Love on a Wall

Miss Ed

Disclaimer: I only own the new characters and places and you know what the WWE owns what the wrestlers own and what Vince McMahon owns. I am simply writing out of my imagination.

Remember: This story has no draft. It is on the spot and I have no idea how this will turn out. Bear with me.

Summary: Can posters really see what we do? Are their eyes really watching us? Or are they just part of the decoration? Well, I have a poster of Randy Orton...and some strange things have been happening…


Chapter Twelve: Misunderstandings Part II


"Wait." He told me as he, right then and there, pulled me into a deep passionate kiss


Little did I know that there was something behind that kiss…and it was something I would definitely be freaked out about

Even worse…I was going to be crushed to the bone

And you know that NO ONE is ever really ready for pain

2 months later

I was back at my apartment and I could not forget anything that happened that night, Randy was an absolute gentleman.

He was sweet and funny too. He called me up this morning telling me that he already missed me.

Which was odd since we only met, even though I told him that, he said he's seen me before, he said he's known me before and that I was the missing link to his life.

But I was the panic freak, you know, tell me something in the wrong manner and I'll freak. You gotta be extremely specific and clear when you speak to me, I'm a total wreck.

That's why when I turned the TV on to watch Randy, I wanted to rip that poster off that wall…

Randy and Stacy had a plot together? And he didn't tell me? Why didn't he tell me? What was there to hide?

I wanted to call him up, but that seemed too straight forward, instead, I decided to do something instead.

The next night, Randy called and I turned the television on to listen to his message. "Hey, Brooklyn, sweetie, I have something to tell you, if you're there, please pick up the phone, if you aren't right now, please call me back. Love you, Randy." Then he put the phone down…

I was now fuming inside…

I know, I shouldn't judge, but if Randy did love me, then he wouldn't go through with this plot.

I am not JEALOUS!

I am NOT!

Stacy's a slut!

Second Conscience: You're Jealous…

First Conscience: No I'm not!

Second Conscience: You are too! You can't stand Stacy being in a plot with Randy. If you really love him, you'll let him do his job the way he is expected to. Remember, he's only known you for two months and vice versa, and he's been in wrestling for more than a year. So which do you think he'll prefer?

First Conscience: Go to hell…Randy loves me…

Second Conscience: Yeah right…

First Conscience: You're just jealous

Second Conscience: How can I be jealous of you when I'm a part of you, you bimbo!

First Conscience: See! Now you're insulting yourself!

Second Conscience: Whatever, you're nuts

First Conscience: I know you are, but what am I?


Ok, now, I looked like an idiot, screaming in my living room without anyone in there to scream at. I'm just lucky that no one was there. I was going crazy. I seriously was. And I couldn't stand it anymore.

I finally made a decision…I'm not going to return Randy's calls and I'm not going to talk to him.

I'm going to do the silent treatment…dramatic music

Did you hear that?

Never mind…

Then my phone rang again…BEEP…"Hey, sweetie, I really need to talk to you. It's important and urgent. Randy."

No way! I wasn't going to return that call! I'm out of town!

I'm dead, I'm under a witness protection program, and I'm not Brooklyn!

I'll give any excuse not to return that call…I know, I'm too emotional, but I wish Triple H had gone through with sending Stacy a pedigree, I would've kissed him myself if he did…I'm not serious about the kiss part, but I just might be eternally grateful.

But Randy, coming out to save Stacy's jelly filled tushy, was another story.

Why didn't he tell me the night before or before the show started?

Did he really wait for me to scream my head off and break off the relationship?

I guess that was his intention, because he didn't tell me!

I have no idea what the hell has gotten into the man's head, but I wasn't going to stand for it.

I know every other fan would want to kill Randy for that, every Randy fan, that is, and at least now, I have some people on my back.

I never really hated Stacy before…Not until today, that is.

Ugh! Randy was going to get a piece of my mind, and it wasn't going to be pretty.