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AN: This is a short, non-rhyming poem/one-shot in Kiba's POV to Cheza about his feelings for her. It is not a Kiba/Cheza fic, however it is pro-Cheza (aka, she is not bitchified). Strange really, I don't like Cheza and the first Wolfs Rain fic I write is about her. Most WR fics I will write will show this type of relationship between Kiba and Cheza. There is hinted Kiba/? if you want to get real picky, but I'm not even sure who it is. On to the fic!


What do I feel for you?

The others call it love, but is it really?

It is not the love of a lover,

It is more the love you hold for sunlight and air.

It is the love of a child to a mother, and yet also as a parent to daughter, or sibling to sibling.

It is the love we all hold for the feeling of freedom, our reason to quest.

It is the love of a priest to his god.

It is fierce protection…

…I want to shelter you, keep you from harm, to keep you safe always, no matter the cost to me.

I want to find Paradise and share it with you, but not romantically. That I must yet reserve for another.

They call it a weakness, my devotion to you. But how can it be? How can a feeling like any of those do anything but strengthen? I know that they mistake my feelings as I did.

They are right; I do love you Cheza, but they are wrong, for my feelings are never closer than those of a devoted follower.

Reviews greatly appreciated! Poetry is not my forte, but this didn't fit as a story, so I gave it a shot. It was short... but. Well, what do you think?