Sirius grabbed his trunk and got off the train. He saw Hannah and Lily waiting for him. He hugged Hannah when she walked over.
"You're mad at me." He said "I can tell."
"I'm not mad." Hannah replied "Disappointed, but not mad."
"Forgive me?"
Hannah thought for a moment but already knew the answer.
"Always." She grinned.
Sirius hugged her again but this time a number of students saw them. Most people in the school thought Hannah and Sirius were an item, that Hannah just used Remus as a front. This might have just added suspicion to it.
James envied the relationship between them. Something he would never have with his sister - something that he never got a chance to have.

"Students!" They heard Hagrid say, "Students get in'ter the carriages!"
He pointed to a number of horse-drawn carriages.
The marauders got into one and Lily and Hannah got into another one with two of their friends (there were four to a carriage).
"What's the deal with you and Sirius?" Clare asked Hannah "I mean you two looked pretty close just then."
"I could ask you the same thing about Paul." Hannah replied "And nothing is going on between us!"

"Sure there isn't!" Carolyn coughed
"There isn't!" both Hannah and Lily retorted
the other two rolled their eyes.
"He's my brother!" Hannah snapped
"Oh my God!"

Meanwhile the Marauders were working on their latest prank.
"So it's settled then." James said, "Snivellus and Malfoy are our first targets!"
"Agreed." The other three responded

"But what are we going to do?" Sirius asked

"I still got plans for the prank we never pulled last year." Remus said

"I thought we got rid of that." James looked confused "After someone found one of our plans."

"It was an accident." Sirius said, "She didn't mean to."

"Sure she didn't" James coughed

"You're kidding?" Clare exclaimed, "Right?"

Hannah shook her head

"And anyway I'm not the one who fancies Sirius."

"Well who does?" Clare asked

She looked from Carolyn to Lily


"Me." Lily confessed

"You don't?" Carolyn looked like she was about to be sick

"You're only saying that because you like James." Lily retorted

"I still can't believe James asked you out." Carolyn added looking at Hannah

"Anyway, enough about Sirius and James." Lily said, "I wanna hear about Paul, I want all the juicy details about what happened over the summer."

"Yeah." Hannah and Carolyn said, "Has he asked you out yet?"

Clare nodded and the girls squealed

"Finally!" Lily giggled "It took him long enough!"

Both the marauders and the girls had fun the rest of the journey to the castle. To them it seemed weird being back at Hogwarts after the summer. It felt like coming home! They just wished that this wasn't going to be their last year.

"It feels strange doesn't it?" Lily said "The fact that we're leaving at the end of this year and are never coming back."

"It seems like home." Clare said

"Yeah, I know." Sirius said behind them

The four girls looked at each other and giggled.



Sirius looked scared. Usually when girls giggled around him they were planning something - the last prank a girl had pulled on him ended in humiliation - for Sirius and James!

He glared at Hannah and Lily, which made the four girls laugh even harder. They couldn't help it - Sirius was just being paranoid.
Lily felt a bit sly on him though but then remembered all the pranks the marauders had pulled on her. She may have fancied Sirius but he was still a bit of an idiot with a slightly inflated ego. Hannah winked at him. She could see the paranoia in his face. It was fun winding her brother up. She looked at the scar on the back of her hand and let out a small laugh. It was from when both she and Sirius had decided that they had to be bound by blood and they both had an identical scar on their right hands - they'd only been six, how where they supposed to know they'd end up in hospital when they couldn't stop the blood flow.
"What you looking at?" Lily asked
"Scar!" Hannah answered
"How did you do that?"
"Long story." Hannah said "Quite funny. I'll tell you later."
The marauders were behind the girls and they shook their heads.
"What are they laughing at?" James asked
"Me!" Sirius muttered
"Go figure." Remus chuckled "Probably know 'bout you and Hannah."
They saw Hannah raise her right hand to Sirius, which made him laugh slightly
"What?" The other three asked
"The scar on the back of my hand." Sirius explained "It's from when we were six and we got some stupid idea into our head and ended up cutting along our hand. We ended up in the accident department in the hospital."

