Chapter 1: Stitch is my Buchi Bu

Angel lay in her cell in Gantu's ship. Her eyes were red from crying. Her antennas were scarred from trying to escape so many times. She hadn't smiled since she was captured. She felt as if her heart had been torn out. Her fur no longer had its shine from lack of grooming. She felt no point in living without her buchi bu, without her Stitch.

"Hey hotcakes," said 625 as he walked in carrying a sandwich, "ya hungry?" She shook her head. "Still not talking eh?" He plopped down next to the cell. "Why don't ya like me?" She looked at him as if it was obvious. "What does he have that I don't huh? If it's his strength I have that." Angel rolled her eyes. "Don't tell me he's better look'n!" He cried. She giggled. "Well that's a start."

"625," bellowed Gantu, "leave the trog alone she'll be cloned soon and I don't want any funny business."

Angel cocked her head. "What do you mean cloned?" yelled 625.

"It means to make duplicates of yourself and-" Gantu started.

"No, I know what it means blubberhead! But why does she have to be cloned, I mean, you're not using the cloning machine that cuts you in half are you?"

"Do you know any other cloning machine?" snorted Gantu.

"As a matter of fact yes, Dupe." Replied 625.

"We can't use him because, 625, when Dupe makes clones, the clones won't be as strong as her, besides, she's already weak enough as it is." Angel looked down. 'Am I weak? Am I just a bother? Am I Just a pretty face?' Angel pummeled these thoughts in her mind.

The machine buzzed. On the screen appeared a male experiment that looked almost identical to Stitch except he's black, had grey stripes where Stitch's lighter blue stripes are, and has a black beret on. "Experiment 620 activated, primary function, making female experiments fall in love with him."

"This'll be perfect!" exclaimed Gantu, "I can capture him, and make him capture the female experiments."

"Or, you'll get your keezer kicked buy Stitch and the girl." Stated 625.

"That won't happen." Gantu growled. He stormed toward the exit grabbing a capture capsule on the way out. Angel and 625 watched him leave the room.

Once he was out of view 625 said "Considering that you're about to be. . . um. . . how do I put this. . .er. . . cut in half would you like a sandwich?" Angel burst into tears. "Oh shoot I made you cry, I'm sorry, I promise, I'll try to change Hamsterwheel's mind about the whole thing, okay?" Angel glared at him. 'Great now he's trying to impress me, because I have a pretty face.' Angel kept her glare, but it started to cease as she thought of the idea of being with her buchi bu. She slowly nodded her head. "Sooo, you still want a sandwich Angelcakes?"

She took a deep breath, "Ih, fi mega naga Angelcakes!"

"Ok, ok, I won't call you angelcakes . . . . How about Hotcakes?"

She glared at him again,

"Will you be my buchi bu?" he asked.

"Naga! Meega Angel! Meega Stitchy's buchi bu!"

625 shrugged "Can't blame a guy for trying."

Angel faced her back to him "Humph!"

625 just glanced at her, then pressed a code number on a keyboard, then placed the sandwich on a tray attached to the cell. He stepped back and two robotic hands popped out from under the keyboard. They grabbed the sandwich, opened a latch at the top of the cell and placed the sandwich next to Angel. "Tanka." She said still frowning.

"No prob!" He said.

The communication computer turned on. "Call from Dr. Hamsterviel."

"Gantu!" shouted Hamsterviel.

"He's not here Hamsterwheel." Snorted 625.

"HAMSTERVIEL, HAMSTERVIEL! You idiotic fatso!" screamed Hamsterviel.

"Fine, fine, Hamsterviel, by the way why do you have to make clones of Angelca- I mean Angel?"

"Because, when I make duplicates they will already be evil, and do whatever I say. Ha-ha! Besides there'll also be more than one of her if one shall turn good there'll be others." He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Well, I was wondering, is there any other way of making more experiments besides killing her?" 625 asked hopefully. Angel craned her ear to hear what would happen.

"Of course there is no other way you . . . wait I've gotten an idea from your idiotic request." Angel had the smallest of hopeful smiles on her face. "I will have her breed with 627! Ha-ha! Fetch Bonnie and Clyde! They will steal the 627 pod from Jumba! Get going!" His face disappeared on the screen. 625 slowly turned around to look at Angel. Her face was horror struck. She was now standing up, her entire body tense.

"Naga." She slowly said. Her eyes were welling up with tears. "NAGA!" She rolled into a ball and started banging from side to side of the cell. She was nothing more than a blur.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean for this to happen!" 625 cried.

"Meega naga buchi bu zi 627!" she screamed still bouncing.

"I'll try to change his mind again, ok?" She abruptly stopped. She stood up and faced him, her eyes full of hatred. 'Oh? And do what? Make you breed with me?!' she thought angrily.

"Meega," she started, "Nala," she was breathing hard. "QUEESTA!" She rolled into a ball again bouncing around harder and faster.

"I said I'll try to fix everything, you don't have to be rude!" 625 said taken back. She started screaming at a high pitch. Glass started to shake; she was moving so fast only an experiment could see her. Glass broke. She flew out of the shattered area. She unraveled herself and sprinted to the elevator.

"Wait!" 625 yelled as he ran huffing and puffing.

As the elevator went down she leaned against the wall, and waved her hand and said "Bye bye 625." Her heart was thumping fast. 'I'll be with my buchi bu at last, and away from that jerk.' As the doors opened she bolted out. 'And I won't breed with 627.' She ran toward her freedom. Suddenly the doors opened, Angel skidded to a halt. In front of her was Gantu.

"How did you get out trog?" He caught her in his capsule. She angrily banged her hands against the capsule.

"Meega shiku mala!" she cried.

"I'll never let you out trog." He laughed.

She huffed as she plopped down pouting. She cocked her head to see if he caught the experiment, to her surprise he did. He immediately stood up and posed. Angel blinked in confusion. "Stitch?" she asked. If that was Stitch he definitely looked different, and acted different.

"Naga." He said still posing. "Buchi bu."
Angel frowned "Naga, meega soka, meega already hiki buchi bu."

"Hey Gantu, did you see Angel she- hey you found and an experiment?"

"Yes, and not just him," he stepped aside; Clip, Baby-flier, and Bonnie were standing behind him. "These three followed me home."

"He was quite easy to capture, considering the abomination wasn't there." Gantu said, answering 625's thoughts.

"We didn't follow you, you idiot, it's him we followed." Sighed Bonnie.

Angel noticed that their eyes were pink. 'That's odd.' She thought to herself. 'When I was . . . evil, their eyes were friendly black, except Bonnie that is, she was never friendly. Or at least that's what it showed on the computer screen' Gantu interrupted her thoughts when he roughly picked her up and threw her into the cell she sighed. 'Perfect, now I'm stuck with some love sick experiments and an idiot pervert. Though, I guess I deserve from how I treated my buchi bu. I wonder if he still loves me.'