"Ten Hut" Sam called as Jack preceded the President into the room. All the military personal jumped to attention. He stood with SG-1 on the ramp. General Sheehan stood beside the President. No one noticed Sam, grab Jack's hand and give it a squeeze. He smiled gently at her. The President looked at the men and women assembled in the Gate Room.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. It is with great regret that I have to inform you of changes to take place at the SGC. A year ago Jack O'Neill agreed, reluctantly I might add, to command the base for six months, well after much cajoling I just about managed to convince him to command for a year. Well I'm afraid folks that, that year is up and much to my reluctance I have to let him go, however hard I try to get him to remain here. Jack had been a valuable commander and I'm pretty sure there will be no other like him. I pray that there will be no other like him. Jack was so different from George Hammond in many ways, yet they both had the same focus and plans, and both of them have shaped the SGC into the well oiled machine that it is now." The president stopped as the lights went out all across the SGC.