"Well including me, Mum and Dad, both of whom are still alive, had nine children. Then there are 25 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I'm the youngest, and Russell and Dermot are the oldest. I'm the only one that isn't a twin." Jack said smiling.

"Hmm, it's strange for two people who have had four sets of twins to then have a single child." One of the nurses piped up.

"I never said that I was never a twin. I had a twin brother called Marek. He had a hole in his heart and died when he was three." Jack replied. Sam looked rather shocked, she looked even more shocked when Kerry walked over to Jack and wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered something into his ear. Sam heard him growl and forcibly remove her arms from round his neck.

"It's over Kerry take the sodding hint." He snarled at her. Sam walked over and he grabbed her round the waist and dragged her out onto the dance floor.

"Damn," He muttered.

"Still think she has a chance huh?" Sam asked

"Yeah." Sam had seen the fall out of Jack and Kerry's relationship, which had ended up with her sat in his living room as he drank himself stupid. Pete had gone ballistic when she had come home, and told him what she had been doing. She didn't mention that she had enjoyed holding Jack as, in his drunken stupor, he cried.

The party carried on well into the night, but there was no sign that Sam and Jack were together apart form them dancing a lot. There were no hugs, kisses or whispered words to one another. Many thought that they would never get together, as they had, had to hold back so much. No one knew if they were only dancing a lot because of Kerry, or if it was going to be the start of something, no one knew that they were already engaged. When Sam had gone and sat in his truck for a second she had left him a note

See you yours after


She hadn't signed it so that if it was intercepted by someone else they wouldn't know who was going to meet him. Jack smiled when he saw the note and started the engine. He noticed that Sam hadn't left yet so he pulled out of the parking lot and headed home. Sam followed at a discreet distance.