The End of the End

Last time...

"Soul trapping," Harry muttered reading the title of the page. His eyes widened considerably as he read the instructions, "Oh hell..."



Harry leapt back towards the roaring town of Hogsmeade where screams and curses could be heard for miles. In no time at all he was situated beside Inuyasha, who simply stood above all the commotion, hands in his jeans, like he hadn't a care in the world. The only thing that indicated otherwise would be the hard, blazing look in his eyes as he stared pointedly at any demon that pursued whichever human wasn't wearing a white mask.

"Human sacrifices?" Harry hissed at Inuyasha. The man didn't break his eye contact from whatever task he was carrying out; he continued to give pointed looks at certain demons as if he were silently communicating with them. Whatever demon he looked at would look up at him with something akin to anger, shock or fear, and then change course and go after a death eater.

"We have a bunch of willing ones right here," He stated, gesturing to the death eaters that were being torn open by the demons.

Harry blinked, "Weren't the demons supposed to be after everyone other than the death eaters?"

"I persuaded them otherwise," Inuyasha said simply. As Harry looked around, he noticed the tides had turned slowly into their favor in his short absence.

Despite the fact that many aurors, Order and DA members ran off at the sight of demons, the remaining ones seemed to be fairing quite well with the demons' sudden contribution to the dwindling numbers of death eaters.

Harry looked to see if Voldemort had noticed this as well but the creature was otherwise preoccupied with Dumbledore—who seemed to be losing.

"Everyone is distracted. You know what to do."

"Do you think this will work?" Harry said doubtfully. He had read the inscription thoroughly before returning and it seemed to be quite difficult. The human sacrifices were probably needed in part for the vast amount of blood required.

Inuyasha shrugged, "If it worked for me, it will work for you."

Harry nodded and jumped into the fray. He was a bit shocked to see many demons look at him, freeze up, and then dismiss him, but passed it as Inuyasha's doing. He set to work on grabbing any abandoned, bloodied bodies of death eaters and dragging them to the correct positions that the book instructed. Once that was done he took his wand and began cutting the bodies and artfully sprayed every last drop of blood he could milk from their corpses in a particular design. In the center was a five-point star of blood with a body at each tip and a wide circle of blood around that had yet to be completed.

All Harry needed was just a few more liters of blood. He looked around and spotted a body not too far off from his right. It seemed freshly killed with a large bite mark in the neck and his vocal cords hanging out—but something about the oily scent seemed familiar. Putting his task on hold—despite being in the middle of a raging battlefield—Harry slipped off the mask to see a curtain of black, greasy hair fall out and frame the pale face of one Severus Snape. His glazed obsidian eyes seemed warmer in death than they did in life, as though he was given a great relief of some sort.

Harry shrugged. It wasn't any of concern of his; he just wanted the man's blood. Harry threw the body on the ground and used the cutting curse to cut open the carcass. He then levitated the blood and used it to complete the circle. The giant rune glowed for a moment, showing its completion. Now all Harry needed was Voldemort in the middle. But as he looked around he realized there were too many demons to do anything more, for demonic blood would tarnish the ritual completely.

"Inuyasha—!" He called out for help but stopped short. Inuyasha stood at the end of the street with his eyes closed, seeming at peace, but his aura had suddenly become visible. It pulsated with a dark purple light and Harry could only stare in awe. Even after witnessing Dumbledore at his best, Harry had never seen anything as powerful or spectacular as this. Each pulse seemed to ripple the air and stop whatever actions the demons were in the midst of, while the humans kept on fighting, unawares.

Inuyasha then opened his eyes and the air chilled. A high-pitched ringing knelled throughout the air, causing massive waves of fear to roll off the demons. They behaved as if they knew what was coming. Starting at Inuyasha's feet, a small wave started to roll in the Earth, which gradually picked up in speed and size. It traveled the length of the street, spreading in an arch and covering the whole ground of Hogsmeade. As it moved it seemed to suck any demon it rolled under into the ground and off the face of the human Earth.

Within seconds, all that was left were several aurors and Order members, a few students, a handful of death eaters, and a shit load of bodies.

"Woah," Harry breathed in admiration. That was power, pure and simple.

"Focus," Inuyasha said sternly, his aura dissipating in an instant. Harry jolted and nodded, turning just in time to see Dumbledore go flying into a wall, hitting the stone with a sickening thud and sliding to the ground unconscious.

Voldemort smirked, "Avada Ke—"

His moment of triumph was cut off as a stinging, blood-red whip wrapped around his waist and threw him off his feet into the center of the street. Shocked, he looked up to see a black-haired youth grinning darkly at him several feet away; a dripping, crimson whip lay limp in his hand.

"Potter!" Voldemort hissed, too furious at being cheated to notice where he stood. "Crucio!"

"Contego" Harry said quickly. A thin wall of blood rose up from the lines of the outlaid pattern and blocked the harmful light. Voldemort's anger melted into shock as he witnessed someone successfully parry an unforgivable. It was then that Voldemort looked around and realized, for the first time, just how badly he was losing; most of his minions littered the ground and the hundreds of demons he summoned were strangely absent.

Harry's smile stretched; he had been waiting for this moment for five years. It was high time to finish this and he had to act fast while Voldemort was dazed.