The marauders burst into hysterical laughter.
"It ain't that funny." Sirius whined
"Yeah it is." Remus and James laughed.
Sirius sulked"Tell me now." Lily said
"Do I have to?" Hannah asked
Lily nodded
Hannah explained - this made Lily giggle. Both Clare and Carolyn heard this.
"What you giggling for?" They asked
Lily told them - this made the three of them giggle even harder.
"It really isn't that funny." Hannah said
"It is to us."
Hannah turned round and mouthed to Sirius
"I am never gonna hear the last of this."
"Me neither!" He mouthed back

They entered the Great Hall, which was buzzing with noise. The girls took their usual roll opposite the marauders. The only reason they sat here was because Hannah was Remus' "girlfriend" (only the marauders and Lily knew they were engaged), Carolyn had a huge crush on James and (of course) Lily fancied Sirius.
When Sirius walked past, Hannah handed him a note that said
Just ask her out

He read it over and over.
"Ask who out?" James asked
Sirius just shrugged
He glared at Hannah
"You know I can't." He mouthed
Hannah just rolled her eyes. 'He rules with his head and not his heart' she thought.
"Who you rolling your eyes at?" Lily asked
"Sirius." She muttered "For being such a prat!"
Lily just shook her head. Being a prat was what he was best at doing.

There was silence as Dumbledore stood up.
"I'd like to welcome you all back to another year at Hogwarts." He smiled "I would also like to introduce our new Head Boy and Girl - Sirius Black and Lily Evans."
Everyone cheered - apart from most Slytherins.
"Mr Filch has also asked me to remind you that there are a number of items that have been banned this year - there is a full list going up in each common room."
Everyone groaned.
"I hate it when he bans things!" Sirius muttered "It's usually something we've used on him or something we have just bought to use on him."
The girls laughed. Remus and James cursed him under their breath.

"You're quiet Peter!" Sirius remarked
"Maybe it's because I can feel her eyes on me." He squeaked - meaning Hannah.
"You mean my sister?" Sirius asked
"I'll stop freaking him out." Hannah smirked "If he stops being an annoying little pipsqueak."

"I am not an "annoying little pipsqueak"." Peter muttered
"Could've fooled us." Clare and Lily said
Sirius, James and Remus glared at them.
"Do not look at me like that." Hannah snapped
They were about to retaliate but Dumbledore had another announcement.
"When Professor McGonagoll reads out the names of the new first years you are to step forward and place that hat on your head for you to get sorted.
Professor McGonagoll got out a list and called out the names of the new first years.

(A selection of them)
"Jacinta Hendwick."
"Kiara Shukraan."
"Scarlet Wells."
"Helen Bradley."

"Not many Gryffindor's this year are there?" Sirius said
"Well compared to last year, No." Lily added
"Wonder if this year will be as interesting as last year." Carolyn pondered
The rest of the girls shrugged. The boys said nothing.
"I hope so." Remus said "But then again, it's never boring."

"Never is with you babe." Hannah smiled
Everyone else rolled their eyes (by that I mean everyone except Hannah and Remus).
Secretly Lily wanted with Sirius what Hannah and Remus had - a steady relationship, which had trust. But all this was just a fantasy - probably never gonna happen.
Sirius thought the same way Lily did, he wanted exactly what she wanted - a steady relationship. Normally when Sirius went out with a girl it was just for fun. Between him and James they had gone out with most of the girls in their year. He wished that he had never promised James that he would never touch/go out with/kiss and girl he had ever gone out with or liked. James had promised Sirius the same thing. But then again it wasn't as if Sirius and James actually kept promises - well besides this.
Sirius shook himself mentally - it's never gonna happen he thought.

"What was with the look?" Hannah asked
"No reason." Sirius said a little too quickly.
"At least I ain't scared of commitment!" Hannah retorted.
Sirius was trying to think of a witty comeback but couldn't. Hannah started twirling a lock of her hair.
"You realise that you twirl your hair when you're agitated?" Sirius and Remus remarked.
"Anyway Hannah." Lily and Clare said "He may fear commitment but at least he ain't scared of responsibility."
"Oh my God!" Hannah responded "He is THE least responsible person I know - well besides me anyway."
"That is true." James said, laughing slightly.
Both Hannah and Sirius glared at him.
"I was being sarcastic." Hannah snapped at him.
"Yeah, what she said." Sirius added
Hannah leant over and hit him across the head.
"Idiot." She muttered
"Hey!" Sirius pretended to be offended and stuck his tongue out at her

