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Amy's Time at Hogwarts Year 5.

Chapter 1 Amy's Plan.

Amy woke up the day after the spring term at Hogwarts ended. As it is she was only really at Hogwarts for Three months the whole year due to having spent most of the Year in Japan. She looked at her trunk which needed unpacking and Thought about her plans for the summer which included earning a few extra Galleons at a summer job. Of course she hadn't told her parents at that point. Due to the fact that her robes were all destined for the Wash she put a goldish colored Kimono on and headed downstairs where Shiki was already sitting at her chair and the twins were arguing and her younger brother Jamie who was almost two looked on.

"Amy, what's up your sleeves today?"

"See if I can find a clean set of Robes somehow and go into Diagon Alley for a little bit?"

"Why we have two whole months to get our books. What's up trying to out study Professor Finch-Fletchley or something?" Shiki wondered.

"Actually No. I figured I should be dressed appropriately for summer job hunting. It's not like I have a lot of studying to do My professors went easy on me due to my having been away most of the year."

"Amy, did I hear you thinking of a summer job?" Harry asked as he walked in.

"Actually yes dad. It might look good on my resume when I get out of Hogwarts," Amy said.

"You might run into problems finding employment Amy. I don't think many places hire students," Harry said.

"You never know Dad," Amy said.

Amy after breakfast went back up to her room and found a set of Scarlet Dress Robes that were clean and she put them on after showering. Her next move was the Fireplace where she was just throwing some Floo Powder on the Fire.

"Diagon Alley," Amy said.

Amy came out at the Leaky Cauldron. Neville walked over with a mug of Hot Chocolate.

"So what brings you by Amy?"

"Not much Mr. Longbottom," Amy responded. "Just doing some job searching."

"I don't have any openings sorry," Neville said.

"Not a problem Mr. Longbottom. I was going to check in the actual Alley as it is," Amy said. After her hot chocolate she went into the Alley. Over the course of the morning she went everywhere from Magical Menagerie to Eeylops Owl Emporium. None of them were willing to hire her or even act like they wanted to. About lunchtime she was sitting glumfaced at a table outside of Florean Fortescue's trying to eat the largest sundae she could when Mr. Broomley the owner of Quality Quidditch Supplies sat down next to her.

"Something bugging you Miss Potter?" he inquired.

"I figured on getting a job this summer ye. None of the shop owners here are willing to hire me. You would think a fifteen year old witch would have an easy time finding employment," Amy complained.

"Right there is your reason Amy. Most jobs out there require a fully qualified witch. I mainly sat down because I usually see you a lot perkier even after The Boldegard girl takes a few whacks at you. I figured something was bugging you. After you finish eating stop by the shop for a little bit," Broomley said.

"OK," Amy said. She then finished her sundae in peace without even Ollivander bugging her and he had been walking past at one point. Amy then headed down the street to the Quidditch Store. When she entered she looked around for Mr. Broomley.

"I'm back here Amy," he called out.

"You want me to wait out here for you?"

"Not necessary you can come back here."

"OK," Amy said as she walked into the back room. Boxes were stacked everywhere including a few long crates that were apparently filled with brooms. The floors looked a little dusty.

"A few good cleaning charms look to be in order," Amy muttered. "I took Cleaning Charms one oh one at Hogwarts."

"There is no such course," Mr. Broomley said. "Usually things like that you would simply learn in Charms class."

"Frank Connolly taught me what cleaning charms I know," Amy told him. "He is the caretaker at school."

"You have normal clothes at all?"

"Pants and Shirts yes in fact I usually wear them under my robes. Why do you ask?"

"Dress Robes won't cut it around here."

"OK There any particular tasks to be done?"

"You noticed the obvious keeping the stock room and basement clean. Also some stock work has to be done periodically. Not to mention taking care of customers and of course mail orders via owls. I'll talk to the Improper Use of Magic Office about getting you a waiver so you won't get in trouble using the cleaning charms."

"I see. Amy said as she carefully removed her Dress Robes so she looked more normal then magical. HE then handed her an Apron marked with the Store name. She spent the afternoon doing a restock of the Shelves out front even if she didn't get to the brooms at all. After she got off work she took the Floo Network home.

"How did your day go?" Harry inquired.

"Good so far. I ended up finding a job at Quality Quidditch Supplies. I spent all morning looking without results. While I was having lunch Mr. Broomley sat down to talk and he hired me to work there. I didn't know it until after lunch but I managed. I mainly stocked shelves this afternoon since some of my duties require a waiver from the Ministry."

