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Getting Plastered

The rumble of distant thunder jolted Face from his daze and he shuddered involuntarily as a gust of cold air billowed through the open doorway chilling him in his wet clothes. The full moon shone brightly through a gap in the storm clouds highlighting the three prone men, only one of which would be walking, or at least staggering away from here any time soon.

Jay – or Electrogoon, as Face would always remember him, was lying unmoving in a crumpled heap where he had fallen earlier though whether or not he was still alive Face didn't know and couldn't summon the energy to care. Raoul on the other hand was definitely still alive judging from the disgusting gurgling noises coming from his broken nose with each breath the unconscious man took.

Face ran a slightly trembling hand through his already disheveled hair then, using the wall at his back, levered himself back to his feet, clutching tightly to his throbbing side. The room began to dim as the approaching storm clouds blocked some of the moons light and Face knew he would have to move quickly before it got too dark to see in the tiny room.

He fumbled in his pocket for the roll of plastic tape as he stumbled over to kneel between the bodies of the two men then roughly pushed Bowl Head onto his side ignoring the cold puddle he knelt in that quickly soaked through the knees of his trousers and wincing when his makeshift bandages pulled against the long wound in his side. Face held the other mans hands together behind his back and tightly wrapped the plastic tape around the goons wrists before shuffling across the floor to tape his ankles together.

With Bowl Head tightly secured he pulled off the mans shoes and socks, grimacing at the musty smell that rose from his feet, and jammed a sock into Bowl Heads mouth before crawling back over to the other goon to repeat the entire procedure. Face cursed as static stung his fingers as he rolled the limp body over and was strangely relieved to realize the other man was still alive and hadn't been added to the tortured souls of the dead that haunted his dreams.

Silently he bound the man with the tape and gagged him then knelt with his head bowed, breathing deeply and trying to ease the ever present dizziness that had been with him since the airport parking lot. Part of him couldn't believe that only a matter of hours ago he had been antagonizing Amy on their way to a team celebration and now here he was, a day closer to Thanksgiving, in a dank washroom at an old gas station, with two turkeys trussed and ready for the oven. He chuckled slightly at the thought then clutched at his side as his abused body told him exactly what it thought of that idea. This Thanksgiving was turning out to be even worse than usual, and that was saying a lot for him.

Slowly he forced himself to his feet, one hand never straying far from his aching side, stumbled over to the sink and leant against the wall as he had done earlier. He held both hands under the running taps and scrubbed them over his warm face, trying to revive himself with the frigid water, the hot having run out long ago. Face took a few deep breaths to prepare himself for the task ahead and reached to turn off the taps, studiously avoiding looking in the mirror. It didn't matter what he looked like right now, he wouldn't see the rest of the team until all this was over, if he ever saw them again. He held no false hopes of it going well but he had to try, all that mattered was getting her out of there.

Stepping over the still unconscious goons in the ever darkening gloom that permeated the small room Face carefully bent and rifled through Bowl Heads pockets, almost sighing with relief when he found the car keys quickly, before walking out of the tiny room and shutting the door, fumbling in the concealed pocket on his waistband for a lock pick. Something niggled at the back of his mind as he stood there in the bitter winters wind, but except for carefully leaning against the flaking plaster covered wall, he ignored his body's complaints and concentrated on slowly running the last ten minutes through his mind. There was something he was missing, something he had forgotten to do he was sure of it, but for the life of him he couldn't figure out what it could be, so with an inward shrug, the only kind his ribs would permit, he dismissed the doubt and turned his attention back to the lock, putting his worry down to the stress of the evening.

The cold night air continued to assault him causing his hands to tremble even more violently as he struggled to lock the thick WC door before he left, trapping the men inside. His body ached with the cold and the abuse it had taken, silently voicing its demands for rest but he couldn't stop, he had a plan, of sorts, and if the rest of the team wasn't there to help him he'd just have to find a way to make it work by himself.

