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Poor Coyote, Now We'll Never Know.

BA shook his head as he heard Murdock cackling at the cartoons in the other room. At least the fool was keeping out of his way since BA had threatened him with the gravy-covered spatula. Without Hannibal and Face there to diffuse his temper and humour Murdock's antics things could get a little strained between them. Though the team was as close as family Murdock couldn't resist winding BA up at almost every opportunity and BA had no control over his temper though he would never actually hurt his lanky friend, well not very much.

He glanced at the timer on the oven and cursed, if they weren't back soon the whole thing was going to be ruined. Hannibal he could understand, a last minute film job filling in cut scenes as a rock monster had called him away a couple of days ago just as they were setting this shindig up, but he had promised to be back tonight and the Colonel always kept his promises, when it mattered at least. But Face and Amy should have been back hours ago, unless her plane had been delayed, though Face would have rung to let them know by now if he was held up at the airport. Unless some pretty thing has turned his head and his mind is on 'other' things, BA shook his head again knowing he was being unfair to the lieutenant. Although Face wasn't the biggest fan of 'family' get-togethers and celebrations he understood how important they were for everyone else and he wouldn't let them down, not even for two pretty things.

BA looked at the clock on the wall and sighed, all his hard work was going to waste. There was a turkey and various vegetables crammed into the oven trying to stay warm and edible whilst other smaller dishes of food had been stacked onto hot plates until the kitchen looked like some strange shrine to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. His mama would have thrown a fit, but then again she would have been so happy see 'her boys' get together to celebrate Thanksgiving that she would have been creating a few towers herself trying to make sure the meal was still good when everyone finally did arrive.

"Aw no! They can't do this to me! The injustice of it all!"

BA sighed and wandered into the lounge wondering what was wrong with the crazy fool this time, hoping Hannibal and Face would get there soon.

"What is it fool?" He vaguely hoped his gruff tone would dissuade Murdock from giving a lengthy answer.

"Me and Billy were just watching some cartoons; man there was this really cool one where the coyote strapped a rocket to his back to catch the roadrunner and I was thinking that next time we need to make a quick escape you could make some sort of rocket and I could wear it and fly about, but without wings you know. But then it blew up so I thought you'd better wear it first to make sure…"

BA stopped listening as a picture of the airport where Face had gone to pick up Amy appeared on the screen.

"Shut up fool and turn it up" he pointed to the TV.

"What for? It's just a stupid news report, they took off my cartoons for this…" he trailed off as he saw the look on BA's face and fumbled for the remote. "What is it BA?"

BA just shushed him and pointed to the screen as the volume came up.

"And now over to Betty Graves, our reporter at the scene."

A thin redhead filled the screen, stood in a parking garage filled with police cars and officers milling around. "Thank you Angela. Earlier today police received reports of shooting in this very parking garage where I am now standing and emergency vehicles were dispatched to the scene. Unfortunately the holiday traffic around the airport held the police up so that by the time they arrived the perpetrators had already made their escape.

Evidence of the shooting and apparent car chase can be seen all around the bottom two levels of the garage though. Over to my left are the remains of a Chevrolet sports car, the bonnet riddled with bullet holes and what appears to be blood on the drivers seat."

Murdock and BA froze, their hearts pounding as a picture of the car Face had been driving when he went to pick up Amy appeared on the screen looking small and terribly battered.

"It appears the chase began on the second floor between the Chevrolet and another, as yet unidentified car. Witnesses claim that is where they heard the shooting begin, although other than the perpetrators, no one was actually on the floor at the time and security camera's have yet to be re-installed after the fire last month. Also there are these tire marks leading to the down ramp and here…" She had walked across the garage as she spoke and now stood in front of the down ramp and pointed at some mangled metal. "We can see the remains of the Chevrolet's driver door.

