Sidney then scanned the ceiling above them, it was an off white color and like just about every dorm in America...started to look dusty and old.

She saw the over head light closer towards the right side of the room, she never starred at something long enough to discover it's purpose when it wasn't working.

The room seemed so dark just then, almost as if every shadow was sticking up and showing it's face.

She then felt another pang of fear stick deep inside her heart, she knew the killer was still out there and for all she knew, could have been waiting under the bed with a five inch hunting knife.

She then closed her eyes and the faces of all the people she lost flashed before her.

Her mother, Casey, Steve, Her school principle, tatum, that poor man in the news van, Stu, and Billy.

Then she thought about the others who had died in just a matter of days, her friends...people she had grown close to these past two years, the people who she past in the hallway and talked to every gone.

The police couldn't save one could.

Randy was dead and it was all her fault, she pushed him away to much, never really knowing the true feeling he shared for her.

She had pushed to many people away now, Dewey, Gale, were the only ones left from what happened...they wanted her safe and she knew they meant well...but she was sick and tried of being treated like she was glass, no...she wasn't like her mother, she wasn't going to break.

Hallie and her had gotten into a huge fight when she told her she broke up with Derek, she just didn't understand she didn't wanna see any more of her loved ones get hurt.

"Sid...if you wanna be dead, then fine...leave me out of it!" She remembered Hallie screaming in her face before stomping off into the darkness.

That's when Sidney knew she was going to die, the never ending nail biting pain in her heart became worse and her kneels bucked...she had done this to herself.

She was alone now.

She began to cry her eyes out, so hopeless and alone...never wanting to look another person in the eye again.

She knew her two "body guards," would be right behind her in a few second, asking in stern cold voices if she was all right.

But she wasn't...she had no one left.

But then she heard a voice.


She slowly raised her head and saw him, standing their with a strong concerned look in his hazel eyes.

He would kneel down to eye level and put his hand on her shoulder, asking again if she was okay.

But that's when she lost it, she flung herself in his arms and started to sob against his chest.

Now here she was, starring up at the ceiling again, knowing somehow...deep down inside she was safe now.

She really couldn't say why...but things were different with him, it was chaos and madness when it all started, but she couldn't be alone tonight...not tonight.

Her thoughts were broken as he leaned in closer, his stubby cheek brushing against hers as thin tears formed in her eyes.

He kissed her neck and then pressed his body harder against her, making her eyes shut again and thanking God at least one person on this earth made her feel safe.

"Mickey..." She said in a breathless voice as her nails dug deeper into his back.

She was grateful she was safe inside with him, knowing now he wouldn't let anything happen to her, and the killer was far away.