The next morning, Lilian woke up with the smile still on her face. What had happened the previous night was still fresh in her memory as she looked at the box of open pizza that was on the other side of the bed, and if she leaned at just the right angle on her pillow, she could smell where he was laying while they were waiting for the pizza to come.

Throwing on an old Incubus t-shirt, a mini skirt, and a pair of black flip flops, she made her way down to the hotel lobby where she knew Shelton would be waiting so they can go out for breakfast.

"Don't take your time or anything. It's not like I have been waiting for the past twenty minutes! Geez Lil, what's your problem?" Shelton asked once she saw her enter the lobby. "Oh, and let me guess. You forgot your purse in your hotel room and now I, the Intercontinental Champion and one half of the World's Greatest Tag Team, have to pay for your breakfast. Right?"

Lilian tucked a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear, linking her other arm through Shelton's. "I knew you'd understand," she told him with a grin.

His laugh echoed in the lobby as they exited together, not knowing where they were going. It was normal for them as they walked down the street, they'd get the odd look from a fan and sign an autograph, but as soon as a restaurant caught Shelton's eyes, they'd walk in and sit down.

Today was different.

When they walked into the restaurant of Shelton's choosing, all Lilian could see were empty tables, except for the one in the back. That specific table in the back contained of Randy, Adam, and John Cena, all laughing as they looked at a napkin that had some sort of scribbling on it.

"Fellas," Shelton greeted as he pulled out a seat for Lilian. "I brought a guest with me this morning. I hope you guys don't mind."

"Not at all," Adam chimed it, passing Lilian the napkin. "A woman's opinion is good every now and then." Lilian rolled her eyes and ripped up the napkin as she saw it was, what she assumed, a stick figure of herself and a stick figure of Dave in the middle of the ring, kissing.

"What one of you dumbasses drew that?" She asked, trying not to smile.

"Cena," Randy, Adam and Shelton answered. John looked at Lilian with his smirk and raised his eyebrows.

"You'll see!" He shouted. "You're first kiss will be in that ring, and we are here to make sure it will happen."

Lilian groaned as she placed her head on the table and banged repeatedly against the hardwood. This is why Shelton wanted to take her to this place. He knew the guys would be here to set this plan.

She's been set up.

The rest of the breakfast, the blonde sat in silence as she just nodded her head as the guys handed her scrap pieces of paper with information about Dave. His favourite movie, which she already knew. His favourite food, which she also knew. She stuffed the piece of paper in her skirt pocket, knowing they'd be safe there.

All through her breakfast which she didn't eat, she had to listen to the guys about their first time with their current girlfriends. John and Dawn Marie's first kiss, Adam and Christy's first make out session, and the first time Randy and Stacy had sex.

It was as if she wasn't even there. The only time she'd be acknowledged was when Randy would nudge her when he would repeat a pick up line he said to Stacy or any of the other Diva's.

"This one time, I was taking Trish out. So I told her, 'tonight, we'll go get dinner and see a movie. And by dinner I mean we'll have sex, and by seeing a movie, I mean we're taping ourselves having sex." Randy told them as the guys howled with laughter, Shelton included, while Lilian sat there, with a look of disgust.

She removed herself from the table, saying she was going to the bathroom, but when the guys weren't looking, she escaped the restaurant. Wiping her tears as they fell from her eyes she made her way back to her hotel room by herself.

Lilian couldn't help but wonder why Shelton would set up such a thing for her to endure, and the fact that now Adam, Randy and John knew about her crush made her uneasy; especially Randy. He was the worst person when it came to secrets.

She threw herself onto her pillows, ignoring the fact that the cleaning lady was in the middle of making her bed.

"What be done with pizza?" she asked in a thick accent as she picked up the box. Lilian snatched it away from her, quickly shoving a slice in her mouth. "Boys no good," the cleaning lady told her. "Boys break hearts. Pretty girls don't need hearts broken. Pretty girls need...Pretty girls need shoes." With a grin, the cleaning lady left the room, quietly shutting the door behind her.

The ring announcer wiped another tear away from her eye as she turned on the TV. The last thing she wanted to do was talk to anyone, so she turned off her phone as well.

Silence. That's all she wanted at the moment. Just pure, utter silence.

But because that's what she wanted, she obviously wasn't going to get it.

"Lilly! Lilly, open up!" She instantly knew that voice belong to Dawn Marie. Sometimes it was hard to tell whose voice belongs to whom, but Dawn Marie had that distinct Jersey accent that no other Diva, or no one else on the roster, had.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, she answered the door, only to be greeted by a giant hug. "I knew something was wrong. I could feel it in my stomach that something was wrong. OK, I lied, John called me and said you were upset, but Oh my God Lil, what's wrong?"

Lilian smiled as Dawn directed her back into the hotel room. Maybe a talk with her would help.

"I'm fine," Lilian assured the Jersey native.

"Bull. You were crying. I don't want to know why you were crying, but I do want to know what is going on with you and Dave. And don't you dare tell me nothing, because that is also bull."

The blonde passed the box of pizza over to Dawn Marie as her stomach filled with butterflies. Dawn saw this reaction immediately and grinned to herself. "Dave...he's like...this gentle giant, ya know? He's safe, and calm...It's like he has this side of him that no one can see because it would ruin his look. But I see it. I see his humor, I see his laugh, and I see his eyes..."

Dawn smiled as Lilian continued to talk. "I don't want to jinx anything...but I think I'm falling in love with him."