The serene night sky was quickly becoming obscured by thick clouds, taking away his only source of light since he had caused the circuit to short with his goon trap, when the lock finally snapped into place. Lightning flashed in the distance illuminating the approaching storm clouds and the dull rumble of thunder could be heard soon after, but Face wasn't overly concerned, if anything the storm might cover his and Amy's escape from the mansion. More than anything he wanted to rush to the big house and get Amy out of there, but common sense ruled out once again and stopped him in his tracks. If it was just his life at stake he wouldn't even hesitate, but he couldn't gamble with Amy's life, couldn't take the chance that if he failed she'd be lost. He had to phone Hannibal and tell him what had happened.

Face glanced over to the phone he had used earlier, taking a deep breath to steel himself for the conversation he was about to have. But no matter what Hannibal said Face would not be dissuaded from his plan of action, if he had to he'd lie through his back teeth and accept the consequences later, after Amy was free.

Clutching tightly to his aching side Face staggered over to the wall where he had leant earlier, next to the battered pay-phone and sought in his pocket for another quarter before picking up the receiver. He trapped the receiver between his shoulder and his ear as he dredged his mind for the number of the phone in the van, pressing on the button repeatedly when no dial tone came through. He frowned at the phone, slamming his finger down a few more times just for good measure. He couldn't understand what could have happened whilst he was in the WC, the phone was working fine before, and the electric circuit blowing shouldn't affect the phone lines in any way.

Cursing under his breath Face replaced the handset and reached for the neighboring phone with the crackly line, with any luck it would be good enough so that he could relay the new information to Hannibal. Thunder rumbled nearby, the volume such that he could feel the vibrations of the deep bass sound through the bare ground he was stood on, but as the reverberations died away Face could hear nothing; that line was dead too.

He swore loudly as he let the phone drop, what the hell was going on around here? But as soon as the thought emerged he realized it didn't matter. He didn't have time to speculate on the causes or even try to fix the phone, he wasn't even sure he could do anything about a dead line. Hannibal would have to find out the hard way that Face had disobeyed him, Face winced at the thought, it wouldn't be a pretty sight, though he wouldn't leave the other man completely clueless as to what had gone on. Taking the Sedan's keys from his pocket Face scratched a few rough symbols on the plaster wall next to the last pay-phone hoping that one of the team would notice when they were looking for him. To most people the strange symbols would hold little meaning, looking more like a random act of graffiti than anything else, but the rest of the team, of his team, would know what they meant and that they had come from him.

Face wiped the small pieces of crumbling plaster off the key onto his pants leg and hurried over to the black Sedan, knowing there was nothing more he could do. He struggled with the keys for a moment before realizing that Bowl Head had left the car unlocked, then slid into the drivers seat shaking his head at his own foolishness. Face winced and closed his eyes as his vision swam momentarily, sitting as still as he could until the wave of dizziness subsided slightly. Then slipping the car into drive he maneuvered it through the scrub behind the diner until he was fairly confident it was concealed from the road. As much as he would have liked to use the luxurious vehicle, with a wonderful working heater, to get to the mansion it was far too conspicuous and would easily be recognized. The 'borrowed' Vauxhall would have to remain his getaway vehicle.


The night only darkened as the storm closed in on the long journey to where Face was holed up, making the somber atmosphere in the van even more oppressive. There had been little conversation once Hannibal had relayed all that Face had told him and since they had set off each had lapsed into uneasy silence lost in dark thoughts. Even Murdock's usual chatter was absent as they worried about what their team mate and especially Amy could be going through. Vietnam had given them all experience in waiting and worrying but it had not made it any more pleasant or easier to bear.

Traffic began to thin as the night wore on and as the van turned on to the lonely highway the passing streak of headlights became even more infrequent. Silvery beams of moonlight dripped from the cloudy sky casting eerie shadows on the encroaching forest as the three men sped towards the building tempest, the ominous rumble of thunder sending a shiver through all their hearts. Lightning flashed briefly, silhouetting trees and telegraph poles as it was attracted to their lofty heights, repeating the image every time they blinked until it slowly faded away. But in the quick burst of light each of them had noticed something else too; soon they would be there.

