Sidney slowly opened her eyes and saw it was still dark out, the glowing letters on the alarm clock were blurry and she couldn't made them out.

The sound came again...

She looked over her shoulder, and saw Mickey was still laying beside her, sound sleep.

She moved his arm a little and then smiled as she studied his features.

She had really never taken the time to look at Mickey, in fact less then five hours ago she didn't even care.

But now that she had the chance she looked over his face, so peaceful as he slept. She looked at his hair, sticking up and out of place, then she moved to his jaw bone and worked up to his soft pale looking lips.

He was perfect.

She smiled as she reached out to touch him, she really didn't know why...but she just got this urge to feel his skin against hers again.

As her finger tips slowly hovered above his flat tanned stomach, she smiled and then went down to touch him, trying her best not to wake him...when the sound came again, but this time it was louder.

So loud in fact, it made Sid jump a little and look up at the bay window which was on the other side of the room, closer near Mickey's editing equipment.

At first she couldn't made out what it was, she sat slowly and leaned against the headboard of the bed.

She gathered some sheet to cover herself and she looked again, this time closer at the thin blue light the early morning was giving off, right before dawn.

At first all she saw was the tops of spring trees which had came into full bloom this spring, but this time they looked trees you found in the middle of winter.

Dead and hard looking as frost spread over them, their ugly arms reaching up and slowly dancing in the wind.

She looked again and took a breath...nothing.

She was driving herself crazy.

She then rolled her eyes and looked back down at Mickey.

She smiled and then continued to where her hand had wanted to go.

She was only an inch of touching his skin when the sound came louder and made her stomach flop.

"I wouldn't do that If I were you know everything you touch dies!"

Sid stopped dead and drew in a harsh breath.

She knew that voice.

Her hand started to shake and the same old fear came inside her again.

She slowly rose her eyes to the window and saw her mother sitting right outside of it.

Her face was pale and dark circles were under her eyes, also the clothes she was wearing had splashes of blood on them.

She just sat out there with a grin on, a grin that made Sid's eyes bug out and lean harder against the bed.

Her mother then started to laugh, more like a she brought her bloody old hands to her face and pointed straight at her.

"Slut, slut, slut!" She sang in a high pitched voice. Sid snapped her eyes shut and prayed to God that she would just go away.