Chapter 5

A knock on the door interupted Lilian's story that she was telling to Dave. "Must be the pizza," she said excitedly as she got up to answer. Within seconds, the room was filled with the fresh scent of greasy pizza. Laying the box in the middle of the bed, Lilian opened it, gasping at the sight. "Oh my God...That looks so good," she commented.

"First slice," Dave offered. Lilian clapped her hands again, causing Dave to laugh. "You are nothing from what you protray on TV," he told her as she took a bite of pizza; the cheese was sticking together, stringing out so it was far away from Lilian's face.

"Pizza is so good," she said with her mouth full. Dave rolled his eyes at her behaviour, causing Lilian to laugh. "You're nothing from what you protray on TV," she countered.

"Lil, open up!" Someone yelled at through the door. "We got important things to tell you!" Lilian's eyes went wide as she recongized the voice.

"What's wrong?" Dave questioned.

"It's the girls...they can't know you're here," she muttered under her breath. "Shit, um...hide in the shower." Dave got off the bed and quietly made his way over to the shower stall.

"Lilian, open the door!"

"Hang on a sec!" Lilian shouted back at them. She hid the pizzabox under the bed, and turned on the TV to Sex and the City.

Checking the room one more time, she walked over to the door, being greeted by Dawn, Christy, Victoria, Trish and Stacy. "Hey girl," Trish greeted. "Why did it take so long to answer the door?"

"I uh...was trying to organize my shoes," she lied.

"All two pairs of them?" Christy teased, sitting down on the bed. "Hey, is that pizza I smell?"

"What's so important that couldn't wait until later?" Lilian quickly asked.

"Cena and I are getting traded to Raw!" Dawn shreiked. "They're trading Shelton and Lita so we can come! Isn't that awesome?" Lilian was too busy to take everything in to realize that Dawn went to the washroom.

"They're trading Shelton?" Lilian asked quietly. Stacy and Trish exchanged look, realizing how heart broken Lilian quickly became.

"We're sorry Lil, we forgot," Trish apologized. "I guess you don't have a travel buddy anymore..."

"You can travel with Trish and I," Stacy offered. "Us three blondes, sticking together, right?" Lilian sighed, trying to hold back tears.

"I guess so..."

"Ahhh!" Dawn's scream was heard from the bathroom. "What the hell is Dave Batista doing in your shower?" She yelled, walking out of the bath room. Dave followed closely behind Dawn, his face red with blush. "You could've warned me, thanks Lil. Now this huge monster just saw me take a piss. Thanks a lot."

"I didn't look," Dave defended himself. "But thanks for letting me use the phone and the washroom, Lilian." He gave Lilian a wink as he exited out of her hotel room, a small grin on his face.

"No problem," she called out as the door shut. Once the door was completly closed, the four Diva's looked at Lilian with wide eyes.

"Dave Batista was in here," Christy pointed out. "He used your phone...and your washroom. That's so nice of you!"

"Hey guys, I'm really tried so is it OK you guys head out now?" Lilian whispered.

"Sure Lil," Trish asnwered, ushering the girls out of the room. "The offer is still on the table for traveling if you want it," she reminded Lilian. She thanked them as they left the room, her heart still sinking in the news that Shelton was being moved to SmackDown!.

Laying down on her bed, she let a tear slide down her cheek as she reached for her cell phone to call Shelton.

"One half of the world's greatest tag team," he answered.

"Hey," Lilian whispered.

"Lilly, what's wrong? Everything OK?"

"You're being traded?" She asked, trying not to raise her voice.

"I'm what?"

"Traded. You're going back to SmackDown! with Lita. Dawn just told me," she told Shelton.


"That's what Dawn said, becuase her and Cena are coming to Raw now." She wiped another tear away from her cheek. "You didn't know?"

"No one told me that," he asnwered quietly. It was silent on both ends of the phone, neither of them not knowing what to say.

"You can be with Charlie again," Lilian said, trying to cheer him up. "But now you have to share him with Jackie."

"Lil, I can't go back to SmackDown!. I'm the Intercontenintal champ right now, having the time of my life. I can't leave my best friend. I won't allow them to let me leave you, Lil. I can't."

"Shelton, yes you can. I'll be fine. I got the girls and...well, I got the girls."

"What about Dave?" Lilian's stomach filled with butterflies at the mention of his name.

"He was in my hotel room," she giggled. "We had pizza, and then the girls came over to tell me that you're being traded, and he hid in the washroom, but Dawn found him."

"Lilian Garcia...hiding boys in the washroom, just like high school days," Shelton teased. "So, you guys are like, an item now?"

"No, just aquitnances," Lilian told him, rolling her eyes. "Aquitnances that like to leave you with the resturant bill."

"That wasn't cool, by the way," Shelton told her with a laugh. Lilian laughed back, wiping a tear from her eye. "See? Me being traded won't be that bad. We'll still see each other at pay per views, and still talk to each other."

"I know. It'll be different though. I don't know how I'll be able to go to work knowing you won't be there for a talk."

"That's why you have Dave now, Lil. Just think of him as a friend." Lilian smiled at the thought.

"Just for you, Shelly," she told him.

"Alright, thanks babe," he replied with a laugh. "But it's getting late, so I'll talk to you tomorrow at breakfast k?" Agreeing, Lilian said her good bye and hung up the phone.

Letting the last tear fall from her eye, she got under her covers, snuggling close to them and let her eyes closed, hoping she would fall asleep...

And then someone knocked on her door.

"Who is it?" She yelled, rubbing her eyes.

"Dave." Lilian sprung out of bed to answer the door, but made sure she looked somewhat presentable by fixing her crooked shirt and running a brush through her hair.

"Hey," she greeted, leaning against the door. "Did you forget something?"

"I forgot to ask for your phone number. I know you already gave it to me, but it washed off when I was in the shower." He hung his head in shame, letting a small laugh escape from Lilian.

"That's alright. Let me get a pen and paper." She left Dave standing there by himself as she wondered back into her hotel room to find what she needed.

Not wanting to look an idiot by standing out there by himself, Dave allowed himself in the hotel room, leaving the door only slightly open. Lilian raised her eyebrows in surprise as she saw him standing in her room. "Go ahead and make yourself comfy," she joked as she handed him her phone number.

"Well, in that case..." Dave took his shoes off and walked towards the a bed, pulling out a the box of pizza from underneth, "I'm having another slice of pizza."

"How did you know that was under there?" Lilian asked as she joined him on the bed. As an answer, Dave just gave her smile. "I have three older sister's, I know things."

"Like what?" Taking her hand in his, Dave linked their fingers together gently, gazing in her eyes the whole time.

"I know, that if I were to ask out somebody, I just kind of look at them like this, and tell them how I would enjoy taking them out sometime." Lilian's face turned a deep shade of red from blushing. "I'm taking that as a yes," Dave said with a slight chuckle. Lilian nodded her head.

Getting up from the bed with his slice of pizza, he put his shoes back on and left the room with a wave. Lilian closed the door behind him, and when she made sure the door was completly shut, she went back over to her bed and screamed with a pillow covering her face. Turning over to her side, she picked up her cell phone to call Shelton.

He never answred. Leaving a pointless messege on his voicemail, she closed her cell phone, and for the first time in a long time, went to sleep with a smile on her face.

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