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In the end, Edward decided to go, it would be interesting. A learning experience. This world may not have alchemy, but perhaps its magic could be as useful. He did wonder how his acceptance letter would reach them though, as he did not have an owl.

He entered his room and there at his window sat a brown owl, gazing at him with something close to reproach in it eyes.

Edward stared at the owl for a moment, before he shook his head and begun to compose a brief letter to the Hogwarts people.

Dear Hogwarts,

I'm in, so hurry up with the representative guy.

Edward Elric

The owl stuck out its leg and he tied the letter on. With that, the bird took off and Edward went on with his day.


The next morning there was a firm knock on the door, Hohenheim opened to see a tall man with auburn hair, a long beard, a long nose and twinkling blue eyes. The man was dressed in a long blue robe and had a blue pointed hat on his head. The man smiled at Hohenheim and introduced himself, "Ah! You must be mister Elric's father! I am Albus Dumbledore, headmaster Dippet sent me to escort young mister Elric to purchase his school supplies."

Hohenheim raised a golden eyebrow before he gestured for Dumbledore to enter. He called out to Edward, telling him that his guide had arrived.

Edward's first impression of Albus Dumbledore was of a slightly fruity, yet dangerous man. He shook his hand and gazed at him warily, keeping a careful watch of his words and actions around the man. Those twinkling eyes disturbed him, no one should be that cheerful! At least not with out a little chemical aid that is.

They made their way to Daigon alley with little occurring, Dumbledore doing most of the talking. Edward gleamed some knowledge of this interesting society he was entering. Dumbledore was something called an auror, magical law enforcement for all intents. They had recently been having trouble with a dark wizard, so were being cautious with new students that entered their schools.

Edward only really noticed the Leaking Cauldron when Dumbledore pointed it out to him, it was dark and slightly smoky, the smell of drinks and food was heavy in the air. Edward could feel suspicious eyes watching his every move, analyzing him as he followed Dumbledore deeper into the pub. Dumbledore lead Edward out of a door near the back of the pub, into a alley. It was surprisingly clean for an alley, trash neatly set against one wall and unrifled through. Dumbledore went up to the wall and tapped on a brick. It was almost like watching alchemy, the way the wall compacted itself, forming a doorway, but not as refined as the alchemal reaction.

Walking through the opening, Edward entered the magical world truly, for the first time.


Sorry for the long wait! I've been having a bit of trouble with deciding the students and teachers of Hogwarts, J. , great creator of Harry Potter that she is, really didn't give a great deal of info about the time when Dumbledore was dealing with that grindewald guy. So most of the students/teachers I am going to try to make alternative versions of their FMA selves. I am also crediting hime1999, who you can find on livejournal, for inspiring me.

I have also, unfortunately, not seen all of the episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist. I am trying! But adult swim is airing eps I have already seen, and I have no money and downloading them is pretty slow.

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Also, this does take place after the end of the series, which I know about thinks to spoiler sites, livejournal posts, screenshots and fanfiction.