As the chief inspector won't be back until after the holiday weekend and no evidence can be found of who the car belongs to or who, if anyone, was hurt, the Chevrolet will be taken to the police impound until a thorough investigation can be made. Whilst every effort is being made to collect all available evidence form the scene the police do hope to have the car park open again within the next two hours thereby allowing the airport to return to normal and granting the public access to their cars again.

Many people, including some officers I have spoken to, believe that this whole thing has been nothing more than a cleverly staged prank designed to cause the utmost disruption at one of the airport's busiest times. Indeed as no evidence can be found of a driver of the car and there have been no further reports of disturbances of missing persons, and in light of the recent series of thoughtless hooliganism in the town, it can not be discounted as a possibility.

This is Betty Graves reporting for KTM TV; back to you Angela."

The picture on the TV returned to the original thin blond woman sat in a studio. "A more detailed report will be in our 10 o'clock new bulletin and now we'll return to our scheduled programming."

Murdock turned to BA, a stunned expression plastered over his face as the cartoons came back on, the bright images and cheerful brassy sounds appearing incongruous in the aftermath of the news report.

"BA?" His voice was quiet and full of confusion. "Was that Face's car?"

BA stood there staring blankly at the screen for a second, then in a voice that was just as quiet. "Yeah man, I think it was."

"We've got to do something!"

"Yeah but we don't know where he is, or who's taken him, or if anyone's taken him. We need Hannibal man. He should be here by now!" BA started to pace the room. He may have been named Bad Attitude Baracus but when it came to one of his team being hurt or in trouble he was the picture of concern and fiercely protective of them.

Murdock was desperately trying to think of what something they could do. "Listen BA, unless Hannibal knows something about this we don't I reckon he's gonna want to see Face's car at the impound."

BA stopped and thought for a second. "You're right. So if we get ready now we can hustle him out the door as soon as he gets back."

"Right, I'll sort the kitchen, you get the gear."

BA had left the lounge before Murdock was halfway through the sentence, his mind on what tools and other equipment they would need to break into the police impound lot.

Murdock went into the kitchen and began systematically switching off all the appliances. He scooped a finger full of hot mashed potatoes from the side of a bowl but stopped with it halfway to his mouth as his stomach turned over. He couldn't eat, not now, not when Face could be captured, or hurt, or even dead as far as they knew. And all the food sitting around the kitchen was supposed to have been for a Thanksgiving get together for all the team and Amy.

BA had made those mashed potatoes especially for Face. Though he would never admit it he knew that the hot buttery and creamy dish was Face's favourite. In return Face made an effort to be there and to enjoy these few team celebrations they managed to organize, though it was obvious he didn't really want to get involved, didn't like having attention drawn to him when he hadn't drawn it purposefully. He'd once confessed to Murdock, after a bad mission and more than a few too many to drink, how he found it far easier to deal with anger and hatred than concern. Murdock had been so saddened by the revelation that when Face had tried to cover up the next morning he had lied and said he didn't remember much of the previous evening either. Face had never let himself lose that much control again.

"Hey Murdock? Everything ok?" Hannibal had been stood in the kitchen doorway for the last couple of minutes watching Murdock stand there with his finger covered in mashed potatoes halfway to his mouth, seemingly lost in thought. At first he had wondered if Murdock was playing one of his games or pretending to be a statue to annoy BA, but when he saw the look of utter sadness that crossed Murdock's face his heart clenched in concern.

Murdock jumped, startled out of his revere, he hadn't even heard the front door slam.

"Hannibal! Am I glad to see you."

Hannibal couldn't help but think he didn't sound very pleased and frowned when Murdock wiped his hand on a towel then began to switch off appliances as he spoke.

"We need to get going; BA should have everything ready by now. Don't worry he'll have everything we need."

"Murdock! What's going on? Go where?" Hannibal interrupted the stream of words and firmly planted his feet as Murdock tried to hustle him out of the door.

"I'll explain in the van, we've got to go!"