The petrol station was shrouded in darkness as the van slowly pulled up and BA began to turn the wheel to pull into the small parking lot.

"Don't stop BA, keep going." Hannibal's sharp bark cut through the tense silence like the lightening had pierced the darkness of the sky.

"Hannibal! Face is back there!"

From the backseat Murdock hadn't seen, or hadn't cared that the parking lot was empty and no lights were showing, he was finding it difficult to care about much at the moment other than making sure that Face and Amy were ok.

"Relax Murdock, we're gonna stop somewhere ahead and double back, something about that place just didn't feel right."

"Yeah fool." The frequently used insult was soft and full of concern "Wouldn't jus' leave the Faceman behind."

Murdock bit his lip nervously and stared at his hands clenching and unclenching endlessly in his lap, this whole situation felt wrong. Face and Amy should be here with them, none of this should have happened and especially not at Thanksgiving. He squeezed his eyes shut as the van pulled off the road a short distance from the filling station, trying to will Face and Amy to be ok, for none of this to have happened, but when he opened them again he was still in the van and Hannibal had turned round to stare at him, worry evident deep within his cool blue eyes.

"You ready Captain?"

"Yeah Hannibal, lets get them back."

Hannibal's mouth tightened into a thin line as he nodded his reply with a quick jerk of his head.

Slowly the three men stalked towards the petrol station, caution evident in their every move. Although they had stocked up with equipment before leaving the van they used only the night vision their eyes and the fading moonlight provided, too wary that torchlight would reveal their position as well as temporarily destroying their natural ability to see in the gloom.

Strange shapes loomed from the darkest shadows creating frightening images all too reminiscent of past treks through enemy territory. Branches reached out to snag in their clothes but they knew that the nightmares their minds created from the shadowy world that surrounded them could not compare to the reality of the situation they had found themselves in yet again.

BA signaled back to the other two men, the filling station was in sight. Without making a sound Hannibal motioned to BA to circle round to the left whilst Murdock circled to the right. He would be taking the most dangerous position, straight across the forecourt. At least with the lights out he wouldn't be as visible and wouldn't present as much of a target.

Silently the three men moved into position and with a quick glance to the others Hannibal swiftly crouch-jogged across the open ground to the main building alert to sound or movement of any kind and keenly missing Face's presence at his back. As a team they had been forced to work without each other on occasion but it never felt quite right, the dynamic that made them the A-team was missing. Strangely enough Amy had only added another dimension enabling them to work in and adapt to a wider range of situations without taking away from what made them so damn good. They had to get them back.

Hannibal winced as his foot scuffed across a raised patch of gravel half expecting to feel the searing pain of a bullet at any second, even knowing the other two were watching his every movement ready to lay covering fire if they suspected trouble, but all was silent apart from the rumble of distant thunder and the small rustlings of nocturnal animals.. He reached the wall of the diner without incident and swiftly moved to the deepest shadows watching his surroundings intently as he waited for the two men to finish their surveillance and join him.

Murdock was the first to break cover and silently stepped round the side of the derelict building looking for the older man he knew would be waiting for him.

"Hannibal?" The whisper was barely more than a breath quickly whipped away by the cold night air.

"Over here Captain."

Murdock turned to him with a start. "I couldn't see you in the shadows."

"That's the idea fool." BA's gruff voice quietly sallied back to him as the big man jogged round the other side of the diner and joined the two men.

Murdock didn't rise to the bait for once, his anxiety overriding his love of pranks and frivolous insults especially where the sergeant was concerned.

"Hannibal I don't like this, Face was supposed to be here."

"I know Captain, there had better be a damn good reason for him not being here."

"Hannibal, there's a car back there, a black sedan…"

Murdock couldn't hold back a gasp,

"Like in the news report!"

"Yeah. Been dumped in the bushes like someone wanted to hide it."

Hannibal glanced between the two men, noting the growing expression of worry Murdock held in contrast to the stoic set of BA's features.