"Brothers." Hannah muttered to Lily "If I could live without him, sometimes I would."
"But you can't." Lily smiled
"Hell no." She giggled "I'd be lost without him."
"Lost without who?" Sirius, Remus and James asked
"Who do you think?" She directed this at Sirius.
"Didn't know you cared." Sirius teased
The girls rolled their eyes.
"Oh my God." Hannah said "I have just found an upside to being Sirius' sister and I cannot believe it's took me this long!"
"What is it"
Hannah smiled at the girls and mouthed something to Carolyn and then something to Lily. It took them all of 10 second to work out what she was saying and they started giggling.
"How did it take you that long to figure it out?" Lily asked
"I have no idea." Hannah answered
"What are youse talking about?" Remus asked
"Nothing." They answered, innocently.
Clare looked at them and they simply whispered 'matchmaking'

Clare still looked slightly confused so Hannah whispered

"Lily and Sirius plus Carolyn and James equals love."

"So glad I already have a boyfriend." Clare laughed "I do not trust you in the least when it comes to that."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Hannah asked

"Well, your choice in guys hasn't exactly been great." She responded

"Hey!" Remus said

Hannah shot her a look (Clare)

"Only because none of them are like Paul." Lily teased

"Right of the subject." Carolyn said

"Lets talk about the summer holidays then." Sirius said "Anything interesting happen? And this time I want the truth!"

Clare and Carolyn looked at them confused

"Don't ask." Lily muttered

"Well Paul asked me out!" Clare squealed

"Who's Paul?" The marauders asked

"Some guy who she goes to badminton with during the summer." The girls replied

"My band got a gig." Carolyn told them

"You're in a band?"

She nodded

"Your turn Hannah."

"You already know about my summer."

"We don't!" Clare and Carolyn said, "Details!"

"What does this tell you?" Hannah asked, showing them her engagement ring.

They squealed.

"I take everything back about your choice in guys." Clare said "You might actually have done something right in that context."

"You knew!" Carolyn said to Lily.

"Of course I did." Lily answered, "I've known for like all of 3 hours."

"Why didn't you tell us?" They asked,
"'Cause I didn't."
"Wait a minute." Peter squeaked "You and Hannah are engaged?" - this was said to Remus
"Yeah," He answered
"Anyway enough about this." Hannah said "What about Lily?"
"What about me?" Lily asked, "I got nothing to tell."
"Sure." The girls said, "Now spill."
"I have honestly got nothing to tell." Lily repeated "And anyway me and Sirius have got to go to Dumbledore's office."
"Have we?" Sirius asked
"Yeah, something to do with new responsibilities." Lily said, "Now come on."
"We might as well go to the common room then." James said
"Okay." Sirius shrugged "See ya later then."

Sirius and Lily walked out of the Great Hall towards Dumbledore's office. Lily took hold of Sirius' hand but Sirius quickly withdrew it.
"Lily you know I can't, I can't do that to James." Sirius said looking into her emerald green eyes
"I thought you loved me?" Lily said, her throat tightened
"I do, you know I do, but I couldn't just do that to James." Sirius said still looking into her eyes
They walked in silence to Dumbledore's office and Sirius said the password 'SHERBET LEMON' they walked up the stone stairs that appeared in front of them.
"Hello, Professor Dumbledore?" Lily said
"Hello you two." Dumbledore said coming out of the shadows, "I need to discuss some responsibilities for this year with you."
Sirius groaned but only so Lily could hear
"Right 1st one is you are in charge of any events coming up e.g. dances etc and the two you have to go to said dances together."
Lily and Sirius looked at each other, it was the perfect excuse to be together without anyone being hurt.
"You are also expected to act responsibly and help pupils in lower years." Dumbledore added
Sirius sighed slightly - no way was he suddenly going to act responsibly.
"Is that all?" Sirius asked,
"Yes, for now." Dumbledore said, "You may go."
Lily and Sirius walked back together in silence, through the portrait hole and up the stairs to the split where they went to the common rooms. Sirius kissed her and wished he had done it sooner. Stood there under his invisibility cloak was James...