Later that night, Mickey was laying in bed, snuggled up to Sidney. The dorm room was still pitch black and the only light that reflected off their faces were the small glowing letters from the alarm clock which sat on the night stand, along with Mickey's hand held camera.

It was only a little after one.

The campus seemed deserted now, ever since this morning...almost every student was excused from this week's classes and drove up state to their safe homes.

For Sidney, their wasn't such a place called "safe." Her home was where this nightmare had all started, now she knew their wasn't any escape from it.

She was scared to death, her best friend...Randy was dead now.

She remembered all the times he made her laugh, took her out to a movie and made her forget about all their troubles.

She even remembered the last time she saw him this morning.

He was heading off with Dewey somewhere on campus and pulled her aside for a minuet and locked eyes with her.

"You okay?"

Sid just looked at him and he sighed

"Stupid question..."

"Randy it's starting again..."

He cut her off and then put both of his hands on her shoulders and brought her closer, almost as if he wanted to hold her.

"Sid, nothing is gonna happen to us...I swear."

She smiled and gave him a quick kiss, a harmless kiss in her eyes...but for him it was the world.

He then told her he would swing by her place later, they said their good-byes and that was it.

That was the last time she ever saw him.

Now she found herself laying beside the last person she thought she would ever be near right around now.

A friend and nothing else, a buddy who went to the same parties and hung around with the same crowd.

But he was there for her the morning after Derek got hurt, he was really the only one that wasn't scared enough to sit beside her and asked how she was doing.

He cared, that's all.

His friends were dropping like flies to, they were kind of on the same level.

But she felt guilty, Derek seemed like the perfect then again that's what she thought about Billy.

Mickey must have felt her tremble under his arms just then. She made sure her face was turned enough so he wouldn't see that she had started crying again.


His voice sounded unsure, almost as if he was thinking of what to say next.

She didn't answer right away, he must knew she was on the edge of a mental breakdown...he was all she had left for comfort.

Then she spoke, her voice was horsed from crying a very low.


"You okay?"

She took a deep breath and her words became more spaced out.

"No...not really."

"Did I hurt you?"

A soft mutter of a laugh came from her side, she then knew what kind of guy Mickey really was.

She just saw him as another film student, A more fit and up beat Randy, who didn't take anything to hard. He was a great friend...and tonight he had helped her, he was the one person she didn't push away yet...and never wanted to.

"No, of coarse not."

She now wished she wasn't facing away from him, she wanted to look at his eyes again and for whoever long it lasted the time before...she wanted to forget.

"In fact..." she started

"You were the only thing that numbed this pain for a while."

She then felt so embarrassed, she felt like she was acting like a yet another victim.

Cotton was right...she was just acting this way so more people could pity her.

She was turning out to be everything her mother was.

And soon to be...dead.

She trailed off and started to sob, her chest hitched and she shook all over. Mickey slowly shifted his weight and propped himself up more, he starred down at her as she covered her tear streaming face with both of her shaking hands and apologized for how she was acting.

She then tried to get her breathing under control as she dropped her hands and her raw looking eyes looked around the darkness of the room, she was tried and just wanted to get the ones she lost back.

Mickey then reached out and placed his palm on the side of her wet sticky cheek.

Both locked eyes and then Mickey started to slowly move his thumb in small tiny circles on her soft skin.

Sid then gave a weak smile, that's all she could do.

Mickey smiled back, a warm grin she was used to seeing.

He then bent his head down a little and started to slowly kiss her soft smooth lips. He kissed her gentle and with ease before her arms stretched out and wrapped lose around his warm neck.

He moved over and laid on top of her, their legs tangled together and she rose her neck and squinted her eyes shut each time he lips touched her sweating skin.

He then buried his head down onto her skin and she ran her hands through his spiky brown hair.

Their breathing became heavy and then he started again. He thrusted quick, but with ease and he kept feeling the plump soft flesh of her breasts.

Each time he thrusted she closed her eyes and held on tighter to him, knowing she never felt this kind of feeling before.

When it ended he brought his lips up to hers again and smiled down at her. Sid smiled back and touched his stubby cheek.

"Sid, nothing is going to happen to you, I swear it." Sid smiled and closed her eyes, before laying back against him.

He put his arms around her and laughed a little.

Sid knew it wasn't right to be so happy, but how could she help it...she needed someone to protect her.

Before slipping off into a deep sleep, she felt Mickey's chest against her back, rise and fall.

She turned her head a little and saw he was all ready asleep, his mouth open a little and a peaceful look spread over his face.

He looked younger when he slept...but then again didn't everyone?

She then turned back and saw his arm around her...she slipped her hand into his and danced her fingers against his palm.

She smiled, and started to think of the good memories she had of her loved ones and friends.

Right now...this one was climbing the charts.

She smiled and closed her eyes, her hand still ontop of his.

And for the first time since her mother died...she slept peaceful without fear.