"But no sign of Face?"

"Nah, anyone could have left it there, we don't even know it's the same car."

Hannibal nodded, lost in thought for a moment. He didn't want to believe Face had disobeyed a direct order, though it wouldn't exactly be the first time, but the lieutenant knew they stood a far better chance of getting Amy out of there as a team, so if he hadn't willingly disobeyed something must have happened to make him leave, either of his own accord or not. Hannibal couldn't decide which was worse but wasting time on random speculation was helping nobody.

"Right you two, we're going to scour this lot from top to bottom, hopefully somewhere we'll find some sign of what's happened to Face."

The three worried men split up again to look for any clues as to where their missing comrade could be, each still alert to any possible danger that could be lurking in the night. Hannibal and BA set off in the same direction, Hannibal to search the parking lot whilst BA investigated the abandoned car he had discovered only minutes ago, when a low call interrupted them drawing their attention back to the diner.

"Hey, uh, Hannibal, I think I can hear a noise coming from in the john."

Murdock leaned closer and pressed his ear to the weather-beaten woodwork as the two men quickly made their way back over to him.


"There's definitely something going on in there. You don't suppose Face…" He trailed off not quite knowing how to finish that sentence. The thought that all this time they had been searching for Face and he had been holed up in the washroom would have been enough to send him into an irrational fit of giggles if it wasn't for the seriousness of the situation..

"I take it the door's locked?"

"Yes Colonel, I tried it myself, left and right, but it's sealed up tight."

BA shot a glance to the lanky pilot wondering whether he was joking around talking in rhyme like that but one quick look at the other mans tight lipped pale face assured the sergeant it had been an inadvertent slip of the tongue. BA was thoroughly convinced that Murdock was crazy but he knew the man wasn't insane and right now he was far too worried to pull pranks or lark about in his usual farcical manner.

"Right BA, on the count of three…"

The burly man stood in front of the door ready to shoulder barge it open on the mark, propriety be damned. If Face was in there then they needed to know and if he was 'busy' so be it, BA would rather have him alive and embarrassed than dead any day of the week. Hannibal and Murdock flanked him either side of the doorway guns lowered but at the ready.

"One…, two…, three!"

BA slammed his shoulder against the door a few times before the old battered lock gave under his massive strength, then fell to the floor as a gun exploded in the darkness of the tiny room.

"Shit!" Hannibal cursed as he quickly pressed himself back against the wall noting Murdock do the same on the other side of the open doorway. What the hell was going on around here?

More than anything Hannibal wanted to shout to BA, to check that he was ok but to do that would mark the sergeant as a potential hostage for whoever was inside, a situation he would not allow to happen. Two of his team were already missing he would not lose a third. As long as the big man stayed where he had fallen and didn't draw any attention to himself, played dead as it were, he should be safe. The sergeant had collapsed too far into the room to be able to get up and out of there quickly enough to avoid being shot. The only problem was neither Hannibal nor Murdock knew if he was still alive and BA couldn't let them know without also letting the 'bad guys' know. Hannibal had to force himself to stop grinding his teeth; this day was just getting worse and worse.

"Hey! You in there! Throw down your guns and come out with your hands up. We've got you surrounded!"

Hannibal used his best 'I am in command and you will obey' tone that had most people doing as they had been told before they realized what they were doing.

A strange grating sound followed by the rumble of falling rocks was his only reply.

"You've got five seconds to come out or we're coming in!"

This time the reply came in a burst of gunfire causing both men to curse and press themselves further back against the wall. Hannibal clenched his jaw, none of this would work whilst BA was so vulnerable, common sense be damned he was going to get the big sergeant out of there right now, he would not lose another member of his team to uncertainty that day. He looked across the gaping entryway to where Murdock was stood, easily catching the other mans eye and with quick silent motions signaled his intentions. The captain clenched his jaw, not liking where this plan was headed but understanding the necessity and nodded his head to show he understood. On the count of three they moved.