"Animus decipio abduco hic contemptus animus a barathrum..." Harry muttered lowly in Latin. He pulled out his dagger in an instant and slit both his wrists; the few witnesses left standing on the battlefield gasped, appalled, but Harry paid them no heed. Instead he focused on the incantation as manacles of blood shot up from the design and latched onto Voldemort's limbs.

"What? What is this magic?" Voldemort screeched, attempting to shoot spell after spell at the blood chains. Nothing would work. Suddenly the cold earth within the wide circle Harry had laid began to liquefy and redden, until it transformed into a murky sort of miasma. More blood chains shot out from it and began to pull Voldemort to his impending death. Whatever death eaters were left saw this and tried to run, only to be tackled down by aurors.

"Damn, you Potter, I'll kill you! Avada—acck!" Voldemort was cut off once again by a chain that jumped up from the ground behind him and wrapped tightly around his neck. He sputtered and glared angrily at Harry, managing to spit out a few choice words. The chains began to pull him into the depths of hell faster as the red miasma swirled around Voldemort.

"Don't think this is the end, Potter," He rasped out, "I'll only grow stronger no matter where you send me. You wait Potter—you and your dog will face my revenge soon enough!"

Harry knew there was one last thing he needed to do to complete the spell. He looked at Inuyasha who tipped his head in assent.

"I don't think so, snake-bitch," Harry sneered, turning back to Voldemort. "I've reserved a special place in Hell for you and since we're best mates and all that I figured I should escort you there personally. You know, just so you don't get lost or anything."

With out any more warning, and much to the horror of any remaining Order members and his former friends, Harry jumped into the liquid miasma and pushed down Voldemort's head, successfully submerging the darkest wizard of the century into the blanket of Hell's liquid fire.

"Harry!" several people cried out, drawing more attention to the ritual taking place.

"What are you doing?!" someone hollered coarsely; Harry thought it could have been Neville.

"I have to finish this or he'll just come back," he snapped over his shoulder, paying no heed to the survivors. He looked up and made eye contact with Inuyasha. The man wore an uncharacteristic look of anxiety on his face.

"I'll see you in a few," Harry whispered so only Inuyasha could hear, to which the man nodded with a ghost of a smile on his face and a proud, far-off look in his eyes. Harry took a deep gulp of air and dived down after Voldemort—the murky, red plasma turning back into ground the second he was clear from view.

"NO!" Ginny screamed as one of the few remaining DA members who had witnessed Harry's apparent demise. She ran forward to where Harry was seconds before and collapsed on the ground, pounding her fist on the hard dirt as if to will it back open, tears streaming down her face. A strong hand grabbed her arm just as she was about to punch the ground once more and she was pulled to her feet. She drove her face into Neville's chest and continued sobbing. It shouldn't have ended like this. Harry didn't deserve to die this way.

Many people had gathered around the area where Harry had disappeared, bloodied and tired, some crying while others were silent in shock.

"He can't have...Harry didn't just..." Ron couldn't finish his sentence, the words choked up within his throat. He missed most of what happened, only just arriving to see Harry shout something about finishing Voldemort and then disappearing into the ominous miasma. His brain refused to sort out what he witnessed as too many conflicting emotions clashed within him.

"W-where...where did Nagasaki go?" an auror asked looking around for the man who played a uncertain, but somehow essential, role in the sudden battle.

"I don't know, but did you see what he looked like?" another murmured back in wonder. "Was it just me, or did he look like a demon too?"

"What does it matter? Harry's dead!" Hermione cried, openly sobbing. Not so long ago she tried to cut ties with him, thinking he had gone down a path she could not follow.

And then he went and sacrificed himself for the demise of Voldemort, proving to her he was still the same kind-hearted boy she met on the train in first year. The self-loathing she felt was unimaginable. She had been such a fool!

"Yes, and I hope you can all appreciate what he has done for our future, and us," Dumbledore spoke up, limping towards the crowd. He had come to just in time to see Harry save him from imminent death and then follow Voldemort into hell to make sure he stayed there. How he was wrong about that boy.

A silent tear slid down his cheek and into his beard as he continued, "Today is a day...that shall be remembered throughout time. Today is the day a man, a man who never had the chance to be a boy, gave us back our lives, our freedom, and our futures. Today we will celebrate the downfall of the once feared Voldemort. A downfall at the hands of a student with more bravery and heart than any grown man could ever possess. To Harry Potter!" Dumbledore finished with a shout, shooting a gale of red and gold sparks into the air.

"To Harry Potter!" the crowd rang out in tears and memories, following the wizened wizard's example.

Inuyasha lifted his head as he heard his charge's name being called out by the very people who had caused him so much trouble. He gave a shaky sigh and looked at the dark and cloudy sky.

"I'm going after him!" Inuyasha called out to the heavens. "You're not stopping me this time!"

The gloomy clouds only rumbled in response—to which any human would think it a pretense of a storm. But as a hand to the PTB, Inuyasha got the message loud and clear.

"I know," Inuyasha muttered with a hint of sadness in his eyes, "I know it is far from over."

And suddenly the man who had spent the last four hundred sixty two years trying his best to learn and live for the sake of one sixteen-year-old boy disappeared; swallowed by the ground and launched into the deepest pits of Hell, reserved for the worst of the worst, where he knew his charge would be putting the finishing touches on a spell that would one day be broken.



It is done.

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