Syani: Hey, guys! I want to give you an advice, okay? When you read this, you have to be calm, so you can concentrate on reading and so you can understand this thing!

Sam: Woah... you took that pretty seriously in this fanfic.

Tucker: Yea, you have to chill, man.

Syani: So, who's gonna talk the opening of Chapter 3?

Danny: Me?

Tucker: No, pick me!

Danny: No fair, you introduced the last chapter, remember?

Tucker: THIS is the last chapter!

Danny: No, wait, I mean... ugh! (starts fighting Tucker)

Tucker: Ouch! You broke my glasses! Why you...(fight Danny back)

Sam: Now, chapter 3! Mystery Solved!

(Danny & Tucker look at each other, wide-mouth)

Syani: (Giggle) Go Sam, go Sam...

"Understand. Hey, you look familiar. Aren't you the guy that I bumped..." before Canton finishes, Danny said, "Oh, gotta go! See ya!" and flew away.

"That's a close call," sighed Danny.

The next day, Sam is back to her ultra-recyclo vegetarian self again. She meet Danny and Tucker on the way to school. Danny tell them everything that happened yesterday.

Sam is putting her books in the locker when suddenly Canton surprised her. Sam just smile at him, pretending she doesn't know anything. For the second time, Canton smiled to Sam but this time, he's kind of good if he's smiling. It's like this time, it's came from the heart.

"Sam, I'm sorry I screamed at your face the other day. It's just that..." Canton said. Then suddenly Sam puts her hand on Canton's mouth.

"It's okay, Canton. I already forgive you," said Sam.

"So, you still want to be my friend? I mean, a partner to the Vegetarian Palace Restaurant?" ask Canton.

Sam's eyes widened. She look so excited that she screams with joy. Sam hugs Canton while saying thank you non-stop.

Canton started to blush, real hard. Danny and Tucker tried really hard not to laugh at them to death.

At the Vegetarian Palace Restaurant, Canton and Sam were really enjoying themselves. Fortunately, Canton is a vegetarian too and the restaurant is his favorite hangout.

They both won the favorite customer contest and that is the most happiest moment for Sam and Canton.

At school, Sam and Canton are often seen together AS FRIENDS (don't worry, this is for the DannyXSam shippers. I'm cool with it). They both walk past Danny and Tucker on the way to school.

"Man, why didn't you blast that guy?! I mean, he's a ghost!" ask Tucker to Danny when they were gone.

"Well, he IS a ghost but he can't use his ghost powers like normal ghosts. Even the box ghost is more powerful than him," answer Danny.

"You mean, that wimp? That 'I am the box ghost...' ghost?" said Tucker, imitating the box ghost's voice.

"Yeah, Canton can't even fly!" Danny explain.

"You're kidding!"

"I'm not and I have faith in him so, I wouldn't be worried,"

Suddenly, Mr. Lancer's voice thundering from the speaker, "Danny Fenton! Get your butt in my office, immediately!"

"You have to be worried now, yo!" said Tucker.

"Oh man, the tuition! I'm dead!" Danny's face changing from excited to worried.

"You want me to ask Canton to sick-ify you?" ask Tucker.

Syani: Yaaay! My fanfic has ended! Thanks guys!

Danny: For what?

Syani: I don't know, because giving me the idea, maybe.

Sam: Whatever.

Danny: Hey, why would you make the ending me in trouble?

Syani: Because... all of the ending Butch Hartman does to you is a happy ending.

Tucker: What's wrong with happy endings?

Syani: Well, I'm a devil, devils do NOT like happy endings.

Sam: Like I said earlier, whatever.

Syani: End of this fanfic, hope you like it! :P Ba-bye! -