The rumbling thunder was lost beneath the staccato of Murdock's gun as he fired into ceiling of the washroom far above the heads of anyone inside and made a lunge for one of BA's legs, noticing Hannibal do the same on the other side. Together they braced themselves against the doorframe and heaved the prone body out of the tiny room hoping their actions would be disguised to the shooter in the darkness. Quickly Hannibal dropped to cover the big sergeant's body with his own and rolled both of them to Murdock's side of the doorway even as the lanky captain scrambled to his feet out of their way and continued to fire high into the darkened room only stopping when they were all concealed behind the wall once more.

"Hannibal?" Murdock stood by the doorway; he desperately wanted to see how BA was but refused to take his eyes from the room. The shooter hadn't returned fire yet which only made Murdock all the more nervous and on edge.

Hannibal untangled himself from the large man, rolling him onto his back in the dusty verge. It was as he feared, BA hadn't just been playing possum, something was seriously wrong with him, he hadn't moved or made a sound throughout the entire maneuver. Ignoring Murdock's shaky question Hannibal quickly began to check BA over, looking for any wounds or injuries whilst the sound of the first gunshot played over and over in his mind. He should have moved quicker, should have realized that something was wrong when BA didn't signal them after he hit the floor, shouldn't have been so stupid as to assume it was Face in there in the first place. Face knew better than that, he would have been waiting for them anxious to rescue Amy.

Hannibal's self berating tirade stopped as his fingers encountered sticky liquid on the side of BA's head, holding them up to the meager light offered by the partially covered moon he quickly noted how it shone darkly against his pale skin and learnt forward to see how bad the wound was.

Running from just above BA's temple to just above his ear was a shallow wound that bled profusely and had already covered the side of his face with blood. Hannibal dug in his pocket for a handkerchief and pressed it against the oozing cut with one hand whilst swiftly continuing to look for any more injuries.

Murdock couldn't bear it much longer. If the Colonel didn't tell him what was wrong with BA soon he felt like he would explode. First Face and Amy, now this. Would nothing go right today? Maybe Face was right, maybe Thanksgiving was a doomed holiday never to be enjoyed by all, maybe…

"It looks like that first bullet grazed him and knocked him out cold, any sight of the shooter?"

Hannibal's quiet whisper filtered through Murdock's jumbled thoughts making him calmer and more worried at the same time but he dragged his mind away and tried to concentrate on what the Colonel was asking him.

"No Colonel, it's dead quiet in there." He winced at his insensitive analogy and made the decision to risk the other mans wrath by asking about BA, albeit hesitantly.

"Is he gonna be…"

"We wont know until he wakes up but I think he'll be ok." Hannibal gently interrupted the tentative question whilst removing his dark jacket and rolling it into a bundle to place beneath the other man's head. Standing Hannibal briefly laid a hand on Murdock's shoulder before carefully moving him to one side so he had full access to the open doorway, then crouched down so he would be less obvious and quickly glanced into the dark room.

Hannibal squinted, struggling to see through the shadows that shrouded the small room ready to leap back to safety should anything untoward happen but all was quiet. As his eyes became accustomed to the darker environment vague shadows began to take on more defined shapes and became recognizable as a sink on the left and looming ominously on the right a door hanging from one hinge, but what stopped his breath in his throat lay sprawled across the middle of the room, blond hair glinting in a brief glimpse of moonlight.

Waving Murdock to cover him Hannibal scanned the room once more looking for where the shooter could be hiding as he slowly walked towards the motionless body, gun poised and muscles tense as his feet squeaked on the wet tiles. He stalked around the edge of the room trying to keep both the body and the open stall in view. As much as he feared it to be Face lying so still on the soaked floor he kept his distance knowing that it could also be the person who was shooting at them moments ago. Suddenly Hannibal's ankle twisted from under him as he stepped on a piece of rubble that littered the small room and he crashed to the floor next to the body cursing loudly and expecting the shooter to spring his trap any second, but everything was quiet. Deciding that all was lost anyway the older man fumbled in his pocket for the torch he kept there whilst trying to reassure his edgy captain who was still dutifully standing outside the room.