"Murdock." Hannibal was not amused and his tone held more than an ounce of threat behind it.

Murdock sighed and moved round to look in his Colonels eyes.

"We think something's happened to Face and Amy. There was a news bulletin of a shooting in the airport car park, the airport where Amy's plane landed. No one has been reported hurt or even arrested but Face's car was involved and it's been taken to the police impound. Face hasn't called in since he left to pick up Amy and we thought that as soon as you got back you'd want to see his car. We didn't know what else to do." Murdock tried to be as brief and unemotional as possible.

Hannibal glanced at his watch noting how long it had been since Amy's plane had landed before turning and striding out of the door, his mind a whirl but managing to keep his calm exterior. He turned his head slightly in the direction of Murdock who was following close behind.

"All the details Captain, I want to know everything you know." His voice was gruff and unforgiving.

"Yes sir." Murdock muttered sadly pausing only to shut and lock the front door as they hurried out to BA and the waiting van.

The front of the police station was bustling as BA drove past, busy even late on Thanksgiving weekend.

"Try the next side street BA." Hannibal's voice broke the silence that had filled the van as soon as Murdock and BA had recounted the news story as best they could. Neither man wanted to worry or hurt the colonel but it was vital he knew everything they did, and when BA had mentioned the police finding bloodstains on the drivers seat Murdock had watched Hannibal's jaw clench on his unlit cigar though he gave no other sign of the turmoil he felt inside.

Since then each man had been lost in his own thoughts. BA concentrated on his driving, trying to keep his mind focused. He saw no point in worrying about what might or might not be but his hands gripped the steering wheel a little tighter with every minute that passed. Hannibal was trying to come up with a plan but without knowing who had taken Face there was little he could do but wait until they got to the impound lot and hope for a clue. Part of the trouble was they had made so many enemies over the years but he had never dreamed that anyone would have been able to trace them here. They had been so careful to keep a low profile and pay for everything legitimately, as they always did with their safe houses so no one could trace them. That led to the uncomfortable thought that whoever had Face had stumbled across him accidentally which started the whole process of who it could be all over again.

Murdock spent the entire journey with his back resolutely turned to the empty chair beside him as if it was the cause of all their woes. He didn't like not knowing what was going on, it made him feel his grip on reality was even more tenuous than usual. Face was his best friend, they looked out for each other, Murdock needed him. He closed his eyes and willed Face to be okay.

BA parked the van in the shadows opposite the impound lot and the three men quietly studied the fence from its dark interior.

"Murdock, you and I'll scale that fence and look for Face's car, bring the wire cutters just in case, but I'd rather not let anyone know we've been here. BA, you stay here on look out in case Face phones in. You know what to do if someone comes by or we get caught. We'll take the radio's, channel 5, but only in an emergency, ok?

BA wanted to protest about being left behind but he knew someone had to be there in case Face made contact, and besides that, scaling fences wasn't exactly his forte.

"Yeah Hannibal, you be careful."

Hannibal looked him in the eye and nodded his head once before silently slipping out of the van to join Murdock who was gathering flashlights and weapons from their secure trunk in the back.

Murdock passed Hannibal a flashlight and a radio and after quickly checking they were both working they silently jogged across the quiet road to the chain link fence surrounding the police impound lot. Murdock peered into the unlit lot but it appeared to be deserted.

"I can't see anyone Hannibal. There's two cameras but both point towards the station, we should be fine in the shadows. " Though he whispered his voice seemed to echo in the near silence covering the impound.

"Right, I'll go first, you keep an eye out."

They had checked for more surveillance cameras as they drove past and even though they hadn't seen any they still kept to the darkest corner of the fence to give them some protection from prying eyes. Murdock heard the fence rattle softly as Hannibal scaled it, then the soft thud of his boots hitting the ground. He didn't turn to see but kept his position looking for signs that anyone had noticed their presence.

