Okay, now this might sound confusing, but, another user who happens to be my e-mail buddy wants me to publish HER STORIES because she can't find the document manager. Her user name's Syani. So, enjoy.

Danny Phantom

Title: Another Half Ghost?

Disclaimer: I don't own this cartoon, it's Butch Hartman's works. One day, I'll be a famous cartoon writer than he'll ever be! Muahahaha! Oh yeah, Danny/Sam shippers are warned not to read. :D

Syani: Okay, since I do NOT own Danny Phantom, I can borrow it, right? Here, I borrowed Danny, Sam and...(Syani look around) Hey, where's Tucker?

Danny: Tucker? Oh, he said he can't make it since you LOCKED HIM!(Danny glares, he can't attack Syani as he is tied with the chair and he cannot allowed to use his powers too as the chair is ghost-proof :) )

Syani: Yea... I think he's a little boring for joining me.

Sam: Tell me about it...

Syani: Okay... let's get on with the story then, Chapter one's titled An Unsolved Mystery.

"Dash?" ask Sam.

The three of them look at each other and said, "Naaaaah!"

"How about Martin, then?" Sam meekly ask the guys.

"Oh, come on. He's so obsessed with meat, pick another," answer Tucker, crossing Dash's name following by Martin.

"There's no other guys! Come on, guys. To enter the Vegetarian Palace Restaurant, I HAVE to be accompanied by someone, it's in their rules that no one without a buddy can get in, PLEASE!" plead Sam to Danny and Tucker.

"Hey, I'm a carnivore, remember? I can't live without meat..." answered Tucker and the background turn into a meat paradise.

"Sorry, Sam. I'm kinda busy next week" Danny answers while scratching at the back of his neck with his left hand. Man, if it wasn't for that box ghost, he would've never been sentenced to clean the garage.

"PLEASE... I have to go to Vegetarian Palace Restaurant! Next week is their first anniversary, and I could be their number one customer! Who wins gonna get a coupon to eat for free in there for 3 months! You hear me, 3 MONTHS!" Sam yell.

Tucker and Danny looked at each other.

"Is it that important?" ask Danny.

"YES!" answered the goth girl. Her eyes tells them all. She really wants to go there.

"Okay... in that case you can try... Canton," said Tucker after double-checking his handheld.

"Canton? You mean that new student?" ask Sam, want to be sure.

"Yea, it's looks like him or no one," said Danny, agreeing with Tucker.

"Well, okay. I'll give it a try," Sam said, walking pass the boys and searching for Canton.

Canton in 14 and he had short, brown hair. He wears a white t-shirt with a black jacket. His pants is black and so is his shoes. He's not a geek nor a cool kid. He's just plain old normal (...or that's what you think). He's new in Casper High and there's been a rumor about him that he never smiles.

"Hey, I'm Sam," said Sam, calmly to Canton, surprising him. He is putting his books in his locker and Sam has frightening him that he drops his books on the floor.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Let me get that for you," said Sam, already collecting Canton's books.

"No, it's okay. Let me" said Canton.

Sam and Canton touched the same book at the same time and their hands accidentally touched each other. Sam is blushing and Canton's face turn bright red. They both pull their own hand while coughing and Canton quickly put his books in his locker and shut it.

"Umm... Canton, do... do you want to be friends cause I know that you don't have any friends now. And I really need a partner to go to Vegetarian Palace Restaurant. The guys are all not suitable and the girls are busy worried about their dresses get ruined and please don't make me start with my parents. So, please?" ask Sam, truthfully.

Canton's eyes glow. He never feel to have someone that actually volunteer to be his friend and the special thing is, with a girl!

He gulped. He suddenly felt something strange in his heart. A feeling that he never felt before: nervous. Then, he notice he's smiling! Yes, he's smiling! The first smile he ever gave and since this is the first time, his smile is really small. The smallest smile that can only be spotted by a naked eye.

Sam spotted it, all right. (come on, her eyes are like razors) And Sam smiles back.

"Su..." before Canton could reply Sam's question, something struck his thought. His eyes widened, it's like he remember something. He didn't notice a piece of small paper is falling from his pocket.

"Oh no..." said Canton under his breath.

"Sam, do me a favor. Don't talk to me again or you'll be in serious..." before he could finish his sentence, his hands tremble and he suddenly screams, running through the hallway like a maniac.

