Call It a Hunch

He just couldn't stop staring. Exposed midriff? Fine. Bare shoulders? Used to 'em.

Albel's thigh, however, was another story. Cliff simply could not help looking at it. Every step Albel took offered a glimpse of the man's pale upper leg, and it took a great deal of effort from Cliff to look away.

It was a bit strange really, how he found Albel (and especially Albel's left thigh) so-well, fascinating. Yes, fascinating. That was it. Even though there were plenty of nice-looking Klausians back home, not to mention the people from other planets, who walked around wearing less. Oh, forget them, Nel's and her two subordinates' clothing revealed more than Albel's... whatever it was; Cliff refused to think of it as a skirt with one hell of a slit, even though that was exactly what it looked like.

It was worse in battle; every time Albel did that Shockwave Swirl move of his, Cliff could see more leg, and found himself wishing he could see even more, something he was not too comfortable with.

Since, well, Albel's a bit of a psychopath. Okay, psychopath may be a bit pushing it (then again, perhaps not), but it was the closest thing Cliff could think of.

A psychopath who walks around with his left thigh exposed.

Good-looking too, if he would stop that scowling and sneering.


"Look out!"

Cliff instinctively dodged aside when he heard Fayt's warning, evading a swing from one of the monsters before the blonde counterattacked with a flurry of punches and kicks. It would take more than that silly move to take down a Klausian, but he still felt a little guilty on how he had let his guard down.

He saw Albel, who had just finished off one of the monsters with that Palm of Destruction move-dear gods, that move was even more powerful than the Shockwave Swirl and not to mention it showed even more of Albel's upper leg-what the hell am I thinking?!

Albel must have noticed his tiny lapse of concentration earlier; the swordsman scowled in his direction and said something. Cliff did not hear what he said, but the Klausian read his lips.

'Fool,' Albel had uttered.

Cliff agreed with him, and promptly ran off to engage the next enemy, hoping to relieve some of his frustrations by pounding some oversized lizards to their doom. Not to mention where he could stay away from tantalising glimpses of a certain swordsman's bare upper leg.

This isn't going to get any easier, Cliff thought.

Call it a hunch.