"It's ok Murdock, I just tripped on some rubble. Keep your position, eyes open."

The crisp white beam pierced the shadows with ease as Hannibal directed it straight towards the open stall tracing its every movement with his gun, but there was no sign of the shooter unless his was the body lying inches away from where the colonel had tripped. He swung the light back to the prone form lying so close to him ready for any kind of movement, both dreading and hoping that it was his wayward lieutenant, but the mans features were hidden as he lay on his side facing away from the older man.

Hannibal started to climb to his feet, swearing quietly as pain flared in his ankle where he had twisted it on the rubble, then instantly forgot all about the pain and scrambled across the floor on his hands and knees as the swaying torch light briefly revealed the other mans hands taped tightly behind his back. Quickly he turned the man gently over, trying to be mindful of any injuries he might have sustained, his throat constricting as he shone the beam into the other mans face only to hang his head as the light revealed a stranger. The colonel took a few deep breaths to calm his stretched nerves before calling out to Murdock who had to be feeling the strain of being rear guard and watching over BA by now.

"All clear Murdock, no sign of the shooter."

Murdock cautiously stuck his head around the door and squinted as the colonel's torch shone in his eyes before the other man moved it away with a mumbled apology.

"Who's that?" He gestured at the tied up body from the doorway, not wanting to leave BA outside alone in case something should happen. He didn't want to let either of them out of his sight until this whole thing was resolved and they had Face and Amy back, it had been pure agony when the Colonel had gone into the washroom by himself leaving Murdock outside with an unconscious BA, and when he had heard the other man fall and curse he had assumed the worse but knew he couldn't abandon his point, especially not with his friend lying completely defenseless next to him.

"I don't know, I thought for a second it might be Face but…" Hannibal trailed off as Murdock nodded his head. In the dim light the blonde hair looked frighteningly familiar.

"So the other guy go out the window?"

Hannibal started and twisted to look where Murdock was pointing. He hadn't even noticed the jagged hole high in the wall with rubble piled at the bottom obviously from where a window had been bricked up and all thoughts of where the shooter had gone had vanished when he saw the body he had thought was Face lying on the floor. The shooter must have ripped a pipe out from under the sink to smash through the old mortar, though from the looks of it, it hadn't taken much smashing. Turning back towards the door Hannibal saw how the old wood was dented and the door handle misshapen but the shooter had obviously given up quickly as it proved too tough for him and turned to the old window instead. It certainly explained the strange sounds they had heard as he scrambled out of the gap to make his escape.

"Well he's not in here." Hannibal winced as the words left his mouth, he didn't mean to be harsh but he was annoyed with himself for not noticing the window earlier. He forced himself to smile slightly at the other man as he got to his feet. "Come on, lets get this guy out of here, if we can get him to wake up he might be able to shed a little light on what's going on around here."

He bent to grab the guy under his armpits and drag him outside next to BA when a gentle hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Do you really think you should be dragging a guy with only one working pin?"

Hannibal bit back a curse; he thought he'd covered his pain better than that. Sometimes his overly observant captain really got on his nerves, though he was useful to have around when Face was playing up.

"It's fine Murdock."

He tried to shrug the other mans hand off and continue with his task but Murdock's grip merely tightened as he carefully pushed the older man out of his way with one hand and jammed his gun into his waistband with the other then dragged the limp body outside before Hannibal could protest anymore.

Hannibal glared after the man as he followed him outside, still on the alert and determined not to limp despite the hot ache that flared up his leg with every step. One day his team would actually listen to what he told them; and Billy would suddenly become visible the sarcastic little voice that sounded strangely like Face laughed in his head. He sighed and crouched down next to Murdock.

"How's BA?"

"No change. How's the ankle?"

