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Angel was fully healed, and right on time for Valentines Day. She was waiting in bed. Stitch had promised her a special surprise. She couldn't wait. Her heart felt jittery. Her hands shook as she held his present. It was coconut cake. She had baked it recently. She smiled to herself.

She had quite a lot of fun yesterday, running around with Bonnie. Bonnie had showed her a work out gym, and then they practiced kick-boxing with Kixx. Though she didn't have a match with anyone. She needed to get rid of her stored up energy from those past two weeks. She snuggled into her fluffed up pillow. Stitch still was not there.

As if answering her thoughts he appeared through the window carrying a red rose with water drops on its petals in his mouth. He had a shimmering silver box that was a present for her. She smiled at him. He smiled with he roses stem still in his mouth.

He climbed the wall over to her bed and dropped from the ceiling. He handed Angel the flower and present. "Aloha buchi bu." He smiled. She purred in content.

"Hello." She held out the cake to him. His eyes shown with hunger for the cake and he quickly gobbled it in one bite. "Did you even taste it?" Angel asked with a chuckle.

"Ih." He answered. He pointed at Angel's wrapped present. "Open." He commanded. She carefully peeled off the sliver wrapping paper. She smiled at what lay before her.

In a glass box was a pure gold, heart shaped locket. Angel opened the locket. Inside was a picture of none other than Stitch. She giggled for he was trying to look proper in the picture, but his tie was on backwards and he had a bit of coffee droplets on his face. She decided to save him from embarrassment.

"Buchi bu ready?" Stitch asked. Angel stared at him.

"For what?" she asked confused at his mischief smile. He did not answer. He simply picked her up bridal style and walked up the wall and out the window he came from, smiling.

Lilo and Maria sat on the couch in Lilo's house watching reruns of TV shows. The house was glum. Nani and David were out on a date. Stitch was taking Angel somewhere. Pleakly was trying out new ways to perfect his human disguise and Jumba was doing something that they weren't aloud to know about.

Maria suddenly burst into tears. Lilo jumped up. "Maria, what's wrong?" she asked. Maria looked at Lilo in the eye. Her eyes were crystaled with tears.

"I-I'm . . . I-I wish . . . I miss Angel!" Her tears came down harder. "I-I'm h-happy for Angel and Stitch but they h-hardly ever h-have t-time to play w-with us." Maria sobbed. Lilo blinked, absorbing all of this in.

She felt the same way. Stitch never played vampire hunters anymore. He didn't read the ugly duckling to her at night. He was always too busy with Angel. Sure, Angel was her friend, but Stitch never had free time with her anymore. Lilo blinked again. Now she was crying.

"I'm sad too." Lilo admitted. "I'm happy for them, but I wish that they weren't so obsessed." Tears welled up in their eyes. They missed their friends company.

Maria hugged Pasid close to her chest. Lilo did the same with Scrump. They couldn't get that gut feeling out of their stomach.

Their throats felt clenched. They felt like they would throw up. And somewhat dizzy from their tears. They weren't jealous, they were something worse.

"I want Nani." Lilo whispered. Her instincts for a mother type came in. Maria nodded her head in agreement.

Lilo shut her eyes tight. She was happy for Stitch, but she wanted him to pay more attention to her. He was like a big brother or dad even. She slowly opened her brown eyes as a familiar song reached her ears.

Maria was singing between tears. "Aloh-ha oy. Aloha oy. Leou le ome la l-li aloha . . . again . . ." she buried her face in her arms crying. Lilo smiled sadly.

"Le li la, a wahi la. Nomahi ohana. Le com com. Ti come on li. A wahi come on li. A wah hi . . ." Lilo didn't want to finish. Stitch would always make little comments between verses in this song to make her laugh. He wasn't there to have fun.

Stitch covered Angel's eyes with his extra arms. She purred as familiar scents entered her nostrils. Stitch licked Angel's warm cheek as a familiar flower brushed against his knee. He placed her down in a familiar hammock, still covering her eyes.

He took his hands away from her eyes and she couldn't help, but smile.

There, in front of them, was a small tree house. A ladder extended from the center of the metal house. Apparently, everything was automatic and high technology. She smiled at her buchi bu.

"It's beautiful!" she awed. Stitch smiled and swept Angel off her feet carrying her to the ladder. She wrapped her hands around his neck and purred into his ear.

Three seconds later they're at the top of the ladder. A voice box and finger scanner were above them. Stitch proceeded with placing his paw on the finger print scanner. The voice box beamed green, 'Please proceed.' It said. Like an elevator the floor opened. Stitch climbed through with Angel still clutching him.

Inside was a bed with covers that were tie-died pink and blue. Everything in the room was pink and blue. The curtains, the carpet, and it appeared Stitch tried to do the same for the refrigerator . . . but it didn't seem to have worked out.

