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Sassy groaned as the previous night's memories swelled back in her head. She sat up slowly, in her bed that she had shared with Romeo. She turned to the sleeping figure to her left and smiled. Romeo looked so peaceful and innocent in his sleep. She shook her head grinning, and then climbed out of bed, careful not to wake her mate.

Yes, mate. Last night, they had declared they're love for each other and mated. Her mind, still dull, she trudged into their bathroom, cupping her paws together as cool water fell into her paws, and she splashed her face. Now fully awake, she shook her head to get the water off herself.

She looked up into the mirror her happy demeanor brightening. Her fur was very ruffled, yet she couldn't feel happier. She opened the mirror, revealing a small cabinet from behind it. She pulled out her silver brush, and started brushing herself.

Once her fur was back to its usual placements, she put her brush away, glanced at her pink bear that Romeo won her the previous night, then, fairly skipped downstairs to prepare breakfast.

She grabbed her apron then gathered the ingredients for waffles and pancakes. She hummed merrily to herself as she poured flour into the mixing cup. She reached for some chocolate chips, deciding to make chocolate chip pancakes, but stopped short.

A weird feeling and taste flew up from her stomach and throat. Then, plain as can be, she threw up on the floor.

Lilo blinked as the sun's rays through her window reached her eyes. She rubbed her stingy eyes sitting up. She pulled her fists away to reveal Victoria in her sleeping bag on the floor, along with Maria's. Snooty was sleeping up-side-down under Stitch's bed. Lilo's eyes Reached Stitch's bed, expecting to find Stitch and Angel cuddling again, instead, Maria was sleeping with Pasid squeezed tight in her right arm.

"Morning," Lilo said to no one.

She tiptoed down to the elevator to the kitchen, the previous scenes playing through her mind. Last night was great, starting from Victoria's surprise visit, for the three of them to have a slumber party. Snooty was there too, though, he was a bit disappointed that neither Stitch nor Angel were there. But they had fun nonetheless.

They had a pillow fight and played surgeon with Snooty (to a point where they had to stop). They ate an overdose of popcorn, ice cream and candy while watching scary movies. Not to mention pranking Pleakley into screaming …. And setting off the fire alarm, and then having Nani send them to bed.

She did a little jig to the kitchen cabinets, taking a cereal bowl and an instant oatmeal packet. She turned the knob to hot water after pouring the instant oatmeal in the bowl. She jumped a bit as the steaming water met her finger. She turned the water off, deciding that that was enough for the oatmeal.

Sucking on her finger she took out a spoon from a drawer. Carefully holding the now-hot-bowl she took it to the table to eat. Smiling to herself, she took a good amount of brown sugar and poured it on her out meal. Taking a scoop of her oat meal with her spoon, she blew hard, and then took a bite. She smiled to herself. Much better morning than yesterday.

"Good morning Lilo." Lilo looked up to see Maria walking into the room, rubbing some sleep from her eyes.

"Good morning Maria!" Lilo chirped with more enthusiasm, seeing that she was the one that had not just woken up. "You slept in Stitch's bed last night?" Lilo asked.

Maria blinked. "Wha-? Oh yeah … I couldn't sleep, cause that was my old sleeping bag that I'm not really used to cause my other one was in the wash. So then, I decided to take up your offer you had given me earlier when I had told you two, remember?"

Lilo looked up. "Oh, right, that you could sleep with me in my bed. Even though Victoria had won the five food-eating contests because she fell asleep before us."

Maria nodded affirmative. "Yep, seeing that you were asleep, I got in bed next to you. But then you," Maria pointed an accusing finger at Lilo. "Started hugging me in your sleep calling me Scrump! Let me tell you, that was not pleasant! Cause then, when I tried to get away, you said 'OH no Scrump, has Phantasmo taken control of you again?' And I didn't even know who this guy was, but I figured he was an experiment. So anyway, I gave you the REAL Scrump then got away from you."

Lilo flushed. "Oh, I'm sorry about that."

Maria waved her hand as she got her oatmeal together. "Not like you meant to, you were asleep. Anyway, so I tried sleeping on top of my sleeping bag. That didn't work either, so I decided I'd sleep on Stitch's bed. Being tired already, I fell asleep right away … I think. That's the end of my story." Maria finished bringing over her own oatmeal and pulling up a chair for herself, and reaching for the brown sugar.

"You … slept on Stitch's bed?" Victoria asked sleepily as she entered the room, Snooty sitting on her shoulder.

"Yep." Maria perked as Victoria got together her own oatmeal.

Victoria stopped short. "Hey … wasn't I supposed to sleep on Lilo's bed?"

"Yeah, but you fell asleep like a mummy!" Lilo laughed.

