Emily spat at Richard.

"Excuse me?" Richard asked.

"Richard! How could you?! How could you just do that?"

"How could I do what?"

"Give Luke permission to propose to Lorelai!"

"The man asked to marry our daughter and I said yes."

"I know that! I'm asking you why you said yes."

"Because he loves her."

"He's not good enough for her."

"And why not Emily? Because he's not rich? Because he works in a diner and works twice as hard as any man at our club for a salary less than half what we make?"

"Yes! He works in a diner! That is not a respectable profession for our daughter's husband."

"Do you know what you just said to me Emily? You just told me you don't want the man our daughter loves and who loves her back to marry her because he's not a snob!"

"How dare you!"

"How dare I? Speak for yourself. Luke makes Lorelai happy and by God, that's good enough for me. It should be enough for you too. That's all that matters Emily. They're in love and make each other happy. It should be enough."

"Well it's not. It will never be enough."

"Well than that's just too bad. Luke will propose to Lorelai and Lorelai will say yes. They will be together Emily. With our without your permission." With that, Richard left Emily alone on the study to contemplate what he had just said to her.