Hannibal crouched behind one of the cars in the lot, hidden in the shadows it cast and after scanning the lot again turned to Murdock on the other side of the fence.

"Right Captain."

Murdock checked his flashlight and radio were secure then began to scale the fence, flipped over the top and dropped to the floor on the other side with a soft thud. He quickly crouch-jogged into the shadow of a car and looked to Hannibal for instructions. Hannibal scanned the lot once more then motioned for Murdock to follow him and together they crept out of their dark corner to search for Face's car.

The impound lot wasn't very large but was packed full of cars of all shapes and sizes in various states of repair. Over in the far corner were three large sheds which they could only assume were used for thoroughly examining cars involved in suspicious activity. Hannibal could only hope the police had positioned Face's car near to them for when the inspector returned, otherwise they would have a lot of searching to do in the dark.

Their feet were silent on the tarmac as they darted from one car to another until they finally reached the first of the sheds. Up close they were smaller than they had first appeared having only enough room inside for one large car and the equipment needed to inspect it. Hannibal gestured for Murdock to stay where he was and peered inside but it was empty. Cursing under his breath he motioned to the other man and they moved onto the second shed, each step taking them closer to the actual building of the police station. All it would need was for someone to switch on the outside lights and they would be completely exposed.

Quickly they reached the second shed and slid around the corner of it, out of sight of the police station. Once again Hannibal crept round to peer into its gloomy interior whilst Murdock watched his back. This time the shed was occupied by the remains of a car though Hannibal couldn't see much of it and couldn't be sure it was what they were looking for as he hadn't seen Face's replacement before he had been called away for filming. Silently he crept back out of the shed to Murdock's position.

"Well Colonel?" Murdock had lowered his voice even more until it was barely audible in the stillness.

"There's a car in there but it's pretty beat up. You think you would recognize it if it's Face's?"

Murdock swallowed at the thought of the badly damaged car and what that could mean for Face but nodded his head and crept into the shed with Hannibal close behind.

Even with the back smashed in Murdock thought it looked like Face's car but there was only one way he could be sure. He grabbed his flashlight and showed it to Hannibal so the other man knew what he was about to do. The only windows in the shed were at the very top of the walls so as long as he angled the beam down no light should be seen. Bright metallic blue paintwork flashed back at him and he closed his eyes for a second before turning to Hannibal and whispering.

"It's his."

Hannibal managed to retain his calm expression though he could feel his jaw clench as Murdock confirmed the wreck had been Face's car.

"Ok. You take the back, I'll take the front. Anything out of the ordinary let me know; and check for Amy's luggage."

Murdock nodded again, not fully trusting his voice to conceal the turbulence he felt inside and moved to the back of the car. He shone the flashlight over the battered remains, noting Hannibal's flashlight sweeping over the front of the car out of the corner of his eye. The back of the small car had crumpled in towards the drivers and passenger seats, now nothing more than a tangle of twisted metal and wires, the boot lid hanging listlessly from one hinge at an awkward angle. Something bugged him about the boot, something that wasn't right, but he couldn't put his finger on what it could be so he left the thought to mull over in the back of his mind, hoping it would develop if he didn't push it and shone the light inside the boot. There were no bags inside but he got as close as he could to inspect the interior, hoping for a clue.

Hannibal's flashlight swept over the incongruously long bonnet of the tiny sports car, pausing over a line of bullet holes that led up to the driver's side of the window as he walked around the front of the car. He grimaced as he saw how the driver's door had been torn away then shone the light inside the car for a closer look.

Broken pieces of windscreen and shards of metal littered the inside of the car though both the driver's and passenger's seats appeared to be intact. The driver's seatbelt caught Hannibal's attention straight away as it lay on the seat in two pieces. Whilst it appeared the passenger had been able to unbuckle their seatbelt whoever had been in the drivers seat had had to cut them self free or had been cut free from the restraint.