"I surprised Florean didn't hire you?"

"Didn't try to hit him up for a job. I didn't hit Broomley up for a job either but he was willing to hire me."

The next morning Amy took the Floo to The Leaky Cauldron then headed right for the Alley. She immediately headed for the back where her apron was hanging in a closet. She then grabbed a stack of brooms out of a box and took them out front and placed them on a rack. After an hour she got tired of making several trips and figured on using a levitating charm on the boxes. She first headed for Mr. Broomley though.

"Anything on my waiver. I figured until I heard something I would just stock only I was going to use a levitating charm on the boxes and I wanted to make sure I wouldn't get in trouble doing it."

"I contacted the Office and they are checking to see if a waiver is permissible for work related duties. I've battled the Ministry for years about waiving that stupid rule so that kids your age could get valuable experience over the summer. I'll move the boxes for you until we hear back."

A couple days later Amy was stocking the book section when a Witch in Bluish Robes that looked very well kept walked up to her.

"Excuse me but which of these Quidditch Strategy Books is the best?" the witch asked her.

"I wouldn't know I never really paid attention to Strategy being a Keeper, I don't even use the Starfish and Stick preferring speed to fancy tricks," Amy said. "I'm just a summer employee as it is."

"I see. I'm Mafalda Hopkirk with the Improper Use of Magic Office," the witch said. "I'm here about the waiver Mr. Broomley requested for you probably. Something about Cleaning Charms."

"Yeah one of my duties is to tidy up the back room and basement only being underage I can't use magic and it's needed. Also some of the packing boxes are pretty good sized and it would be easier to levitate them. Right now Mr. Broomley has to do it and I hate having to interrupt him about it every few minutes."

"Understandable. You live here in Diagon Alley?"

"No Hogsmeade. I Floo to The Leaky Cauldron and from there go through the Gate after Mr. Longbottom opens it. "

"SO Getting to work is also a factor. Mind if I check the back room?"

"I don't the boss might."

She slipped the Ministry Witch into the back room. Mafalda looked around for a while and made a decision.

"Definitely looks as if a waiver is needed. I will grant you a waiver for Work related Duties only," Mafalda told her.

"I'll take that under advisement."

Soon as the Ministry Witch left Amy broke out her arsenal of Cleaning Charms. Within fifteen minutes the entire back room was clean. She then took several boxes out front to be unpacked.

Friday as she was getting ready to leave Mr. Broomley called her into his office.

"This draft needs to be given to Griphook at the bank."

Amy looked at the draft.

Quality Quidditch Supplies July 5th 2013

Pay to the Order of Amy Potter 88g16s

Eighty Eight Galleons 16 Sickles

Gringotts Wizarding Bank

Diagon Alley

Kevin Broomley

Vault 438

"Why is my name attached to it?"

"Paycheck," Broomley said. "It's a little low since you only worked half the day Monday. Your next check will be bigger."

"I see."

She then gave the draft to Griphook who let her accompany him while He took the money from the Store's Vault and put it in her vault.

"So what are you up to that money is going into your Vault?" Griphook wondered.

"Summer Job over at Quality Quidditch Supplies. I started last Monday," Amy said.

"You tell Broomley to simply send me a transfer request for the required amount from his vault to your vault to me and I will transfer it. I'll give you a pile of the forms when we reach the Surface. No need to waste a draft for something like this. You're still at Hogwarts aren't you?"

"Yeah I am actually."

"Don't see too many students taking the time to work summer jobs. Most of them probably could use one. You Miss Potter I've heard a lot about you. Some people think you have a real good chance of being Minister of Magic someday."

"Thanks Griphook. Wish I knew what I wanted to do after I leave Hogwarts."

"You still have plenty of time to figure it out," Griphook said as He left her at the door.

Amy then headed for the Leaky Cauldron and Floo Powdered Home.

"How was work today?" Harry wondered.

"Great I got my first paycheck today. I also had a long conversation with Griphook at the Bank."

"He is one of the better Goblins there. He works to make sure the customer is satisfied."

I made almost eighty nine Galleons."

"Whoa how much do you make an hour?"

"You know I'm not really sure how much my hourly wage is. AS it is my wage was a little low due to working half day on Monday."

"Well you will probably have a real healthy amount by summers end. "