Stitch stroke Angel's soft cheek, purring at her delicate features. Lifting her on the fuzzy, tie-die bed he clicked his claws and the lights went dim. Angel blinked as realization swelled into her head.

She lied down on her back on the soft bed. Stitch jumped on next to her. He stroked his finger against her cheek. He planted a kiss where his finger had been.

"Meega love you buchi bu." He murmured. He carefully climbed on top of her. Angel held her breath as he started to kiss her hungrily.

"Stitchy . . ." she moaned.

"Oy, that last customer was some work." Romeo grumbled, rubbing his head in annoyance. Sassy set her tray of heart-shaped, sugar cookies down on the desk and rubbed his back.

Sassy giggled as he squirmed in his mind, trying to keep himself from being a pervert. She knew he could be a pervert at times. She didn't blame him. His personality was programmed to be that way, an addition to his powers.

She gave him an affectionate lick before sitting down next to him. "Romeo," she turned to him, making sure she had his undivided attention. "You think we could take the rest of the day off, go to the amusement park or something?" He looked down, deciding what to do. Sassy made up his mind when she nuzzled him.

"Okataga." He answered with a smile. She jumped up happily.

"I'll go get our disguise!" she yelped happily. She skipped up the stairs in delight. Romeo shook his head chuckling. Girls.

In no more than two minutes, Sassy was down in her Earth disguise. She was wearing a blonde wig in a pony-tail. Her tee shirt was white with a small, pink heart on her chest. The bottom of her shirt was a couple of inches above where her navel would be (hey, she has fur remember? Hard to see). She was also wearing a jean skirt and yellow sandals.

"Watcha think Romeo?" Sassy asked, twirling so her skirt flared slightly. He purred in response. She giggled. "Here." Sassy handed Romeo his chosen outfit. He smiled, taking the clothes and entering the bathroom and closing the door.

Coming out he was wearing a wig identical to Stitch's except its black. He was wearing a black sleeveless shirt that was torn on the edges. On the front of his shirt was a skeleton's head. He wore grey baggy shorts and black sneakers. Romeo smirked at the thought of the look of a valley girl and bad boy couple. He shook his head. We're not a couple. Sassy doesn't think that way about you. She just likes you as a FRIEND. The word 'friend' echoed in his head. Ok, best-friend.

"Romeo?" Sassy waved her hand in front of Romeo's zoned out face. "You in there?" He shook his head back to consciousness. Sassy giggled. "Come on!" She pulled him out the door.

Sassy stood with Romeo in front of the amusement park. "I'm ready to have fun." She giggled. Looking around, they soon decided on bumper cars.

I see you, and sigh . . .

I see you and my knees go weak . . .

I see you and I know . . . I'm in love . . .

Sassy was in a pink bumper car, while Romeo was in a green one. They played with the others there. When they bumped into each other, they met each others eye. Sassy looked away shyly.

You pretend that there's nothing there, nothing special.

But when I look in your eyes, I see you care . . .

Tell me that you love me, I need someone to care.

Tell me that I'm in love.

Romeo knocked down a stack of bottles, winning Sassy a pink bear plushie. She hugged it tight grinning. She gave him an affectionate lick. He turned red.

I'm angry when I see you with another . . .

I'm in pain when I'm without you . . .

I need to know, I want to know . . . If you love me.

They sat in the roller coaster waiting for the ride to start. The ride lurched at it started to move uphill. Sassy looked around anchiously. She screamed, holding on to Romeo tightly as the ride went downhill. He grinned sheepishly.

I hold your hand in mine.

I touch your weary chin.

I lean down to kiss you . . .

But, you look away.

Romeo and Sassy sat in the ride of love. Looking around curiously. They turned back to each other. Their noses met. Sassy turned away smiling. Romeo looked down crestfallen. Sassy turned back to him, seeing him looking down. She lifted his chin up gently. She saw it in his eyes.

"Youga okataga?" She asked. He nodded inching closer to her. She inched closer to him without realizing it.

They turned to each other, their lips met. Sassy was about to turn, but Romeo held her there. She was shocked by his movement. She shakily slid her arms around his neck.

Do you love me?

If so tell me.

You show me signs, so make my day.

I need to know, if . . . you love me . . .

. . . I need to know . . . if you love me . . .

Romeo and Sassy walked back to their home, hand in hand.

(a few hours later)

Jumba was busy in his room, going through his closet. He was looking for his spywear. He had a feeling Lilo and Maria took them for their playtime. He sighed. Little girls being lots of trouble, I'm proud. He chuckled to himself.

DING! Jumba turned around as the computer turned on. "An experiment has been activated?" he asked to know one in particular.

"Three experiments in making." The computer buzzed. Jumba blinked in confusion.

"What? But evil genius hasn't been being-oh," He chuckled, "my experiments are breeding."