Hannibal had to force himself not to jump to conclusions; even though Face had probably been driving he didn't want to assume anything. To assume one possibility as the truth meant dismissing another, and that could be deadly.

That was when he saw the dark stain on the cream leather of the driver's seat. Hannibal swallowed, took a deep breath to steady himself then moved closer for a better look. Halfway down the left side of the seat was a bullet hole surrounded by a spray of dried blood. There were smears of blood over the rest of the seat and when he looked there were blurred hand shapes on the steering wheel.

It looked as though the bullet had either skimmed or passed straight through the driver. Judging from the amount of blood Hannibal thought it had skimmed the person driving but whilst he hoped Face was ok he also tried to prepare himself for worst case scenarios.

Another flashlight shone across his eyes making him jump and for a brief second he thought the police had caught them until he realized it was only Murdock across the other side of the car.

"Jeeze, will you look at that." The beam stopped on a bullet hole high in the back of the passenger seat. "Looks like it missed." Murdock knew as well as Hannibal the signs of a hit inside a car, something neither of them wanted to see again. "Find anything?"

Hannibal debated whether or not to tell him about the bullet hole and the blood but practicality won out. The more they knew the better the position they were in, and Murdock had already heard on the news that there was blood in the car.

"Nothing to indicate where they might be but…"

"Is that the blood?" He was interrupted as Murdock shone the torch on to the driver's seat.

"Yeah, doesn't look like there's too much though."

They were both silent for a moment before Hannibal shook himself mentally, they didn't have time for this.

"Nothing else here, what about the boot?"

Murdock tore his eyes away from the dark stains to look at Hannibal. "If there were any bags I think they've been taken."

"The police?"

"Nah, I think whoever was chasing them jimmied it open after the smash." Hannibal signaled for him to move to the back of the car so he could see for himself what Murdock was talking about.

"I was thinking that when the car smashed into the wall the boot would have been jammed shut, but on the news report the car was away from the wall and you can see here where the boot lid has been wrenched away. I'm thinking the police wouldn't want to do that until the inspector got back in case they destroyed any evidence."

Hannibal studied the open boot for a second, running possible scenarios through his mind then clapped Murdock on the shoulder. "You're probably right Captain, lets head back to the van, there's nothing more to find here."

Murdock nodded his head reluctantly, his hopes of finding a clue as to Face and Amy's whereabouts dashed. He flicked off his flashlight and silently followed the older man back out into the impound lot.

BA sat impatiently in the van and looked at his watch for the twentieth time that minute. The two men seemed to have been gone for hours even though only fifteen minutes had passed since they had scaled the fence. He glared at the car phone again, willing Face to call and say it had all been a big misunderstanding, someone had stolen his car and he and Amy were stuck at the airport, but the phone remained resolutely silent. Briefly he wondered if it was broken, if he should pick it up to check though he was loathe to do so in case Face should chose that exact moment to try and contact the team, then berated himself for the foolish thoughts. He really wasn't very good at waiting.

Finally he saw Hannibal and Murdock scale the fence and silently jog across the road towards him, Hannibal had barely climbed into the van when he could hold it in no longer.

"Well, did you find anything?"

Murdock paused in the act of putting the flashlights and other equipment away to hear Hannibal's reply.

"We found the car and it's pretty smashed up, bullet holes in the bonnet, driver's door missing, back end crumpled, but no clues. It looks like they even pried open the boot to take out any bags before the police got there."

"But what about the blood? The news report said there was blood on the driver's seat."

Hannibal chewed on the end of an unlit cigar for a moment. "There was some blood, but not a lot. Certainly not enough to indicate a serious injury; plus we don't know whose blood it is."

"Nah man, Face wouldn't let anyone else drive his car and you know it."

"BA there are a lot of things going on that we don't know."

"So what do we do now then?"

"Now…" Hannibal paused as if searching for a way to break the news. "Now we go back to the apartment and wait."


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