Dave Batista glared at his reflection in the mirror, not impressed with what he was seeing; a black eye, a bloody nose, and a busted lip that was going to need stiches. He watched as the blood dripped off of his face and into the sink, not caring if it would stain.

What embarassed him the most, was that she saw him get his ass kicked.

The object of his affection, the crush he's had on her since he was traded to the Raw roster, the apple to his eye that he could see out of.

And she didn't know.

The blood continued to drip as he held himself up with his arms by the sink, but his thoughts were interupted once The Nature Boy himself walked in.

"Wooo! Davey my boy, wooo! What an awesome match tonight. We really showed those Canadain Chris's, wooo! That oughta teach them not to mess with Evolution! Get ready Big Guy, we're lighting up the night tonight!" Ric belted out another woo, then continued to make his way towards the showers.

Dave gave himself a small smile, catching the optimism from Ric. Always knew how to have a good time, always seeing the brighter sides to things; the glass was half full.

So if Ric's positive energy was so contagious, how come the glass was half empty to Dave?

Pulling his fist back, it conected with the mirror, letting out a yell ashe did so, the mirror shattered and laid in pieces around him and the sink. Kicking the garbage can, Dave put a dent into that as well.

"Dave, what the hell are ya doing? Vince is going to have to pay for the damage!" Triple H shouted at him as he entered the washroom. "Look at the mess! Jesus Christ boy, what's you're problem?" Dave glared at the World Champion, not putting much thought into what Hunter just told him.

The veins were popping out of his arms as he took a swing at Triple H, connecting right at his jaw. The pop sound it made brought a sadistic smile to Dave's face as he walked out of the change room, in search for a trainer to stich up his lip.

He saw her on his way to the trainers; the scared look she had in her eyes when he walked by put a sick feeling in his stomach. Her blonde hair falling loosely at her shoulders, the smile she was sharing with the other diva's made her seem so pretty, almost angelic like.

And he ruined it by looking at her, with his black eye, bloody nose and busted lip.

Laying still as the trainer stiched up his lip, he glanced over to the door where he saw Trish Stratus standing, arms crossed over her chest. She walked in the room and took a seat next to Dave, letting the silence tense.

"You let your anger take control of you again," Trish pointed out. "Hunter's jaw is pretty swelled up, nothing bad though. Just needs some ice." Dave let out a grunt, showing he was listening. "Dave, if you really want to win her, you can't let shit like this happen. Trust me. You're creeping her out that poor girl. How is she suppose to like you if you keep doing this?" Dave shrugged his shoulders. Shaking her head, Trish left the room, leaving the large man laying there, getting his lip stiched up.

It's not like he wanted to scare her. It was nature. It was 6'6", 318 pounds, he's going to scare people no matter what he was going to do.

But from the sounds of it, she was scared the most.

Dave roomed with Randy Orton that night, an old buddy from the OVW days. He knew what was going on, what the larger man was thinking most of the time. Maybe he could help.

"Big man, this is what you have to do," Randy started, being the lady expert that he is. "Don't be yourself. It doesn't matter how often chicks say that like it when you're you, the truth is, they don't. And when the guy is as big and as scary as you are, you aren't allowed to be yourself, you just aren't." Dave nodded his head, encouraging the younger man to go on. "This is your problem: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. With your head so far up Hunter's ass, no one knows who you are, you're just the big scary guy in Evolution, which is why, I personally, left the group."

"I don't get it," Dave informed Randy. Sighing, Randy laid back on his bed, letting his head hit the soft pillows.

"Big Guy, this whole, tough guy, don't take shit from no one chracter...It sucks. Be nicer to people, ya know? Quit flexing so much, you aren't me ya know. Really, it's just your anger that's getting you messed up, it takes over you too much. That, my friend, is what is scaring poor Miss. Garcia away from you."

"Too much muscle?" Dave questioned.

"No, she likes muscle. Fuck, she went out with Jindrak for how long? Two years? It's not the muscle, it's the personality, or lack there of," Randy told him.

"So, what you're saying is, to get Lilian, I have to stop being me?"

"Welcome to the year 2004 Dave, where women are harder to understand than they were back in the 1900's. Confusing chracters those chicks are. Anyways, it's late, we got an early flight, I'm calling it a night. Night bro." With that, Randy rolled over and turned off the night light that stood on the night table between the two beds.

Dave laid in his bed that night more confused than ever. He wasn't allowed to be the mean, 'scary' guy that people knew him as, but that's all he knew how to be.

"Hey, Randy," Dave whispered, "are you sayng I have to turn into a big softie guy?"

"Whatever makes you sleep at night Dave, just go to sleep, you're annoying me." Smiling, Dave rolled over and shut his eyes.

Tomorrow was going to be a new day.

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