"You have no right to laugh at people Lilo! You nearly suffocated me last night!" Maria cried.

"So? You snore." Lilo pointed out.

"Do not!"

"Do to!'

"Do not!"



"Wait. What's this about Lilo suffocating Maria?" Victoria asked as she pulled up a chair between the two arguing 7 year olds.

"Well, put it short, I couldn't sleep, tried sleeping in Lilo's bed, she thought I was Scrump tried to hug me to death, and I went to sleep in Stitch's bed." Maria reported.

Victoria nodded as the three of them dug into their breakfast.

There was a pause before; "Hey, shouldn't Stitch and Angel be back already?"

The main couple of this story was currently in their new little home (only for when they spend time with each other), unlike the others, they're all ready up and about.

Angel had a flowery apron on, that was a pale blue with violets sewn in on the edges. The lacy ribbon fell to her tail. She was cooking breakfast. She wanted to cook something special for the two of them. So, she was trying out a new recipe: coconut pancakes. Lovely things really.

She took her wooden spoon that was hanging above her, along with other needed spatulas for cooking. She dipped the spoon in the mixing bowl daintily, then took the spoon to her mouth to taste the mix. She smiled as the taste satisfied her taste buds. Perfect for Bujeeboo! Boojeeboo, mate. Before, buchibu, boyfriend. It was official (a/n: fans screaming 'yes'!).

She hummed her 'good' song to herself as she flipped the baking pancake into the air then down again. She giggled. This is so much fun! Who'd have thought? She paused. It was too quiet for her own liking. Where's Stitch? She turned around, only seeing the empty room besides herself she turned back to what she was doing. She flipped the pancake again. It didn't come down. "Gaba?" She looked around, then her black eyes widened in realization. "Stitchie! Did you eat it?" She looked up to see her boojeeboo grinning like a maniac with stuffed cheeks. He swallowed loudly.

"Ih!" He replied proudly. She rolled her eyes.

"Stitchie … eemja ju faba!" She laughed. Stitch jumped down next to her, laying his head on her shoulder.

"Meega naga fat!" He protested.

"You will be." Angel told him. He puffed his chest up, flexing his arms.

"Naga! Meega in shape!"

"Stitchie … youga go!" She shooed toward the doorway where the dining room was. Stitch pouted.

"Boojeeboo." His eyes widened to give him a 'cute' demeanor. Angel groaned.

"Stitchie. Get. Out. Of. Meega. Kitchen." She pointed her spoon to the doorway. His ears dropped. She licked him on the cheek.

"Okataga …" He sighed and walked out, his shoulders slouched.

She smiled. Now … to- She stopped. A weird taste entered her mouth.

"Gaba?" She threw up.

Romeo was running, carrying poor Sassy in his arms. She groaned. "It's ok! I'm getting you to Jumba." He was running to Jumba-he'd know what's going on!

Seeing that Romeo was running with the 'damsel' in his arms, he was more than surprised to see Stitch carrying Angel in the same state.

"Gabba wrong?" Stitch asked, cocking his head toward Sassy. Romeo shrugged, unsure.

"You?" Stitch shook his head.

"Nagga know!"

"Ouch. That stinks."

"Gabba?" Stitch sniffed Angel. "Nagga st-!"

"Never mind." Romeo muttered.

They both turned right on the road, now in the driveway. It had now become a silent contest; who could get there first? They started running faster. Annoyed by this, Stitch, Curled into a ball around Angel and rolled ahead, leaving Romeo behind. Romeo growled and ran faster, not having the ability to bend like Stitch.

Stitch, happily, ran in first. "Jumba!" Lilo, Maria and Victoria turned to see Stitch stumble in, along with Romeo who actually fell backwards. Sassy and Angel were not looking very bright, heck! They looked beat up. Leaves were covered in there fur and there was some mud on Sassy's cheek.

Lilo raised a brow. "What happened?"

"Something wrong with Boojeeboo!" Stitch cried. Romeo nodded.

Snooty cocked his head. "Jumba takabah." He pointed with his wing to the ship outside.

"Oh! Takka!" Stitch and Romeo ran out, still carrying the tired female experiments.

There was a pregnant pause.

"Did we miss something?"

Jumba was not surprised to see the two experiments run in. "Oh, hello 626 and 620. Problems being with 624 and 622, yes?"

The male experiments nodded numbly. "Yes, yes. I am already knowing issue and, is not issue at all! I am being very happy!"


"You is seeing-."

"Actually, we don't get where this is going, could you just … spit it out?" Romeo asked, is patience wearing thin.

"Well … experiments 622 and 624 are being pregnant."


Stitch, then and there, fainted.

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