"Wow, looks like you're too scary for him," said Tucker, jokingly and Danny pokes him.

Both of them notices Canton running and screaming at the hallway that they quickly rush to Sam to check if she's okay.

Sam's sharp eyes caught the small paper that belongs to Canton(I told you...). She picks it up and unfold it. There's a name Alan and a phone number.

"Maybe this Alan is Canton's friend. Let's call him and ask him what's wrong with Canton" suggest Sam and give the paper to Danny.

"Good idea. I'll call him" said Danny and headed to a telephone booth just beside the cafeteria. Sam and Tucker follow him.

"Hello? Yea, can I speak to... Alan?" ask Danny to a woman that appears to be Alan's mom answering.

"He...he...hello? This is... aaaaaachoooo! Alan speaking" Danny heard a rather weak voice. It looks like Alan is in some serious disease.

"Uhh... Alan. This is Danny. Are you a friend of Canton?"

"CANTON?! Haaaaaaachooooo! Don't even get sniff close to him!"


"Everyone that become friends with him will get... Haaaaachooooo!... this horrible, horrible sickness!"

"What?! That's ridiculous..."

"Trust me. I know al of... of... Haaaacchhooooo!... his friends sniff they all got the same sickness as me!"

"But all I wanna ask you is why is Canton running and screaming all of the sudden?"

"That's the sign! You'll get the same disease in midnight... Haaaachoooo!... there's no cure for thissniff disease!"

"Oooookaaaay... nice talking to you... Bye!" said Danny and quickly put the phone receiver back to it's place.

"Why? What's going on?" ask the impatient Sam.

"Well, Alan said such a superstitious thing. She said that whoever befriends Canton is going to get a disease," answer Danny.

At midnight, the phone at Danny's room is ringing. Danny switch his night-light on and answer the phone.

"Huuaaaaargh... hello?" answer Danny, stretching himself.

"Danny? It's Sam. Alan's right. Aaaaaachooo!" come the voice.


Yea... and I've... Aaaaaachoo!... got the sickness sniff," said the weak Sam, still sniffing.

"I'll call Tucker. Don't hang the receiver," said Danny and call Tucker's numbers.

"Hello...yawn. This is Tucker Foley and whoever is calling me at this time of night really needs a life! I mean, come on, it's 12 midnight!" yell the African/American boy.?/p

"Tucker, get a hold of yourself! Sheesh... it's Danny. Listen, Sam's got the curse!" said Danny, sounds spooked.

"Hey! I heard that! Achoo! It's not sniff...a curse" protest Sam, weakly.

"Maybe it's a coincidence, " said Tucker.

Then, there's a dead silence for 30 seconds, until the most talkative of the group... you know,... talks.

"Danny, I think you should spy on him. It's not because he's a walking curse or something, he's just... weird!" said Tucker.

"He's not weird! Achoo! I think he's sweet. sniffing I'm sensing that it's not his fault" said Sam, angrily.

"I can't, Tucker. I've got a tuition tomorrow due to my History failing. Uughh... I hate my life!" scream Danny.

The next day after school, Danny headed to the tuition class when somebody bump on him.

"Hey!" yell Danny but the person just keep on running.

"Sorry" said the person back when he realize Danny is yelling at him.

Suddenly, the ectoplasma breath came out of Danny's mouth. His eye's widened. He look at his back and he know that whoever bumped to him just now is a ghost! There's too many people for Danny to change to his phantom part, so he decided he will just follow the boy, or a ghost... to his/it's home...

Syani: So, how do you guys like chapter one?

Sam: It's alright but it's not fun with laser-mouth's not here.

Syani: Okay, I let him go(while unlock the cage Tucker's locked in).

Then, Tucker free Danny and Danny change to his ghost side and fire his plasma blast at Syani. Syani fall and a ghost came out of Syani's body.

REAL Syani: Oww... what happened?(touching her head)

Ghost Syani: Hahaha! You'll never defeat me!

Danny fights Ghost Syani and trap it in the ghost-container easily.

Syani: Thanks... so please tell me, who am I?

Author's note: I respect what Danny and Sam are trying to say: Sam and Danny ARE NOT A COUPLE! They're just really, really good friends who share a psychic connection although I agree with much of you guys that they are a perfect couple.