Hannibal scowled and ignored the question instead reaching out to check the big sergeant's pulse, almost jerking back in shock when the other man moved and groaned under the light touch. He gently grasped BA's left wrist and pressed it to the ground, noting out of the corner of his eye as Murdock did the same on his right side. If he woke up fighting he could take both of them out without even realizing it, just something else they'd got used to as a team over the years. None of them could say they were immune to old memories and the nightmares and occasionally violent awakenings they'd bring, but they had learnt how to cope for the most part.

Murdock leaned over the big man as BA's eyelids began to flutter and his head gently rolled from side to side.

"Come on now, open your pretty little eyeballs BA."

BA groaned as he looked up into Murdock's grinning features.

"Fool?" His voice was soft and hesitant.

"Hey Mudsucker. What have we told you about sleeping on the job?" Murdock replied just as softly as Hannibal leant forward, both men awash with relief that he had regained consciousness.

"Get off me fool!" BA growled out at the lanky captain and tried to push him away and sit up before his head swam and he fell back to the ground again with a groan

"Easy now BA, that was quite a knock to the head you took. Murdock, go and get the van, as soon as BA is able I want us out of here."

" Fool aint drivin' my van!" BA growled and struggled to sit up once more but Hannibal quickly pushed him back to lean against the wall with one hand on his shoulder and shot him a glare.

"I'll deal with you in a minute. Murdock, the van."

"But Colonel, what about Face?"

"We'll take Blondie with us. Hopefully when he wakes up he can fill us in on a few details."


"No buts Captain, I don't want to stay here a minute longer than we have to."

"Yes sir" Murdock's face screwed up in displeasure but he knew that Blondie was their best chance of finding out what had happened here since Face had rung them. He also knew that the colonel was very close to losing his temper and he did not want to be on the receiving end of that, they were all on a short fuse right now and Face disappearing really hadn't helped matters.. He trudged off into the night wondering where Face and Amy had got to and saying a quick thank you to whoever might be listening that the ugly mudsucker was ok.

Hannibal turned his attention back to BA smothering a smile as the big sergeant blinked owlishly at him in the gloom.

"How're you doing BA, and no BS."

BA swallowed under Hannibal's glare and willed himself not to look away.

"I'm ok Hannibal…" he gulped again as the glare somehow got worse "My head's pounding a fair bit but I'm ok."

Hannibal looked at him skeptically before leaning forward with his torch to peer under the folded handkerchief on the other mans temple, wincing in sympathy when BA hissed under his breath as it stuck in the drying blood.

"It seems to have stopped bleeding but you've got one hell of a cut there, I'll have to bandage it up when Murdock gets here with the van."

BA cringed at the thought of Murdock driving his baby but he knew better than to bring it up again, especially when Hannibal was in this mood. "As long as you don't use no sellotape on me, Face must be crazy using that stuff."

Hannibal chuckled under his breath. "No sellotape BA, I promise, I remember how you complained last time."

"Damn stuff hurts, pulling it off wounds like that."

"It worked didn't it?"

BA just grumbled under his breath causing Hannibal to start chuckling again though the thought of Face sobered him up quickly and he turned away so he was looking out into the shadowy trees and waited for Murdock to reappear. He didn't have to wait long before he could hear the familiar rumble of the vans engine and was dazzled by the headlights as it swung onto the forecourt in front of the gas station stopping close to where the two men waited. Murdock quickly scrambled out of the drivers seat, leaving the engine running, and opened the sliding side door before jogging to Hannibal's side.

"How're you doing BA?"

"Better now you're not driving no more." BA growled as Hannibal and Murdock each grabbed one of his arms and gently hauled him to his feet careful not to bang his head on the payphones above. The change in position only increased the pounding in his head and he reached out to the wall for support as his vision swam madly for a couple of seconds, grimacing as the broken plaster crumbled into his hand.

"You okay BA?" Hannibal hadn't relinquished his hold on the other mans arm and felt him sway before seemingly regaining his balance.

"Yeah, I just…" He trailed off, one hand poised where he had wiped the plaster off his hand onto his pants leg staring at the wall he had just been leaning on.


"I know where Face is."


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