Love on a Wall

Miss Ed

Disclaimer: I only own the new characters and places and you know what the WWE owns what the wrestlers own and what Vince McMahon owns. I am simply writing out of my imagination.

Remember: This story has no draft. It is on the spot and I have no idea how this will turn out. Bear with me.

Summary: Can posters really see what we do? Are their eyes really watching us? Or are they just part of the decoration? Well, I have a poster of Randy Orton...and some strange things have been happening…

A/N: Sorry for the long wait, people! I was caught up with my other stories. The problem was that I forgot what went on in the story, so I had to read it again. Apparently, I seem to be a slow reader. I always take my time when I read, because I'm always day dreaming. Anyways, here's Chapter 13. So sorry again for the long wait Ü Wait…I think this is an AU story…I dunno…can someone tell me if it is? It'll really help if you did. Thanks again.

Chapter Thirteen: Ooh, he's in trouble now…

Brooklyn's POV

It was just my luck that the WWE was in town this week, because I was going to give Randy a piece of my mind. Seriously, why didn't he tell me that he had a storyline with Stacy?

Anyway, I was now parking my car in front of the Arena and then got stopped by a huge, muscular, kinda fat dude who said that I can't enter the backstage area without a pass.


"My boyfriend's in there," I said as I tried to slip in, but just felt his huge arms lift me and place me back in front of the door. WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? IT'S TRUE! MY BOO'S THERE!

Yeah, but he won't be my boo anymore once I find out he's cheating on me!

"Sure, that's what they all said," he pointed at a bunch of girls that looked like sluts to me…hm…I wonder why Stacy isn't there…

"I'm telling you the truth, Randy Orton's my boyfriend!" that's just when I received laughs from the Groupie Group…

"Right, he's your boyfriend and I'm general manager of Raw," he crossed his arms over his chest and looked at me, "Now, I suggest you wait over there with the girls, maybe you'll get your chance when the shows over, the guys come out here anyway." He chuckled and another big dude assisted me with to the place the girls were in.

"Wait! I am his girlfriend! I have proof!" I said as I took out a photo from my bag and handed it to the guy

He laughed

"Is this Randy?" he asked pointing to the right side of the picture.

I nodded…then he laughed again.

"Get back to the line, missy, the show's only two hours long." He said as he hand the photo back to me.

I looked at the photo and…DAMMIT! I knew I shouldn't have let Jericho take the photo! His firkin thumb was covering Randy's whole head!

Note to self: Never let Jericho take my photos for me again.

So, yeah, I sat there outside in the cold…waiting and waiting…

"What's your name, honey?" some girl, with glitters all over her cleavage, asked me as I sat on the sidewalk clutching my purse

"Brooklyn," I said as she lit a cigarette and offered me one, "no thanks…" I trailed off as I sat there and waited

"Name's Mary, but I'm not a virgin…" she laughed as she made this joke and some other girls did too. Hmm, must've been her friends or something.

Though I didn't find the joke funny, since I'm Christian, I laughed with her. I mean, I wasn't in the mood of making any enemies today.

"So," Mary started as she stuffed her bra with the cigarette in the middle of two fingers, "who's your aim for tonight?" she asked as she fluffed her boobs…IF that was possible…

"I- I- I beg your pardon?" I asked her. Maybe I got the wrong impression of the question. Though I heard it right, I heard her ask me who my aim was.

"Well, see, tonight, I'm feeling like a Randy Orton vibe. He's hot; he's got a nice bum, though. Don't you think?" Mary said blowing rings of smoke out of her mouth


I wanted to scream right now and put out that cigarette on her boobs! I wanted to bitch slap her and show her who's boss! I wanted to deflate those boobs! They were too big…

But I didn't have the energy…

"Ladies! Get ready!" Mary said as the gate started going up. But it was only 9 pm. The show was still halfway through. Then that's when Mary grabbed my wrist and heaved me to a corner.

"What's hap—" Mary covered my mouth with her hand and told me to be quiet.

The gate went up and an ambulance was backing up out of the arena, as the gate reached a height slightly above our heads, Mary lead the way and we all ran in. I didn't know what was happening. And then with that Mary told us to each hide behind a crate, so I did.

"What's happening?" I mouthed to Mary as she watched the ambulance rush out and the gates start to close. As the gate finally shut, Mary told the girls that it was safe to come out. She straightened her micro mini and I stood up and asked her again, "What's happening? Can someone please tell me?" I asked as a girl with short pink hair grinned at me and retouched her lipstick.

"Listen, honey," Mary said as she chewed her gum, "If you wanna make it in this business, sometime ya gotta do things the hard way…" She said as she took my wrist again, "Now, let's go find us some men and get laid tonight, aight?" Mary said as she led me to a hallway

"Excuse me? Get laid?" I asked as I fixed my bag, which was falling off my left shoulder

"Of course honey, what do you think us girls do for a living? Count someone's bills?" She laughed as she stuffed something into her bra

"Listen, Mary, I'm just here to meet my boyfriend—" I started but got cut off by the pink haired girl

End of POV

"Oh my gosh! You have a boyfriend! That's so unfair. My last boyfriend dumped me…" the pink haired girl said as she started to cry

Brooklyn shrugged it off continued to talk to Mary

"See, my boyfriend didn't tell me something and I'm in a hurry. The show might end soon and I just wanna get to him as soon as possible and—" As Brooklyn said this, she was taking a few steps back when she bumped into someone

She quickly turned around and came face to face with the person she came to meet

"Brooklyn?" he asked as he placed the towel around his neck, he was quite surprised to see her there

"Randy…" Brooklyn trailed off as she kept a stern look in her face

"What are you doing here?" he said as he kissed her on the cheek and tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear

"I live here…" She said as she crossed her arms over her chest

"In the arena?" Randy asked puzzled

"Great, I'm dating an idiot now…" Brooklyn said as she rolled her eyes

"I'm so sorry, sweetie, it's just that I just came from the ring. See, Stacy and I—" then Brooklyn cut him off

"Why didn't you tell me about the storyline? Why didn't you tell me that you accepted it? Why?" Brooklyn asked furiously

"Lynn, calm down, it was just a storyline. I never slept with Stacy. Nothing happened. I'm still your—what nickname did you give me again?"

Tears filled her eyes as she muttered out his nickname, "Pepper…"

"I'm still your Paper…" he said as he hugged her

"It's Pepper!" she said as she broke off the hug, "Randy, couldn't you at least have told me and spared me the sleepless nights?"

"So, you didn't trust me?" Randy asked Brooklyn

"We've never personally met in the past, and personally, you're a complete stranger to me. You're my first boyfriend, Randy. I wouldn't understand." Brooklyn's tears were now streaming down her cheeks

"Lynn, I love you, and you can trust me with anything…" he said as he pulled Brooklyn into a hug.

Brooklyn broke the hug once more and started to cry even more

"I don't know if I can—" she paused "If I can believe you…" with that, she ran and found an open door, she ran inside and shut the door

She seemed to have entered the editing room, with that, she heard someone say through the speakers, "Roll playback…"

And on the huge screen was the Randy kissing Stacy in the ring

"Uh, Joe, something's wrong with the playback…it's looping…" a male voice said through the speakers

Brooklyn's eyes were filled with tears and she couldn't help it…

Randy was outside, talking, hoping Brooklyn would hear it. He stepped back as soon as he heard someone on the door

Brooklyn opened the door to it's widest and gave Randy room to see the footage.

Randy's eyes grew wide and Brooklyn asked him, "How could you?"

End of Chapter 13