When it was all over, when Sidney, Cotton, and Gail stared down at Mrs. Loomis' lifeless body, Sidney felt a pang of guilt, yes it was over and yes the killers were dead...One was a woman she used to see almost every day before she left town when she was growing up, a woman who seemed happy enough and just loved her son, a son who was so messed up her love for him got in the way or her own revenge against her, the other was a close friend of hers, a guy who made her laugh and smile, a guy who tried his best to make her feel better through this, even if it all was an act it sure worked, a guy she slept with today when she wasn't even thinking...a guy she might of even loved if things were different.

She then dropped her gun, the same gun that had killed him.

She walked, almost in a dream like state over to his body, which was laying closer to the rubble and mess she had made when she was fighting earlier.

The wall was splashed with his blood, still fresh and dripping down to the dusty ground of the stage. He laid there...the back of his shirt soaked with black looking blood and torn open, the side of his face was bruised and bloody, and a puddle was forming from under him.

By now she was used to seeing dead bodies, at this point she knew Gail and Cotton, might be thinking she had been pushed to far and might of even lost it...maybe she had.

But this dead body, was different...it wasn't just a "dead body," and it wasn't just the guy who had killed all your friends...he was Mickey, the film student she had met less then a year ago.

He was crazy, but something deep down inside made her heart hurt...even worse then when Derek died at her hands, something deep down inside her was throbbing, almost like a flash or something that had happened before and she didn't get a close enough look.

He looked as if he was sleeping, so peaceful.

She kneeled down and looked at him, the police would be coming soon, and he would be placed into a black rubber body bag...and that would be the last she would see of him.

He was no longer a killer, he now looked like the Mickey she became friends with, and the Mickey she had made loved to, and even thought for a split second...maybe?

She had no one left...but she couldn't set blame, she was so tried and just wanted to leave.

So before turning, and never looking back, she leaned closer enough...not even caring if Cotton and Gail were watching and brushed back some of his hair from the nasty bruise he had gotten, and then kissed his stubby skin.

"Rest," she said, and then stood up and left with the others.

As she walked away from the reporters later, touching Derek's neckless and walking forward across campus to an unknown future, thinking back on all the people she lost, she thought of Mickey...she had lost a friend, and a love, and she hoped the good part of him, the last good part that was inside him when they slept together, had found peace, and maybe found his own heaven.

And that heaven was waking up in Sid's house, laying on the floor together in each other's arms as sunlight shinned through.

"The storm's over." Sidney would say, as she yawned and kissed him with a smile.

And Mickey looked into her eyes and said.

"I know."

The End

Thank you for everyone who reviewed the story, I had fun and I hope you liked it, I would also like to thank everyone who made Scream 2, which is a kick ass movie, and Neve Campbell and Timothy Olyphant, you guys were awsome in the movie and to me...you guys fell in love in another life.

Peace, Stay.